Succeeding As An Introvert

Being an introvert can be a great attribute to have as a freelancer. Introverts attributes tend to include the ability to brainstorm, draft, execute, and deliver projects to clients with ease. As introverts are self-motivated and thrive in more peaceful environments. Peaceful environments that are not filled with endless noise and distractions.

As a self proclaimed introvert, I hate being in situations where I have to talk to new people or be in crowds. Maybe you recognize this in yourself? But don’t worry, we’re not weird. It’s just all part of our DNA as to if we are an introvert or an extrovert.

Instead of constantly fighting to try and stop being what we are. We should learn to find ways in which it can work for us, instead of against us.

Here are 6 pieces of advice fellow female business owners would like to share with you. Plus check out the email pitching templates so you can get clients from the comfort of your laptop by clicking here.

#1 Financial Freedom for Freelance Editors

I’d say practice makes perfect. Pitching clients was scary for me at first b/c of my fear of rejection and need for perfection. The more I pitched, the less this fear and this need had a hold on me.

#2  Flourishing Introvert


As the creator of #FlourishingIntroverts, I’d sho freelancers how to access their strengths & ‘Inniepowers’ so they can flourish as themselves without pretending to be something they’re not!

#3 Flourish Unlimited with Lucy Patterson

Introversion is more about protecting your energy, that being shy. Own that energy and use it your advantage!

#4 Yiran – Founder Of Nummy

I’m an introvert start-up founder and definitely found it hard to get heard (dreaded networking events) and eventually got more comfortable and found my voice!

#5 Treat Trunk

Having CPTSD, ADHD, and pretty severe GAD so I find social situations really stressful hence being a bit of a hermit. So things like awards, podcast interviews & group coaching calls terrified me but I’m gradually mastering them.

#6 Simisola Chuka


Take the focus off themselves but to think more of how their business or skill would help or give hope to someone else.

3 Point Introvert Marketing Guide

This marketing guide for introverts is to help you know where to concentrate your energy. Concentrate your enersy instead of being pulled in all of the different directions marketing can take you.

#1 Manage Your Energy

As introverts our energy is quickly depleted by social interactions. These social interactions can come up in many different ways

  • Networking Events
  • Going To Shops
  • School Runs

Plan ahead what your day is going to be filled with and put in some quiet time so you can recharge your batteries before you need to do something else.

#2 Be Aligned With Your Mission

Mission statements are an essential part of a business. Your mission statement is made up of 3 core components:

  1. Who you are serving
  2. What your service is
  3. Why your service is different

When creating a mission statement it can be easy to create one that you think will be marketable. Yes, you need a mission statement that people can understand and resonate with. Though if you don’t resonate with it, it doesn’t matter. Read on to understand how you can create a mission statement that fits with you as well as your clients.

Introverts tend to be quiet when they feel that they have nothing to add to a conversation. If it’s a conversation that they have a passion about then they are the most vocal people in the room trying to get heard.

Therefore, create a freelance business that matches your core beliefs and values. Doing this will help you to always want to be part of the conversation. Being part of the conversation will increase your visibility. More visibility = more clients and a sustainable freelance business.

Create a mission statement that resonates with your values and core beliefs.

#3 Keep It Simple

Keep it simple is a basic marketing that I was taught from secondary school. Just take one look on social media, and you are bombarded with advice from a wide range of gurus on how to grow a freelance business online. 

All of the advice and webinars to watch can be just exhausting, leading to confusion as to who to listen too. Most gurus can be right for their marketing tactic. But you should pick a couple of marketing tactics that are right for you.

An example marketing tactic could be,

  1. Be active on LinkedIn and getting clients from there
  2. Go to a network event once a week that has people you enjoy being with and your target market
  3. Scroll through websites and see which businesses could benefit from your help (download my email pitching templates to get clients this way)

In A Nutshell,

Being an introvert should not stop you from starting and growing your freelance business. I have had a freelance business since 2010 and an introvert. But yet have grown a freelance business with no money into a full time income, so I know that you can too. All you need is to believe that you can do anything.

Anything is truly possible

About Alison Wolf

Helping women who want to quit the 9 - 5 and build an online business where they can live their life on their terms. After quitting my own full-time job in 2010, I decided to make a change and start earning money freelancing. Using my own experiences, I help women who want to quit their own 9 - 5 and create their own freelance business that fits around their own lives.


  1. This is so well done, being an introvert can be a problem but you should know how to fight your problems!

  2. Thank you, I am glad you loved the post

  3. Hi Alison. Interesting article – in particular, I’d say this point is key: “The more I pitched, the less this fear and this need had a hold on me.” Stepping outside of your comfort zone is, well, uncomfortable, but once you’ve done it things become so much easier.

  4. This is really good, well done, i like to read it thanks for sharing!

  5. You have a lot of good information here. I am a teacher and speak to large groups all day, but it takes a lot of energy from me since I am an introvert. My dream is to move into freelancing next.

  6. Great tips! I like to create a game plan before I go to events as well; it helps me focus and not stress out that much. x

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  8. Thank you for reading the post. I will be updating with lots more useful information for freelancers new and seasoned.

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  10. I can relate as well. I’ve been a freelancer since 2013 and so I know this can work.

    COT |

  11. Thank you for reading the post

  12. Really useful tips. I find events can be quite overwhelming at times! Have got more comfortable with them but I guess with lockdown I’ll have to re-learn that.

  13. Thank you for reading the post. Yes, we all need to re-learn how to deal with being an introvert after we come out of lockdown.

  14. Great article! Lots of good information. Thanks for sharing this.

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