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11 subject line generators that’ll boost your open rates

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Writing that email subject line you’re bubbling with ideas and that amazing copy is just flowing through your veins as you type away. Well that’s the dream, isn’t it? But if you’re instead sitting there looking at your screen with a massive amount of writer’s block then these subject line generators will help out.

Email subject line generators are a real lifesaver whether you’re short on time or got writer’s block. These amazing tools will help you to create captivating subject lines that boost your open rates.

What’s even better these tools will not cost you the earth with yet another monthly or yearly subscription, instead, they are free to use.

Take the writer’s block out of the equation or free up some time with these best subject line generators for your business.

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What makes a catchy subject line?


There are a few tips for coming up with a catchy subject line.

When people read an email, the first things they do are skim the subject line and delete any uninteresting or spam email.

Ever caught yourself just checking out your inbox and only paying interest to the subject lines that spark your curiosity? We’re all inundated with emails day and night.

This has created a culture of just skimming through to get to emails that we would want to open.

If it sounds interesting or intriguing, they may open your email and then delete it if it is not worth reading. One of the best ways to create a subject line that entices people to open your email is to use a question.

This gets them curious and wanting to know more about what you have to talk about.

You can also use clickbait in your email subject line.

Clickbait? Isn’t that unethical?

Woah, hold up! Clickbait isn’t all that bad. There are two types of clickbait.

  1. Bad clickbait is a headline that isn’t aligned with the email
  2. Good clickbait which is an intriguing headline where the promise given is delivered in the email

Good clickbait is where you should focus your efforts on creating a catchy subject line. Make sure that you create good clickbait by creating a subject line that is not only just intriguing that you have to click through but also delivers on the promise.

If the content of the email doesn’t deliver on the promise of your subject line, then you’re going to lose subscribers.

However, if you’re lacking that creative spark to design subject lines that boost open rates, then these email subject line generators will help you out.


SalesBlink is software for sales professionals that are searching for prospects and create an entire outreach campaign using its built in CRM (customer relationship management) tool.


ActiveCampaign states that it’s the number 1 automation platform. Looking closely at the platform, it’s an email and CRM tool that helps e-commerce, b2b companies, and b2c companies.


Reply.io is a sales engagement platform that helps you automate & scale multichannel outreach, so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster.


Automizy is an email marketing solution that sends out emails using the data it has collated to determine the best times. Apparently, the technology they use will apparently improve your open rate by 34%.

Google chrome extension headline and subject line generator

Headline and subject line generator is a free Google chrome extension that helps you to craft catchy headlines for your emails or blog posts. Just type in your keyword and you’ll get a list of great headlines to use.


Keap email subject line generators

Keap is a marketing software that helps small businesses streamline their sales and CRM.


encharge.io email subject line generators

Encharge.io is marketing automation software for startups and digital businesses that sens emails to their customers based on their browsing habits.


SttoryLab email subject line generator

Storylab is an online tool that helps you break that writer’s block by creating hooks and outlines for your content.


Coschedule is an all in one marketing tool. A marketing tool that includes project management, content calendar, and social media scheduling plus so much more.


Moosend is an email marketing automation software for e-commerce, agencies, publishers, travel, and SaaS industries. They allow you to create workflows, landing pages, and send out emails to your subscribers.


Copymatic is an AI software that helps you to write copy for emails, website pages, and blog posts.

In A Nutshell,

Take the headache out of writing an email subject line with these generators that’ll use A.I technology along with a few keywords and crank out the perfect subject line that increases your open rate. When you’ve got your subscribers opening your emails, use these 3 secrets to get them clicking on your links.

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