3 Strategies For Sharing Your Prices With Clients (Without Scaring Them Off)

sharing your prices with clients
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Getting a potential customer for your freelance business is an exciting time. But before you go head first and try to win the client you need a strategy. A strategy to sharing your prices with clients.

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Sharing your prices with clients if something that you need to do, but how you do this can make or break whether you win that client or not. Here are 3 strategies to sharing your prices with clients.

Strategy #1 Present the price at the right time

When your clients are making a buying decision, the first thing that influences that decision making process are their emotions.

sharing your prices with clients

Therefore you need to use this to your advantage. Use it to you advantage by presenting the results of your service using storytelling.

Storytelling is sharing the whole customer journey of your previous client.

  • Where they were
  • How they were feeling
  • What they wanted
  • How they felt when working with you
  • How they felt after the end results of your service

By showing the value of your service before you show the pricing you are warming up the potential client. Warming them up by presenting what result they will receive. A warm client is when it is time for sharing your prices with clients.

Strategy #2 When the customer want to know the price immediately

There are many times when you are trying to talk to a client about your services, yet all they are interested in is the price.

You want to delay answering this question as much as you can. You need to present the value that you are giving them in your services first before sharing your prices with clients.

sharing your prices with clients

Use these strategies to avoid answering the question

  1. How much help does the client need to get them to where they want to be
  2. What they can realistically afford
  3. What is their time frame to achieve any goals and objectives they need your services for

When you answer these 3 points create a plan that works for you and the client. Then you can give them a pricing plan that works for you both without any bad feelings or scaring the client away.

Strategy #3 Show them your solution

Showing your solution to potential customers is powerful. What’s even more powerful is using visuals in showing potential customers your solution.

Creating your own online portfolio is what will really make you stand out from the crowd. Not only will you be able to use the storytelling of your work with previous clients. But you will also be able to show the results you have given previous clients.

As you can see your own portfolio is needed before sharing your prices with clients.

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