5 tips for freelancers using social selling to get clients

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Social selling can seriously make or break your freelance business. Having a social selling strategy is key to getting your foot in the door. A foot in the door leading to referrals and sales. Inside this blog, you’ll learn how to

  1. Identify the results that your core service gives your clients
  2. Get clear or who your ideal client is
  3. Define which is the best social media platform you should be using
  4. Create a messaging strategy that attracts sales not repels
  5. Turn any cold lead into a red hot buyer

After you’ve read this blog, then you’ll have a clear strategy to use on social media to attract the right kind of leads and convert them into red hot buyers.

As a new freelancer or struggling to get a consistent stream of clients, you need to have a social media strategy that works. With these 5 social selling tips, you’ll learn exactly how freelancers are effortlessly getting clients from any social media platform.

Before we go into these 5 tips, you need to know exactly why using social selling is so important for freelancers.

What are the benefits of social selling?

Many freelancers still rely on the old method of cold calling to get clients. However now, clients are on social media and you can talk with them. Even better you can build a relationship with them before any selling even takes place.

With social media the emphasis is on socializing. So natural conversations take place on topics that are of interest to all people taking part in the conversation.

These natural conversations lead to natural dialogues where you learn how exactly you can help a company. Plus, as the other person in the conversation likes you they are more open to hearing your solution. Thus you’ll have a higher conversion rate in your sales process using social selling.

Does social selling really work?

With 78% of salespeople engaged in social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t. This goes to show that social selling is the sales method that works right now rather than the old outdated tactics.

Identify the results that your core service gives your clients

Before you create a social selling strategy, first things first. What is the core product you are selling? As a freelancer, your core product is the big high ticket service that you give your clients.

Whether that is website design, writing content or being their number 1 PA. You have to identify what your core service is.

OK, that might sound easy enough. But truly start to think about the results you are giving the clients. What experience will you also be providing them?

Focus on the big results and this will drive your whole social selling strategy. It will depict what content you create to spread that message. Also, it will focus on what keywords and language you are using.

Language you use in your content has to match your clients. This is why you need to do the next step and create your core client avatar.

Get clear or who your ideal client is

Your ideal client is also known as a client avatar. In simple terms, a client avatar is a picture of who your ideal client is. The ideal client that you would absolutely love to work with time and time again.

social selling strategy

When you understand your client avatar and their

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Desires

You can create social media posts that will tap into these feelings by using specific keywords.

But beware, you could spend ages creating content for a social media platform. But if you are not on the right platform, you will get little to no return on the time you invest on your social selling strategy.

Define which is the best social media platform you should be using

Which social media platform are you going to use to attract clients to you? Well, the question should really be, where are your clients most active right now on social media?

Where are your clients most active right now?

You don’t ever want to waste your time on platforms where they are like once a week, month or year. They’ll never really notice you.

Get noticed and be on the platforms that they are always on, even whilst at work. To discover this you want to go back to your client avatar. This is why you want to go in-depth into who your client avatar is and part of that is discovering where they hang out online.

Create a messaging strategy that attracts sales not repels

Your messaging strategy in your social selling strategy is what will really make or break your whole strategy. So you need to get this right. There are 6 rules that you must follow in creating an engaging social selling strategy.

  • Be Authentic
  • Give Your Own Unique Perspective
  • Your Message Must Match The Tone Of Language On The Platform
  • Use Visuals
  • Add Engagement
  • Be Timely

Never ever do a messaging strategy where you’ll be annoying people and seen a spammer. This is what you don’t want so follow the 6 rules and you’ll attract sales instead of being a repellent.

Email Templates

When you’re creating a messaging strategy, you want to create one that converts. This is why PipeDrive have created 9 email templates that you can customize for your freelance business in generating sales.

Get the 9 email templates here and start generating sales

PipeDrive is a customer relationship management software (created by salespeople) for businesses of any size. Therefore, you know that these 9 email templates will help you to nurture relationships with leads and close sales.

Keep reading to learn how you can turn cold leads into red hot buyers for your freelance business.

Turn any cold lead into a red hot buyer

Before we start, you need to understand the different temperatures of a lead. This is essential for you to understand as it frames how you approach your leads and turn cold leads into red hot buyers.

Cold leads (Awareness)

At the start you’ve got your cold leads. Cold leads are people who don’t know you at all. They’ve not interacted with you before or even seen one of your posts.

When you approach cold leads, start with a gentle approach where you introduce yourself and get to learn about your lead. In no way do you offer something to buy. They don’t know who you are, let alone like or trust you to go and buy something from you however compelling your offer is.

Warm leads (Consideration)

Warm leads are prospective clients who are happily engaging with your social media content and talking with you about how you can help them.

Approach warm leads with the desire to help them with a quick instant fix to their problem by offering your expertise or small low-cost service. What you’re aiming to do is build trust between you and the prospect.

In the client’s eyes, they are starting to see you as an expert in your niche but not sure if they should invest in your core service. By offering advice or a small low-cost service, you build that trust.

Hot leads (Decision)

After you’ve helped your warm lead with a low-cost service or some advice and the client is still happy at this point, then you’re in a great position. In a position of having a red hot lead.

Now you have your hot lead, you can go in and show your prospective client your core offer. Whatever you do, don’t go into a message with a buy this offer.

Show the prospective client how your core offer can help them solve their big problem and get the result that they want. Always remember that the prospective client just cares about their problem and the result they’re seeking.

Give your prospective clients a clear picture of the big results that your core offer gives. As they already like and trust you, you’ve got a higher chance of closing the sale.

Keep track of your leads

As a freelancer, you’ll have multiple leads at any one time and at different stages of the sales process. Therefore, it’s important to have a system of keeping track of your leads.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was developed for the purpose of tracking leads whatever size business you have. With CRM software you can see how your relationship is progressing with a lead. Also, CRM software shows what content you should be given as to what stage they are at.

social selling strategy

As you can see from the above graphic, the content you will give your ideal clients change depending on where they are in the funnel.

The purpose of having a funnel to get clients as it builds upon the know, like, and trust factor. You’ve probably heard of this phrase

People only buy from people they trust

Always keep in mind that you are using your social media platform to create awareness of yourself. From there you want to get them to like you and ultimately trust you.

In A Nutshell,

Social selling can seriously make or break your freelance business. Though using the 5 tactics in this blog you can confidently approach cold clients and turn them into red hot buyers. Just remember to keep track of the relationships your building with CRM software.

Watch a demo here of the CRM software designed to keep freelancers selling.

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