Beginners guide to use Trello app in 2021 | Boost your productivity

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Trello app is for freelancers who are looking to boost their productivity. Trello app works as it helps you to manage your business whilst you’re doing what you do best. If you’re wanting to boost productivity in your freelance business, but don’t know-how. Try this project management software, Trello. Inside this blog post, you’ll learn

  1. Sign up to Trello 
  2. Trello pricing
  3. Trello integrations
  4. Create a Trello board

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Trello app fits in with a freelancer’s business from when you are starting to grow. This project management software is not just for larger brands to use. It’s software that’s great for freelancers who are just trying to manage their own workload.

I started to use Trello in my own freelance business when I was getting so many clients that I had absolutely no time to do the actual marketing of my business. After all, I wanted to keep on top of the marketing just in case I ever needed any new clients.

Because if I have no marketing done on my social media channels, I have no leads in my pipeline. That’s a really scary situation.

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