Create a WordPress landing page using Get Response

Create a landing page in wordpress
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Want leads for your freelance business? Build a WordPress landing page using Get Response for freelancers using this guide. Inside the guide you’ll learn

  • What is a landing page
  • Why freelancers need one
  • How to use Get Response with WordPress

When starting out as a freelancer, the first thing I wanted was leads. I tried messaging people on social media, pitching on job boards, but I thought how do freelancers get leads without chasing them. Then I found out about landing pages. But I thought landing pages was just about selling a product or getting people to watch a webinar.

After looking around at other freelancers in my niche, I saw that they were using landing pages to get leads.

This truly sounded like a dream. Not trying to get a job on a job board which after 20% fee was just leaving me with what felt like peanuts.

Already having a WordPress site, I went about trying to create a WordPress landing page. But it was a complete fail. After trying and testing many different marketing automation providers, I fell in love with Get Response.

With Get Response, I could easily create a landing page, follow-up emails, and integrate it with my WordPress site. Since doing that I no longer had to rely on getting leads from job boards. Although, I still do use job boards occasionally as you can find a real golden nugget sometimes.

But start creating a WordPress landing page with Get Response. After you do, you will start getting leads without ever having to chase them.

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What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a page on your WordPress site to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages are created on sub-domains and are standalone pages that are created to target your target market.

Typically, landing pages have one specific purpose and goal. That goal is normally offering a piece of content in the form of an eBook, cheat sheet, or webinar in exchange for their email address. The whole of the landing page is centered around why the landing page visitor should get that piece of content.

That means the focus of the landing page should be on the benefits they get from the lead magnet offer, not the services you offer your freelance clients. In summary, a landing page is a stand-alone page that provides information about one offer and has the aim of turning prospects who visit the page into leads.

Why freelancers need one

As a freelancer, you may be thinking that you don’t need a landing page. You just go out and cold pitch brands or respond to job boards. Therefore why would you need one? It just sounds like not something you should be spending your time on.

But this isn’t true. Having a WordPress landing page will benefit your freelance business.

Let’s take a look at how having a landing page will benefit your freelance business. Let’s say you’re a freelancer offering SEO services. If you create a landing page where you offer an SEO audit of the clients business for free. You will get leads.

Then after they receive an audit of their business, you can then follow up with them via email. The client has willingly given you their email address so it’s not unethical to email them.

Now think about your own freelance business. What free offer could you give to prospective clients that they want and would entice them to work with you in the future? Next, you want to package up this offer and create a message that shows them the benefits of the free offer.

Focus on the benefits, not the features and you’ll get those email addresses.

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