5 Tips To Sell Digital Downloads On Etsy | Make £44K A Year

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Do you go on YouTube and get sucked in by all the content around making money on Etsy and selling digital downloads?

Whether it’s prints or planners there’s big money to be made on Etsy.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Maybe you’ve dabbled with this side hustle but got zero results just a monthly listings fee.

So how can you get started actually selling digital downloads on Etsy?

The bottom line is that you can do it too like this mom of 2 kids.

This mom due to the pandemic had to find another way to make money, she turned to Etsy, and now makes £44,000 a year.

Here’s how you can do the same.

5 Tips To Sell Digital Downloads On Etsy | Make £44K A Year

Have An Email List

Have an email list works in 2 ways

  1. You’ve got an asset just in case Etsy collapses
  2. Follow-up with people who’ve shown interest in your Etsy shop

With your email list, you can tell your customers about your new products or if you’ve moved over to another platform.

The latter may sound strange to be thinking of before you’ve even started out, but it’s good to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

But let’s think about the best case scenario.

You’ve got an Etsy shop up and running, people are subscribing to your email list, you can now email them for new products you’ve got coming out.

Before you start collecting emails, make sure your shop is setup on Etsy to collect emails.

email templates

Do Your Tags, Descriptions, Photos

To sell on Etsy, you need to do SEO.

SEO is placing keywords on your Etsy listing for people use when searching for your product.

To help you with this, you can use keyword research tools, or use the Etsy search bar.

Put into the search bar your product idea, take note of the titles that come up, and research the listings.

Research the listings tags, descriptions, and photos. Model what’s already working.

Bare in mind that they be getting top rankings as they are a Etsy trusted seller.

Use marketing tools (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok etc) to help you push your products.

Learn From Feedback

When you get sales and customers leave feedback.

Use the feedback to your advantage.

Feedback gives you an insight to how your customers feel about your product. You can use it to make improvements to your product or you can use it to improve your copy.

Improve your copy with real keywords that your customers are using.

Take these keywords and reuse it in your listing and social media marketing.

Choose You Niche

The riches are in the niches.

To choose a niche for your digital downloads, consider:

  • Who you talk with on social media
  • What their big pain points are

Creating digital products for people in your network and selling them is a lot easier to do than picking a niche that you don’t already have an audience for.

Talking to your audience or reading their comments you’ll learn what they need from your product and how you can position it to them.

Hire A Graphic Designer On Fiverr

Hire a graphic designer on Fiverr if you seriously lack graphic design skills.

Graphic design skills that’ll give your customers the wow factor.

If your product looks amazing, customers are going to be more satisfied with your download and give higher ratings.

Higher ratings lead to more customers or repeat business from the same ones.

Check out the amazing graphic designers on Fiverr.

In A Nutshell,

Make £44K a year by selling digital downloads on Etsy. It’s not an impossible dream but do it right using thse 5 top tips and consistently then you’ll achieve success.

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