Write Headlines That Sell (5 Examples Of Best Headlines)

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80% of people will read your headline. But from that headline, only 20% will click through. This is why it is important for you to write headlines for your emails, web pages, and blog posts that will increase your clickthrough rate.

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In this blog post, we will dissect what it takes to write a good headline. Plus also 5 examples of the best headlines that increase clickthrough rates.

How To Write Headlines

Headlines need to have the keyword in it that people are searching for, that’s a given. But just writing a keyword for your headline will not get you clicks. 

Headlines that are designed to increase the clickthrough rate, can be called clickbait. Being labeled clickbait has negative connotations with it.

Clickbait negative connotations include being seen as

  • Internet scams
  • Fake news
  • Profiteering websites
how to write headlines

Ultimately, clickbait can cause damage to your reputation. In addition to this, you can lose the respect and authority in your niche you once enjoyed.

So, how can you write headlines that are not classified clickbait. Here are 3 simple rules to follow in avoiding being classified clickbait.

  • Make sure that the main content relates to what the headline is
  • Answer a question
  • Focus on benefits the reader will get

Overall, to avoid being clickbait and uphold your reputation, you need to be honest and transparent in every part of your copy. Never ever mislead people into clicking on your post or page and then they are getting copy about something different.

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