3 Steps To Start A Freelance Copywriting Business

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When you implement these 3 steps you can be start a copywriting business in 30 days.

To start copywriting with no experience, all you need to do is to choose your niche, create a portfolio, and start getting writing gigs that doesn’t require any previous experience.

Don’t need any experience? Yes, it’s true.

When I was at University and had a bit of knowledge of business, marketing, and sales.

After being told countless times by my tutor that my knowledge is what I can make money from, I stumbled on a freelance marketplace called Fiverr.

After creating a profile showing my knowledge in this niche and pitching myself as a sales letter copywriter, I got orders.

What is a freelance copywriter?

Before you get started with this lucrative career, make sure that you 100% understand what a freelance copywriter is.

As a freelance copywriter your job is simply to create compelling and persuasive content for companies to sell their products.

Content could come in the form of

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Websites

Or any other form of content that sells the company or its products.

Do I need qualifications to become a copywriter?

To be a copywriter, you don’t need a degree in copywriting. Although, you’ll find many who have a degree in English language, journalism, or marketing.

But if you’ve not gone to University and got those certificates, don’t let this stop you as you can start copywriting with no experience.

As long as you’ve got

  • A good grasp of the English language
  • Know your grammar
  • Knowledge in a specific niche such as personal finance
  • Can tell stories

If you’ve got these, then yes you can become a copywriter without any qualifications.

Is it hard to start a copywriting business?

No, it’s pretty easy to get started.

What makes starting a copywriting business hard is not being realistic.

Look, here’s the thing. When you start a copywriting business, you can dream about landing six-figure clients from day 1.

This ain’t going to happen unless you implement the 3 steps in this blog.

Follow the 3 steps and you’ll have a clear path to get yourself up and running in the next 30 days. You’ll be able to confidently land your first clients which will lead to you to bigger and higher paying clients.

But you need to slow down, take it one step at a time, and trust the process.

Can you teach yourself copywriting?

If you don’t have any copywriting qualifications to speak of you can easily start to think that you’ll never be good enough to become a copywriter.

But I’m telling you that this is just not true. So stop procrastinating and start learning how you can become a skilled copywriter.

To start becoming the next wordsmith you can find

All of these are dedicated to helping you become the best copywriter you can be.

To choose which is right for you, decide on which medium you prefer to consume content and decide your niche (email, blogging, landing pages, etc).

You can of course also take on specific courses about copywriting.

Before making any investment in a course make sure that it’ll give what you need for you to get clients straight away.

Hopefully, now you’ll see now there’s very little barrier to entry copywriting with no experience.

Your only barrier to earning money as a copywriter is yourself and not following a simple process that all copywriters follow.

3 Steps To Start Copywriting With No Experience In 30 Days

Choose Your Niche

The riches are in the niches is what many people will tell you. But I’m not here to tell you that you need to follow a specific niche or become a generalist.

But if you want to just write for a specific niche because you’re passionate about that niche or just have a vast amount of knowledge in that area.

Although this is not the one thing you need to consider when nailing your niche. You also need to consider the client type and the copywriting service.

What’s the client type you want to write for?

To help you decide on the type of client you want to write for, answer these 2 questions.

  1. Write for large or small businesses?
  2. Be on writing agencies or freelance marketplaces?

Answering these 2 questions will help you focus on who to work with and build relationships with.

When you’re focused you’ll naturally get more productive when marketing your copywriting services.

What copywriting service do you want to provide?

There are many different types of copywriting that can be offered to clients. To stop you from going into overwhelm, you should just choose one and then go all in and really master copywriting for that service.

Here’s a list of 9 copywriting services include

  1. Blogging
  2. Email
  3. Social media
  4. Paid ads
  5. Website pages (home, about, services)
  6. Landing pages
  7. Sales letters
  8. Product descriptions
  9. Video sales letters

As you can see there’s a great variety of different niches you can go into as a copywriter.

