7 Best Remote Proofreading Jobs Paying $25 An Hour Worldwide

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Remote proofreading jobs are one of the best online side hustles to add a bit of extra cash. If you’re skilled up in English grammar and known your Verbs from your Adverbials, check out these jobs.

Picture this: you’re in your pyjamas, sipping coffee from your favourite mug, and armed with a red pen that holds the power to vanquish even the peskiest of misspellings. Yes, my friend, you have entered the hilarious world of remote proofreading jobs, where language warriors battle the forces of grammatical chaos from the comfort of their own homes that can be done part time.

In this magical land of misplaced modifiers and rogue apostrophes, remote proofreaders are the unsung heroes, tirelessly scanning through written text like grammar superheroes on a mission. They possess the uncanny ability to spot a typo from a mile away and sniff out a dangling participle like a bloodhound on the scent.

So, my fellow grammar jesters, prepare yourselves for a wild ride through the best remote proofreading jobs that even beginners can do. Jobs where on average you can expect to be paid $25 an hour from proofreading 1000 words. Although, you should check with each of these jobs what rates they pay freelancers. If you believe you’ve got what it takes to be a proofreader, check out these remote jobs.

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7 Remote Proofreading Jobs


A Canadian company that is great for University students or graduates.


To apply for a position here you need to have:

  • 3 years experience of editing or proofreading
  • Speed of 1000 – 1500 words per hour

Scribendi hire editors and proofreaders from all over the globe.

If you’re lucky enough to get accepted for a position there, you can expect to be paid weekly by PayPal.

Proofreading Services

Join the award winning proofreading service and become one of their home-based proofreaders.

Proofreading Services remote proofreading jobs

Apply to become a proofreader and take a 20 minute test to see if you’re a fit for them.

If you’re successful and make it through the application process then pay is $19 – $25 per hour. You’ll also be connecting with other top English proofreaders across the globe.

proofreading tips

Proofreading Pal

Earn $500 – $3000 a month proofreading with Proofreading Pal.

proofreading pal

This remote proofreading job is not the best for beginners, but if you’ve got at least 5 years experience, go ahead and apply.

Other requirements include

  • A batchelors degree
  • Experience proofreading and editing academic papers in various fields of study.
  • Experience with several popular writing styles, such as APA, MLA, CMS, AP, and CSE.

If you meet these requirements fill in their online application form.


Gramlee states that they’re always looking for editors, so go ahead and apply if you need an editing job.


They don’t give details about the editing job but after some digging it looks like they’ve got strict requirements to be paid.

Most noteably is that they require you to deliver work within 24 hours as that’s their promise to the clients.

Therefore, if you don’t deliver the work within 24 hours you don’t get paid.

Naturally, I would be quite wary about a place that doesn’t tell you anything about the job before you apply.

But, Gramlee is a legit work from home job opportunity for you to take advantage of.

Edit Fast

A freelancing site for editors and proofreaders.

Edit fast jobs

This platform is exclusively for proofreaders and editors, but for beginners.

This site is for beginners as they take a massive 40% cut, (unlike Fiverr who only take 20%).

If you’re interested in Edit Fast, signup, build your resume, take tests, and you’ll get notifications when there are jobs available.

Writing Jobz

Specialize in academic writing? Writing Jobz is for you.

Writing Jobz remote proofreading jobs

Earn up to $11 per page proofreading with this remote job.

Start by signing up and taking a language task.

When you get going with this job, build up a client database as you take on more and more projects.


A remote proofreading job with a difference.

R3ciprocity remote proofreading jobs

This job is different because it works by you earning credits proofreading other peoples work. Then you exchange these credits for having your own proofread.

R3ciprocity is ideal for writers who need to have their own work proofread.


In the world of remote proofreading jobs, laughter and linguistic finesse go hand in hand. From unravelling the mysteries of creative content to catching social media slip-ups and perfecting punchy captions, these jobs provide endless opportunities for amusement. So, fellow grammar enthusiasts, get ready to dive into the hilarity that awaits and remember to embrace the joy of proofreading jobs with a smile on your face and a red pen at the ready!

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