Quick 3 Step Plan To Starting A Freelance Business

starting a freelance business
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Starting a freelance business can be done quickly when you have a 3 step plan behind you. A 3 step plan that helps you to strengthen your mindset, gives you a marketing plan. and the tools to get clients.

Should You Start Freelancing?

Why you should start freelancing and how you can start with just your already existing skills

Anyone can start freelancing, but should you?

You may be thinking that you don’t have the skills or money to do freelancing. But I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong!


Any good at customer services, sales, graphic design, writing, or a piece of technology? Then you have a skill that you can monetize. You just need to work out how you can package it up and sell it.

If you’ve had a real look at your experience and cannot pick a skill your good at then you have another option.

Another option to pick a target market that you’re passionate about helping with a specific problem. Then learn some skills to sell to your target market.


Back at the beginning, I started with nothing but a dream, some skills and a passion. 10 years later, I have no desire to look back and go back into employment.

So I know that if I can start with no money then you can too.

Of course money can help but it is not needed.

#1 Tech


Freelancers need tech to support their freelance business. Tech to help with

  • Getting clients
  • Marketing
  • Finances

Tech is important in starting a freelance business as without tech, you’re not moving with the times.

Businesses that you’re working with are moving with the times and how they reach customers.

Therefore, you need to embrace tech and move with the times so you don’t get stuck in the dark ages.

starting a freelance business

Here are 5 of the tech tools out there you need starting a freelance business.


Zoom existed long before 2020 and the demand for video calling people just shot up due to Covid 19.

Freelancers have been using Zoom to talk to prospective clients and close sales.

Create a free Zoom account and invite prospective clients about how you can help them. Talking to them in this way will give you the edge above your competitors.

Ask these 4 questions to your prospective clients.

Tide Business Account

Having a separate bank account for your freelance business is always advisable.

Tide business account is a perfect choice for freelancers. Perfect choice as they have a low volume of transactions.

Learn more about Tide Business Account here


If clients don’t want to pay straight to a bank account, offering to accept payments via PayPal is always a great alternative.

Additionally, you can add PayPal buttons to your invoices, email, or website so clients can pay directly.

If clients do prefer to pay you via PayPal, then you can link your Tide business account to this so that you can retrieve your earnings.


Acuity is an appointment scheduler that allows potential clients to book consultations with you.

You give a link on your social media, website, or email. Then the potential client clicks the link and is shown your schedule.

Clients can then choose a time that suits both you the freelancer and the client.


Pipedrive is a CRM tool that helps you to track your relationship with your leads. From freezing cold lead to a red hot buyer.

Not only that, but it helps you to improve your sales and scale up.

Learn more about Pipedrive here.

Before you can get sales, marketing is needed. That’s why marketing is tip #2 in starting a freelance business.

#2 Marketing

Marketing is essential in starting a freelance business. Without marketing your freelance business, how will anyone know about your freelance services?

starting a freelance business

Before you start posting on social media like you’re the next Kardashian or making viral videos for YouTube. You need to check out these 5 different options you have.

I advise that you take a nice mix of different marketing channels. Each of these 5 marketing channels attracts potential clients differently.

Only doing one marketing method will really not widen your net to catch freelance clients.

Google Ads

Let’s get it over with, the marketing method you need to pay for with real money, not just time and effort.

Using Google Ads is a very effective tool, but you need to be driving traffic to a specific lead capture page to fill your CRM with leads to follow up with.

Additionally, you need to choose the right keyword. A keyword with a good volume of traffic and a cost per click (CPC) that fits your budget.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups is how I got my first clients and continue to do so 10 years later.

There are 3 different types of Facebook groups you should join

  1. Your target market
  2. Support group for people in your niche
  3. Job board for your niche

Whenever you join a Facebook group, you want to check that it’s not a spammy group but a fit for why you want to join it.

After joining a Facebook group and you want to stay, make sure that you introduce yourself.

Then turn on notifications for all posts and interact with them. This will make people notice you and want to get to know who you are.

Get to know you to become a client or collaborate with you to grow your freelance business.

Guest Posting

starting a freelance business

You can collaborate to grow your freelance business in these 3 different ways.

  1. Writing a guest blog
  2. Be a guest on a podcast
  3. Be a guest on a webinar or video training

By guest contributing in these ways can widen your audience and position you as an expert in your niche.


There are 2 myths we have to address about Pinterest before we go any further.

  1. Pinterest is a social media network
  2. Pinterest is just for beauty, home design, and fashion bloggers

Firstly, Pinterest is a search engine.

Use it to benefit you by creating pins for keywords relevant to your niche and link it to your website or lead capture page.

Secondly, Pinterest is used by all sorts of businesses. Just take a look by typing into the search bar your niche. Then ask yourself

  • What’s working for them?
  • What do their pins look like?

Give Pinterest a shot. You might be surprised by the results.


LinkedIn is a fantastic way of getting to speak to the owner of a business that you want to work with.

Always having an up and down relationship with LinkedIn, I’ve always found it useful in getting new leads and building more relationships.

If you’re going to be using social media at all to market your freelance business, you need to lay the foundations. Lay the foundations with a social selling strategy.

Check out this 5 step social selling strategy.

#3 Convert

Converting freelance clients all starts with mindset. You need to create a strong and healthy mindset when starting a freelance business.

This is essential for

  • Getting clients
  • When to say ‘No’ to clients
  • Upselling and getting referrals from clients

Without a strong mindset, you can find yourself easily giving up your freelance business.

All freelancers and entrepreneurs go through this rollercoaster.

starting a freelance business

But you just have to remember that we all have been there. There are times where you will not find the right clients but then you will find clients that are golden nuggets.

When you find your golden nugget hang on to that client and get referrals from that client.

In A Nutshell,

Starting a freelance business is tough but well worth it. Though when you have a marketing strategy, tools, and a strong mindset you are on your way to starting a freelance business.