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Social media marketing tips for a freelancer looking to find clients

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You want freelance clients but you’re struggling to get them. Social media is where freelancers like you attract clients. Attract clients with these social media marketing tips without churning out content like a Kardashian.

Get clients without churning out content night and day. Stop burning yourself out whilst on that hamster wheel. Have a strategy to get clients consistently.

As you’ve clicked onto this blog, chances are you’re struggling to get clients. You’re only getting a ton of offers showing you a get rich quick scheme when you invest $1 in a turnkey system.

All you want are conversations with leads that convert into clients. Resulting in your bank balance being more predictable.

Keep reading to learn how you can use social media to find clients with these marketing tips.

Only choose the one platform and master it


We’re bombarded with messages saying you need to be on Instagram. Then, no you need to be on TikTok because that’s what’s going to blow up in 2022. Before you know it, you hear that you should be on another platform and so on.

All these messages do nothing but confuse you. End the confusion today and become a master of one. Yes, only one platform and dominate it.

Dominate the social media platform of your choice whichever one you prefer. Get known as the expert in your niche and generate sales.

Only then, add on another social media platform and dominate that one too.
Make sure that you dominate your social media platform of choice by

  • Growing your tribe
  • Networking with others in your niche
  • Use all the different tools on the platform

Mastering the one platform stops you from getting burned out. Burned out trying to be everywhere.

Instead, create a content strategy. Content strategy with a purpose for the one platform so that your content converts into sales.

Check out these content marketing hacks so you start crafting content with purpose.

Position yourself as an expert

In order to grow a profitable freelance business using social media, you need to position yourself as the expert.

But how do you do that when you’re just starting out?

Everybody starts out as a nobody when they create a social media profile. but if you work hard at building your personal brand you’ll be getting clients coming to you.

In the world of social media, it feels like everybody is an expert at something. This can be overwhelming and intimidating when you’re starting out.

Overwhelmed, comparing yourselves to others and ending up with imposter syndrome. If you feel this way, you can either do one of two things

  1. Throw in the towel and just give up before you even get started
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others and concentrate on the following that you’re already starting to accumulate with the content you’re already sharing

Every winner was once a beginner


Start your journey today by positioning yourself as an expert in your niche.

To position yourself as an expert in your niche, create a profile that says who you help and how. Then every day leave one piece of content that’s helpful to your ideal client.

To know what content to share, think about your ideal customer and what problems they’re having right now.

You can use Quora or do some simple keyword research and you’ll get ideas of what your ideal customers are searching for today on the search engines.

Make sure that you comment back any comments that people leave on your posts as this will boost your brand.

Reputation is everything, make sure yours is on point

If your reputation is going down the toilet, then it’s going to be difficult to recover.

Don’t make your reputation suffer and be seen as a credible expert in your niche.

As a freelancer, it can be easy to be spamming links to your services every time someone reaches out for help.

But if your posting history says that all you do is drop links and go then it’s not going to build up your reputation.

Instead of just dropping links, instead, leave golden nuggets of information. Golden nuggets of information that’ll just give people a bit of useful actionable advice. Actionable advice that they can get quick wins from and your reputation will improve.

An example of this could be someone posts in a group that they are struggling to get targeted traffic to their website. You can then come in with a quick golden nugget of information about keyword research.

You’re not selling your services but you’re becoming a trustworthy voice who knows everything about your niche.

Nobody likes to see just links, they want value. The same with the DM’s. Nobody likes to get messages with just buy my service. They need to trust you first before they even consider buying from you.

Your reputation is everything, so make sure that you earn a great reputation on social media by delivering value in your content. When you give value, sales will follow.

In A Nutshell,

Social media is where freelancers like you attract clients. Attract clients with these social media marketing tips without churning out content like a Kardashian. Instead, use social media smartly and create content, give value, and build relationships. When you give value to your social media followers, sales follow.

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