Social Selling Strategy In 5 Steps That Get You Results

social selling strategy
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A social selling strategy can seriously make or break your freelance business. Over my 10+ years as a freelancer, having a social selling strategy has always been key to getting my foot in the door. A foot in the door which has led to sales and referrals.

I started to get this success after I viewed the workshop with Ben Kniffen. On the workshop I learned a complete system that helps you generate consistent leads. Whilst at the same time giving you a drip marketing system so your prospects won’t forget about you when the time is right.

Watch the replay of the workshop by clicking here.

You want to take advantage of the workshop as social selling has grown in popularity for both B2C and B2B industries. As a freelancer, this is good news for you! Take advantage of this rising trend with these 5 easy to implement strategies.

Step 1 – What is the core product you are selling?

Before you create a social selling strategy, first things first. What is the core product you are selling?

As a freelancer, your core product is the big high ticket service that you give your clients.

social selling strategy

Whether that is website design, writing content or being their number 1 PA. You have to identify what your core service is.

OK, that might sound easy enough.

But truly start to think about the results you are giving the clients. What experience will you also be providing them.

Focus on the big results and this will drive your whole social selling strategy. It will depict what content you create to spread that message. Also, it will focus what keywords and language you are using.

Language you use in your content has to match your clients. This is why you need to do the next step and create your core client avatar.

Step 2 – Who is your core client avatar?

Your client avatar is simple terms is a picture of who your ideal client is. The ideal client that you would absolutely love to work with time and time again.

social selling strategy

When you understand your client avatar and their

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Desires

You can create social media posts that will tap into these feelings by using specific keywords.

But beware, you could spend ages creating content for a social media platform. But if you are not on the right platform, you will get little to no return on the time you invest on your social selling strategy.

Step 3 – Which social media platform?

Which social media platform are you going to use to attract clients to you? Well, the question should really be, where are your clients most active right now on social media?

Where are your clients most active right now?

You do not ever want to waste your time on platforms where they are like once a week, month or year. They will never really notice you.

Get noticed and be on the platforms that they are always on, even whilst at work.

To discover this you want to go back to your client avatar. Remember that?

This is why you want to go in-depth into who your client avatar is and part of that is discovering where they hang out online.

Step 4 – What is your messaging strategy?

Your messaging strategy in your social selling strategy is what will really make or break your whole strategy. So you need to get this right. There are 6 rules that you must follow in creating an engaging social selling strategy.

  • Rule #1 Be Authentic
  • Rule #2 Give Your Own Unique Perspective
  • Rule #3 Your Message Must Match The Tone Of Language On The Platform
  • Rule #4 Use Visuals
  • Rule #5 Add Engagement
  • Rule #6 Be Timely

Step 5 – Turn a cold lead into a red hot buyer

Infographic - How To Build Trust With Customers In Your Email List

Create a sales pipeline using an affordable marketing software platform such as Get Response.

With either creating a sales funnel or using their CRM strategy you can create a buyer journey.

Buyer journey’s allow you to nurture the relationship you have with your clients.

Surely you can just nurture a client journey by the progress of the conversation on the platform?

Yes you can, but with a CRM system you can track at what stage of the buyer journey they are at and what content you should be giving as to what stage they are at.

social selling strategy

As you can see from the above graphic, the content you will give your ideal clients change depending on where they are in the funnel.

The purpose of having a funnel to get clients as it builds upon the know, like and trust factor. As you have probably heard

People only buy from people they trust

So always keep in mind that you are using your social media platform to create awareness of you. From there you want to get them to like you and ultimately trust you.

6 thoughts on “Social Selling Strategy In 5 Steps That Get You Results

  1. Such great information here! When I get a bit more established I’ll have to follow things strategy! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love how you explained each step well! I like how you mentioned to be where your ideal audience is at as it’s tempting to be on everything at once. Thanks for sharing! x

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