Unemployment for freelancers

unemployment for freelancers
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As a freelancer with a chronic illness there are many times when I am unable to work due to ill health. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus, this is an issue for all freelancers. No matter what the state of your current health is, unemployment for freelancers is a real concern.

In the UK Chancellors first budget, he created a whole forest full of money trees. More money was not only being granted to the NHS in combatting the coronavirus but also the self-employed.

Read more here on the budget 2020 for the self employed

The self-employed will be able to claim sick pay from employment support allowance from day one of the illness.

I am not able to apply for ESA

I understand how you are feeling.

As a freelancer who makes money by

  • Taking gigs from freelance platforms
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating and selling blog posts

I am left unable to claim any ESA to cover the time I may be ill. Therefore, I am taking self isolation seriously.

Self isolation by restricting the amount of times I go out and see people. But more importantly only going to the shops when I really do need to and having shopping delivered.

Online delivery

Even today I had shopping delivered and to my surprise they knocked on the door and just ran off.

I’m not kidding! I went to answer the door in the normal time and the guy was already walking halfway down the street.

Is this going to become the new normal?

Over to you

What are you doing in the coronavirus pandemic? Are your earnings going to suffer due to the virus? What is your plan?

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