5 Methods to drive traffic and get leads for your sales funnel

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What have you got when you’ve got a sales funnel that has no leads or traffic? The answer is an expensive hobby that’s draining you of your hard-earned money.

But we don’t want this. We want a sales funnel that’s filled with leads that are foaming at the mouth to get your offer.

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OK, maybe not quite foaming at the mouth, but you get the idea. They want to learn more about you and your offer.

To get these leads hungry to learn more about you and your product, start building awareness and drive traffic to your offer.

Here are my top 5 methods to drive traffic and leads to your sales funnel.


YouTube is the second largest search engine with 3 billion searches per month and who is it owned by? None other than the world’s number 1 search engine Google.

Utilize YouTube by creating short or long-form video content that informs and/or entertains people.

When you get this nailed down then you’ll be able to drive traffic from YouTube to your website.

But how?

You create your epic video content that gets viewed by people who are genuinely interested in your topic.

At the end and sprinkled throughout your video, you’ve got a call to action.

That call to action is to visit a website or click the link in the description.

If you consume YouTube videos then you’ve probably heard them doing this. However, if you don’t watch YouTube videos, start doing so and learn what works and doesn’t work.

It’s a free education on how to do YouTube correctly.

It’s important to remember that you need to get your SEO done when using YouTube to drive traffic.

Correctly optimize your content and make it easier for people to find your video. You can use these keyword research tools to help you optimize your video content and drive traffic to your sales funnel.

Email marketing

Another way to drive traffic to your sales funnel is through emails.

When you have people that are on your email list they’re regularly being nurtured to build that trust so they’re ready to buy.

Build trust by showing them how you can help them solve their problems and how your offer does this.

You can offer another lead magnet such as a webinar or low ticket offer. These offers pull them further down the sales funnel so they’re ready to buy your high ticket offer.

Giving them a link in that email can drive them towards the sales funnel.

Due to you taking the time to build a relationship and giving valuable content ahead of time they’re more likely to convert.  

email templates


Another method is podcasts whether it’s your podcast or you get to be a guest on someone else’s.  I would actually totally recommend being on other people’s podcasts if you’re not confident in starting your own.

Although if you do have your own podcast, do a trade. Trade by appearing on each other’s podcasts.

Appear on each other’s podcasts and reach both audiences. Don’t forget to provide value by speaking about your topic of expertise for the demographic listening.

But how can you use podcasts to get leads for your sales funnel?

To get leads for your sales funnel, give a call to action in the podcast to learn more about you.

This call to action could be to grab a cheat sheet, buy a book, or register for a webinar.

Whatever your lead magnet is, don’t forget to mention it.

Make the content of the podcast relevant to the lead magnet.

Organic social media marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful method to get leads for your sales funnel.

No matter what platform you’re on maybe it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or even Tik Tok it can still be a powerful tool to drive traffic.

This method doesn’t involve spamming people’s posts with your links (unless you’re invited to do so).

Organic social media marketing is all about building relationships and helping people with golden nuggets of information.

You can always drop them a link for here’s where they can get more value.

If they’re following your journey where you’re documenting your

  • Daily life
  • Sharing sneak peeks at your expertise
  • Showing products and services you have or are an affiliate of 

Being active on social media is a very easy way to then lead your followers into your sales funnel.

Now those are some organic methods but there’s also paid traffic.

social media content planner

Paid advertising on social media

You can be paying for

  • Facebook ads
  • Youtube ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Pinterest ads

Drive traffic using a paid advertising platform to really target a specific demographic that you want to reach.

If you go onto Facebook, your newsfeed is inundated with ads.

Watch a YouTube video, you’ve got an ad.

All ads are pushed in front of people who are actively looking for your product.

However annoying they can be for people when scrolling social media, they’re still profitable and get leads into your sales funnel.

Before you start splashing the cash and paying for ads, make sure you do your research.

Research to see where your audience is, create organic content and then push an ad to drive traffic to your funnels.

In A Nutshell,

Get leads to your sales funnel using social media by being where they are, giving valuable content, and building relationships before asking them to get your lead magnet. Build your sales funnel with the One Funnel Away 30-day challenge.

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