To help you become a great copywriter, master one copywriting service and then offer that service to a specific type of client.

For example, you could offer to do product descriptions for new Amazon sellers. Alternatively, you could offer writing product descriptions for those who sell women’s clothing online.

There are many ways in finding your niche and start copywriting with no experience. But only you know you’ve found your niche as it is aligned with who you are.

Create A Portfolio That Sells Your Copywriting Skills

Creating your portfolio in just 3 simple steps. I’m not going to lie, you do need to invest in yourself here (but only a little bit).

Look like a pro with a professional website

Before you begin creating your portfolio, you need a website. What this does is tell the client that you’re an absolute professional copywriter.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you just get a free website builder or WordPress site as this doesn’t give anyone that professional image.

Remember you’re a professional freelance copywriter and you deserve to be taken seriously by prospective clients and get paid like a professional.

If you’re thinking ‘yeah that sounds great but I don’t know where to start, I’ve never built a website before’, then check out this blog post on how you can build a website.

Inside the blog post, you’ll learn how to

  1. Pick a domain name
  2. Design your site
  3. Add content that reflects your brand

Now that you’ve got a professional website, you need samples of your copywriting skills that’ll wow your prospective clients.

Create samples that are specific to your ideal client

Your portfolio isn’t going to help you at all if it hasn’t got any samples on it of your writing skills. After all, the reason why people even go to your site is to see your writing ability. So put your copywriting samples on there.

If you’re struggling with what samples to create, think about your niche.

For example, if you want to be a personal finance email copywriter for families living on a tight budget, you need samples for this. So create some dummy samples that show your ability.

Your copywriting samples are your resume and references that you can do your job. People aren’t caring as much about reading your CV or phoning your references.

What clients care about is your copywriting talent, that you understand the client’s needs, and are knowledgeable about the niche.

Pitch your copywriting services on the home page

Your copywriting samples aren’t the only place you should be thinking about your copywriting techniques. Be thinking about your copy on your home page and other pages on your website. If your copy sucks on the home page, then any potential client is just going to click away.

Save the sale and make sure that your copy is on point. Write copy that speaks to the client that you’re meant to be writing for them and you completely understand them.

Inside this freelancing course, you’ll learn how to really position yourself on your website as the go-to freelance copywriter for them. But you won’t just be getting that, you’ll get the essential resources you need to be a successful freelancer and get jobs.

Get Paid To Write

Why not get paid to write whilst you learn about copywriting and becoming a successful freelancer?

There aren’t many places that are going to give you a huge amount as a starter, but you could be earning some money. The places I love that really do help you out whilst you’re learning about copywriting are

Freelance marketplaces that are seeking new copywriters of all niches

Absolute favorite freelance marketplaces for copywriting are Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour.

Agencies that are hiring copywriters

If you go on YouTube you may hear them being called content mills and that you should stay from them. But if anything they are great places to be as they help you to grow in your copywriting skills as well as get paid writing for real clients.

These agencies are ContentFly, TextBroker, and WriterAccess. You can find more of these advertising jobs on job boards such as ProBlogger as well as social media job boards.

Get your first copywriting job from social media

I found my first ever freelance gig using Facebook groups and this is still a great way to start copywriting with no experience.

But whether you prefer LinkedIn or Facebook, to find the right group for you it all comes back to choosing your niche. If your niche is more focused on the client type then join groups where they are.

However, if your niche is focused on the copywriting service you offer, join groups focused on that.

Whenever you join social media groups, remember it’s for socializing first. So be sociable, respond to posts, and chat with other people who comment on the post.

Talking with other people increases your network and more often than not your network is your net worth.

You never know, you could be talking with someone who can send you copywriting tasks when they need some help.

In A Nutshell,

You can start copywriting with no experience in the next 30 days. Choose your niche, create a portfolio, and start getting writing gigs that don’t require any previous experience.

When you implement these 3 steps you could be starting to make money from copywriting in 30 days.

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