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What is flow state and why is so important for a freelancer

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Flow state has recently become one of the primary soft skills requested by companies and, since it is very connected to peak performance, it has become a priority for freelancers as well.

But first of all, what is Flow? The Flow state is a condition in which we enter during the performance of an activity that we love and that we are good at. At the moment in which we enter it, we experience important changes not only in our behavior but even more in our neurological system.

We lose perception of time, our brainwaves slow down and we find it easy and extremely rewarding to perform the task. This can have a considerable number of positive benefits, for example boosting performance even by 500%, increasing innovation and creativity, increasing memory, being more collaborative and empathetic. 

You can be more focused, you can be more intentionally driven. And, most of all, being in the flow state lets you access a state of joy. 

Asking the question: “Why is entering flow state on demand so valuable?”

The answer is that a person can be happier, more satisfied not only with the business, but with life itself.

So… How is it possible to change the brain functions and enter into a flow state on demand? 

Much research has been made in the last years and still researchers and scientists are exploring the how, but the main take is that if we set ourselves in the condition of accessing the emotions that allow us to enter the flow state, we can access it more easily. 

How can we access these emotions and ultimately the conditions that allow the flow state?

Becoming more aware and slowing down our thought process in a conscious way is the first step to access the flow state more easily. Putting ourselves in a condition that brings us joy is also a good start.

Researches have defined that entering the flow state has the same kind of neurological pattern that we experience when we enter into meditation. If we can practice our aware state and if we can practice the meditative state, we can reach the here and now and better awareness and so we can become aware of when we enter a flow state.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, someone who works with photography, graphic design, music, performing arts, architecture, design, you will for sure have experienced this almost ecstatic space that you access when you enter the flow state. The ancient Greeks used to attribute the flow state to the Muses Goddesses of the arts, and proclaimers of heroes. 

Nowadays we know that this condition has nothing to do with supernatural or mythical phenomena but only with a specific condition in which we can set our brain and that it is perfectly accessible if we know how to do it.

By practicing awareness with active meditation or simply by bringing our attention to the present moment and the action we are performing, we can improve our access to the flow state.

We can have a daily practice and every day we can decide to increase our awareness by doing tasks in a conscious and present way. 

Another exercise that we can do to increase our awareness is to connect our brain and our heart through our breath. If we consciously breathe through our hearts we can change our emotions and in this way, we can connect with joy easier. Attention increases awareness and shifts the focus from the mind intelligence to heart intelligence. 

Connecting to the breath gives us a connection to the present moment, we can observe then the present moment without judgment and we will live the experience of the moment per se.

Being open to the experience, without judgment, being present to the experience feeling the sensations that it gives to us is the first step to be more aware and then to enter the flow state in a more conscious way.

I hope that this information has been useful to you! If you have questions or want to share with me your progress, please leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you!

Beatrice Lugano (Author)

A former fashion photographer turned creative consultant, Beatrice Lugano has 20+ years of experience in creative entrepreneurship. Right now she is passionate about helping creatives reaching flow state on demand and avoiding burnout and feast or famine.

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