7 Steps To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

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Grow your organic website traffic using the Tailwind app. By using Tailwind for Pinterest you’ll not only grow your audience but your sales.

In 2020 during the pandemic, I found Tailwind and took interest in leveraging it to increase the traffic to Freelancer Lifestyle.

After trying Tailwind out every day for a month and getting involved in the tribes or communities I got big results. Website traffic increased by 67%, astoundingly a third of my website traffic was from Pinterest.

This was the first time ever I got website traffic from Pinterest. More impressively, my affiliate sales and email subscribers went up too. These results are why I’ve become so passionate about Tailwind and want to help you achieve results with Tailwind.

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7 Steps To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

You may have heard alot about Tailwind in the digital marketing space and wondering what is Tailwind for Pinterest. Here’s a simple explanation for you and why you should be using it in your marketing strategy.

Tailwind is a trusted marketing automation app that has partnered with Pinterest. What this means is that for every update Tailwind does, it has to be verified by Pinterest first before it’s rolled out.

Other Pinterest scheduling apps don’t have this, so if you’re looking to invest in a scheduling app for Pinterest, try out Tailwind first.

Set Up A Tailwind Account

It’s really easy and quick to set up a Tailwind account. If you’re nervous about this idea, this is basically what it entails.

Step 1 is just to signup with your Pinterest account.

signup to Tailwind for Pinterest

Step 2 is about completing your Tailwind account.

You know the basic details and then they want to make sure that all your Pinterest boards are optimized.

complete your tailwind account

Once you’ve complete your account 100% then it’s time to get the extension for Tailwind using the Chrome browser.


To get started with Tailwind, you need to firstly create an account and then install the extension on your Chrome browser.

By installing the Chrome extension, after you’ve added a new Pin to Pinterest, you can schedule it straight away with Tailwind.

Click the blue Tailwind icon after you’ve published a Pin and it automatically schedules your Pin.


Tailwind tribes allow you to connect with other creators in your industry, support each other, and get inspired by their content. You’ll find the tribes in the communities tab on the left-hand side of the Tailwind dashboard.

Next, you need to find a tribe to join.

To find a Tailwind tribe, type your niche into the search bar. From there it’ll show you loads of results of Tribes you can join immediately or request to join.

Choose the best tribes to join by looking at how members are in there and the activity level.

Joining Tailwind tribes, you get more engagement and reach with each Pin you schedule to the tribe. Just make sure that you’re

  • Giving valuable content
  • Engaging with others in the community
  • Following the rules set out in the tribe description

After you’ve participated in tribes for a few days, it’s time to take a look at what impact it’s having on your business using the analytics.


A lot of people get a little kind of too sunk in the weeds with analytics. Many times they overanalyze what they’re doing it. Overdoing to the point where it’s almost paralyzing.

tailwind for pinterest analytics

Don’t use this as an excuse to ignore your analytics. Knowledge is power and your analytics on Tailwind gives you this power. By looking at your analytics you can

  • Learn what posts people resonate with
  • Save your time and energy with what pins to create

Even though Pinterest does have its own analytics, Tailwind analytics provides you more insights including

  • Weekly repins you’re receiving
  • Blog posts being pinned from your site weekly (domain pins)
  • Weekly followers you’re receiving on Pinterest


Creating and designing Pinterest pins is something that can be done on various tools such as Canva. But now there’s a new kid on the block with designing pins for Pinterest.

Introducing the create tool on Tailwind.

tailwind for pinterest tailwind create

With this secret new tool straight out of Tailwind you can find a whole load of new eye-catching designs for your Pinterest account.

You can start using Tailwind create for free when you sign up to Tailwind. You start with 15 designs for free each month. If you need more then the pricing starts at $6.17 a month for 30 designs.


Now we’ve mentioned pricing let’s go further into it. Tailwind pricing plan that starts at free forever.

How much is Tailwind?

There are many different layers to the Tailwind pricing. There are what’s known as powerups, but for starter here’s the general pricing for Tailwind.

At this price you get

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 5 Free Tailwind Communities or Tribes
  • 15 Pins designed in Tailwind create

Now we’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk about the powerups.

Powerups are there if you’ve reached your limit for joining communities or sharing your pins to the Smart Loop.

Smart Loop is where you can share your pin to Tailwind and it’s put in a loop. These loops are powerful as it uses Tailwinds data to schedule your pins for when your audience is most likely to see them.

Is Tailwind worth the money?

You may be wondering if Tailwind is worth the money. Though from using Tailwind we’ve learned that buying the basic plan is worth the money as you do increase your reach substantially.

Using Communities

The trick we’ve found is to join the right communities or tribes. Join your 5 communities that you think your target market are in. Then stay with the tribes that you’re getting results from. Leave and change the communities that are giving you nothing.

It really is a case of trial and error with finding the right communities you want to be part of. But when you do find the right community, you’ll get phenomenal results.

Smart Loop and how it works

With the Smart Loop, we’ve found to put the pin in your loop that’s the real money one. For example, a pin that’s promoting a product or service is your money pin. Put this money pin into your Smart Loop and get results from that first. Remember with the basic plan you can put 250 pins in your Smart Loop every month.

In A Nutshell,

Grow your organic website traffic using the Tailwind app. By using Tailwind for Pinterest you’ll not only grow your audience but your sales. With Tailwind for Pinterest, you’ll increase your reach grow your email list, and increase your sales. Try Tailwind for free when you click here and see your website traffic increase.

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