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working from home with kids

5 Strategies to working from home with kids (without going insane)

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Lockdown is back in the UK. We’re back having kids at home whilst we’re trying to work. Juggling between homeschooling, making meals, cleaning, and doing out own work. Working from home with kids is back.

Coronavirus pandemic news about the mutant strain has left you feeling scared and panicked. Panicked about keeping you and your family safe whilst keeping some form of normality.

working from home with kids

Trying to sort out anything you’re entitled to (that was announced by the chancellor). Sorting out how you are going to homeschool your child whilst working from home. Whether you’re a 

  • Experienced freelancer
  • New freelancer 
  • Someone who has just been put in this situation of working from home

You need to find a way of getting through the outbreak. An outbreak hitting the UK and other countries. 

Coronavirus has caused the UK and other countries to go into lockdown. Lockdown in an effort to try and get rid of the spread. Resulting in big changes.

Our children are home and not going to school. Kids can’t even go out to 

  • The park
  • Friends houses 
  • Swimming pools 
  • Grandparents 
  • Entertainment complexes 

Activities you’d normally take in the school breaks. This is anything but normal times we’re all currently facing.

Not having a routine of school runs, park runs or swimming trips have resulted in you not getting any exercise.

Besides, all of this can lead to you starting to struggle. Struggle with being able to do your work whilst you have kids at home. Kids at home who want your attention and need some level of homeschooling.

As a result of this new reality we are all facing, here are 5 strategies for you.

5 strategies to help you whilst you are working from home with kids during the pandemic.

Have a routine


Children and adults alike thrive on having a routine. Routines help you to set a structure for how your day will unfold. Basic examples could be 

working from home with kids
  1. Time for doing your work
  2. Spending time with your kids for fun and learning
  3. Calming downtime so you all get a good night’s sleep

Points 1 and 2, you need to think about when you’re at your best in doing your work. Unless you have been given specific times by your employer that you need to work. This may be for video and telephone calls, but if you can only do work when you are most productive to do work.

You’re at your most productive when 

  • Not easily distracted
  • Needing to do housework (laundry, hoovering, washing-up)
  • Have to get food and drinks
  • Laser-focused on your work tasks
  • Feel that you can give 100%
  • Feel motivated to get through the tasks set

Set a routine so that you have a structure to your day. Communicate the routine with your kids. Most importantly, having communication kids will understand what they are expected to do and when they can have their playtime.

Communicate with your kids 

Your child is developing. Developing their communication skills. Not having effective communication with your kids increases frustration and anxiety.

Kids see news of what is going on in the UK about the pandemic, they too have increased anxiety as to what that means.

working from home with kids

Communicate with your kids about what is happening in a child-friendly way. Child-friendly so you are helping them to understand what is happening.

Not only what is happening, but what that means for them. All without causing a sense of panic. 

Keep your kids focused. Focused on the new routine that they’ll follow. Tell them during a calm period as to

  • What they will be doing each day
  • When they will have play time
  • How they will have play time
  • When you will not be available as much so you can work
  • Explain (if need to) why your work pattern has changed

Communicating with your kids will allow any anxieties to be reduced. How they can have their playtime and how they will continue with their learning.

Read here for 8 psychologist-backed tips for improving communication with kids


Parents, I am going to start off by saying stop trying to become a teacher to your child. You didn’t choose to start homeschool your child. Homeschooling your child this was thrust upon you.

Teachers have years of training behind them, you were given one weekend. Therefore, just teach them what you know and use the resources out there.

BBC Bitesize

Pearson who work with schools are offering parents free resources

To help you create a homeschool daily schedule

Do exercises together

Our movements are getting restricted. Resulting in needing to find new ways to stay fit. Otherwise, we become a nation of couch potatoes.

Joe Wicks the body coach has started to stream daily workouts on his YouTube channel Body Coach TV

Live workouts with Joe Wicks are being streamed by hundreds of thousands at its peak. Click the above image, watch the workout. Just don’t forget to join along.

Get your sleep

Getting sleep with kids in the house sounds like an oxymoron but when you

  • Have a routine
  • Do exercises

You will get your sleep in a normal pattern.

in the end, a heightened state of anxiety is the only thing that shall interrupt your sleep pattern.

No matter how you are getting through the UK lockdown, you can find your way to get through it. Only 12 weeks of your life (hopefully) is going to be affected by this. Putting it in perspective, you will see 12 weeks is a short period of time.

Besides, you can live life knowing that when it is over you can go back out really enjoy being out and seeing friends and family.

If you have a chronic illness here are 5 strategies you can use whilst getting through coronavirus

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