Squarespace or WordPress Which Is The Best In 2020?

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I will hold my hands up from the start and say that I love my WordPress site and love using WordPress (trust me this was not always the case). WordPress is not the only platform on the block that you can create a professional-looking website with. In this blog, I have compared the 2 as to their advantages and pricing. So which is best SquareSpace or WordPress for your freelance business?

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  • Almost 2 million users
  • Provides a clean and modern interface.
  • Good for SEO, and its pages all follow SEO best practices.
  • Has a high quality support options.


  • Around 455,000,000 users
  • Easy to customize with Themes and Plugins.
  • For technical SEO, WordPress makes some that easier with SEO plugins that can help a novice.
  • You can get support from an entire community as well as your host for support.

Advantages: Which is best SquareSpace or WordPress?

 Advantages of SquareSpace

Clearly, the biggest advantage of Squarespace is the smoothness of the experience in using it to create your website.

Part of this is the faster setup when you purchase the site. Within a few minutes, everything is completely streamlined. Without or with technical knowledge you are able to visit Squarespace and begin a site instantly.

squarespace or wordpress

It is all-in-one. You do not need to perform any incorporating in the event that you do not need to. (It has good integrations which are sufficient for many people: Google Apps, Mailchimp for email marketing, and societal bookmarking )

You have the ability to run your SquareSpace site from day one. There’s almost no learning curve. As SquareSpace templates are of a high quality, you can rest assure that your SquareSpace site will look good

How To Use SquareSpace In Freelance Business

SquareSpace is a good website builder for small businesses like freelance businesses.

As a freelancer you need to do 2 main things on your website, show off your portfolio and allow people to book an appointment with you. SquareSpace allows you to do these 2 things.

What SquareSpace lacks is the ability to add third-party extensions or plugins. In fact, there are only 128 plugins in total.

As a freelancer, this can be a serious issue, especially for marketing your freelancer business.

Advantages of WordPress

If you talk about business websites or blogging platforms, WordPress is the clear winner. If you are really serious about having a website or a blog, then WordPress will give you everything others won’t.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. WordPress is really powerful and the amount of features you get is enormous. It’s also open source so it’s very flexible.

But that also begs the question. Do I really need that much power?

Sometimes you just don’t. and I have seen people with websites or blogs who really don’t want anything more from their website than having an online presence.

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS for short, that helps bloggers and businesses edit content on a regular basis. Edit content without the need to use a traditional HTML editor software.

How To Use WordPress In Freelance Business

There are 2 main ways in which you can use a WordPress site as a freelancer.

  1. As a blog to promote your freelance services and sell products. You add to your blog up to 3 times a week and put most of your energy into creating content.
  2. Sell your freelance services primarily with having dedicated pages, a portfolio page, and then adding a blog to drive targeted traffic. But in this instance, you are not updating your blog regularly (maybe once a month)

Personally, I have had great success doing both. Once I had a WordrePss site completely devoted to selling my services assisting with webinars. I rarely ever did a blog for it , if anything I would say once every couple of months.

So really it does not seem to matter how much content you add to your website if you only want to have one to sell your freelance services. What matters is how you do marketing and keyword research.


SquareSpace has 4 different pricing plans

  1. Personal $12 a month
  2. Business $18 a month
  3. Commerce $26 a month
  4. Commerce $40 a month
squarespace or wordpress

For a freelancer, the personal option from SquareSpace would be the obvious choice. As the advanced option, allows for you to sell products or give gift cards.

Which ever you choose to go with, you will get the following features as a standard

  • Free custom domain
  • SSL Security
  • SEO
  • Templates
  • Mobile-Optimization
  • 24/7 support
  • Extensions

WordPress Pricing

If you are going to choose WordPress, then I suggest that you get it from one of the best web hosts. A web host putting it simply is like a landlord for a property you rent.

You pay the landlord (web host) a monthly fee or rent to live in the property (or use your WordPress site).

When you ‘rent’ your WordPress site from a web host, you have full control of the design and features.

If you sign up with this host, you will only be paying $2.95 a month. What you get in return is

  • Free domain for first year
  • Free SSL Security
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support
squarespace or wordpress

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they give a 30 day money back guarantee.

To get all of these amazing benefits and create a WordPress site that will convert website visitors to sales, click here to get started with the best WordPress host.

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