WordPress or Wix | Which Is Better?

WordPress or Wix
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WordPress or Wix? That’s a tough decision to make for your first website. At the start of my journey as a freelancer, I did bookkeeping services and used Wix for a website.

Not having a clue about websites, never knew anything about the tech and how to get it on Google. Seriously, I just thought all you needed to do was have a Google My Business account.

A couple years down the road, I started to hear about WordPress sites. So, I decided to take the plunge and try it out.

So at first, I completely didn’t understand it. I just gave it a month and then gave up. Without wanting to feel like a failure at creating a WordPress site, I did a lot of training to try and understand it all.

In all the training I had undertaken, there were 3 important things that came out loud and clear

  1. Use an SEO plugin and do plenty of keyword research
  2. Your website needs to be fast to reduce bounce rates
  3. Have your site mobile friendly

Although, there are many differences between these 2 platforms. when considering if you’ll pick between WordPress or Wix.

Crucial Differences To Consider

The biggest difference is that Wix is a website builder where you create a website using a drag and drop system. Wix websites have everything already built-in for you.

WordPress is a content management system that’s more scalable. Although, you may need to brush up on your technical skills. Techy skills so that you can create a website that you develop from scratch.

Is WordPress or Wix Better For SEO?

With over 640 million websites out there, it can be easy to get lost in that sea of noise.

However, if you choose a website host that optimizes your site for SEO, it is a lot easier to get seen and heard.

WordPress and Wix are both great options to have an SEO optimized website.

Why is Wix Bad For SEO?

It’s no secret that Wix has a bad reputation for SEO. So, how did they get their bad reputation and is it even deserved? Here are 3 reasons why Wix is bad for SEO.

#1 URL Structure

Free Wix sites give you the domain structure of username.wixsite.com/siteaddress. Not exactly something that rolls off your tongue.

For a URL to even start ranking, it needs to be an SEO friendly domain. Therefore, it’s advisable to upgrade your account with Wix, just so you can get a domain name that is SEO friendly.

WordPress or Wix

SEO friendly domains are quick, short, and snappy. Plus, it also needs to be memorable and easy to remember.

Even Google suggests that you use a maximum of 2-3 words in your domain name. If this is what Google suggests, you need to pay attention to be able to get seen on Google search results.

#2 Site Speed

Speed is a ranking factor for Google. As website visitors want fast loading times and get to what they want quicker.

This is where Wix really falls short. Wix websites take ages to load due to the Javascript file requests.

#3 Templates

Once you choose a website template for your Wix website, you can’t change it. This is especially important for those new to creating a website.

WordPress or Wix? Wix templates library

Creating a website for the first time, you think you know what you want. But, what happens is that you change your mind. Change mind on the template, as it doesn’t give you the look you want.

Is WordPress good for SEO?

WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform. Though you can still create amazing website for your

  • eCommerce business
  • Service based business
  • Coaching business

Or for whatever reason you need a website to put your business online.

The #1 reason why WordPress is fantastic for SEO. WordPress automatically tells Google when you have created a new page or blog post. This allows Google to index you faster and move you up the rankings quicker.

However, there is a secret weapon that WordPress has in doing better SEO.

That secret weapon is the plugins.

These 2 WordPress plugins, will help you with your SEO.

Plugin #1 Yoast SEO

WordPress or Wix

Once installed the plugin, you can optimize your pages and posts. You can optimize

  • Tile Tag
  • Slug
  • Meta Description

Plus on the optimization settings, you can tell Yoast SEO the precise keyword you want to rank for. Also on the settings, you can link up the Google Webmaster Tools and other Webmaster tools.

Finally, you can link up your social media profiles. Plus, there is so much more.

Plugin #2 Accelerated Mobile Pages

Your customers are using smartphones more and more. Especially now as they are browsing whilst on the bus, train, and when they’re out. If they have to wait for your website to load, 40% will leave your website.

Just by people leaving your website quickly, impacts your SEO. Due to people now wanting instant results and information, this will result in lower Google rankings.

When you use the amazing AMP plugin, you reduce download time between 15% and 85%.

So download the plugin and activate it now to not lose potential customers.

Is Wix mobile friendly?

Wix is becoming more and more mobile friendly. You are able to make a mobile friendly site.

To make your website mobile friendly, you need to got to the top bar of your dashboard.

On the top bar, choose the mobile icon. From there you can create a mobile friendly site using drag and drop.

Wix Pricing

With many options available to you. Choosing the right pricing plan for your website, can be a minefield.

Wix or WordPress? Wix pricing

One thing to note with Wix pricing, it doesn’t mention the SSL certificate. You need the SSL certificate, which is the padlock on the browser bar.

This little padlock in the browser bar tells Google that you can be trusted. Google uses this as part of its ranking factors.

WordPress Pricing

To have a WordPress site, you need to have a web hosting service.

Web hosting services are like landlords for WordPress sites. You pay a small amount of rent. From there, you can design and give your WordPress site the functionality you require.

Just like if you decide to rent an unfurnished flat. You can design the flat and give it the furniture you want.

Read here on the best web hosting service for freelancers.

In A Nutshell,

Deciding WordPress or Wix as your website for your freelance business can be a tough decision. Part of your decision making, you should look at SEO, mobile optimization, and site speed.

Wix can be a great platform when you’re not able to build from scratch. Though, with a WordPress site, you can give it the functionality you need. Click here if you want to know more about WordPress Web Hosting for freelancers.

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