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Looking for another way to increase traffic to your online business? Marketing your business on Quora is a powerful tool to have in your armoury to raise visibility.

Use the popular question and answer site by answering best questions in your niche.

Also, use Quora to generate keyword ideas for content to create for your blog or social media platforms.

Quora is a truly exciting piece of marketing that freelancers should be using as part of their marketing strategy.

By using the site, you can answer questions about your expert topic posted by real people and get keyword ideas for your content strategy.

Creating a profile on Quora (examples included)

Creating a profile on Quora is an important thing to do.

Like social media profiles, it helps people to learn more about you.

So start creating a profile on Quora that shows exactly who you are and that you’re an expert in your niche.

What’s included in the Quora profile?

Quora profiles have your

  • Credentials
  • Profile Picture
  • Description

People who look at answers to questions will see you at the top of the question.

More precisely they’ll see your picture and credentials – so make sure that it’s the best representation of you.

Example of how you should write your Quora credentials

examples of Quora credentials

From there if it’s sparked their curiosity they can click on your name and go to your profile where they can read your profile description.

Keep reading as we dissect the Quora profile and how to create an attractive profile that drives traffic to your website.

Quora profile picture size

As with any picture you have on social media when you are representing your business. You want to have a picture where you are groomed, happy and smiling.

Quora marketing creating your profile

Don’t have a drunken group photo, that won’t attract the right people or get you taken seriously.

Your Quora profile picture is just as important as any other social media profile picture.

It’s what people who are mainly strangers see and form an opinion of you.

Make sure you make the best first impression that truly represents you and your business.

Quora profile description

Pitch your business in your Quora profile description.

Whether you’re a

  • Content creator business
  • Product-based business
  • Service-based business

Make sure you create an engaging profile that tells people who you are, how you can help, and where to go to get more information.

Quora profile descriptions are your opportunity to pitch your business to your followers or anyone else who reads your answers.

Inside your profile, you’re allowed to post links to your website.

For an effective profile, post links to pillar pieces of content.

Pillar content such as services/products, about you, top blog posts, free content, and lead magnet to become an email subscriber.

Example of a profile description for Quora

Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile as a tagline above your answers.

Think about those first few words you write and make them as engaging as you can to get people wanting to read more.

Quora profile credentials

Profile credentials on Quora is a quick line under your name that says what you do.

For example, if you’re a freelance SEO consultant then your credential would be something like ‘SEO consultant’. There are other credentials to add which appear on your sidebar. These other credentials include

  • Other employment
  • Education
  • Where you’re based
  • Languages you speak
  • Spaces your part of

You can choose which credential you want to put in each answer.

Quora profile views

You cannot see who has viewed your Quora profile,

Quora just tells you how many people have viewed your profile and content.

But you’re aiming to get profile views and content views.

Get profile and content views by answering questions regularly, make them engaging, and make people want to learn more about you.

Choosing what questions to answer

Get more eyes on your content and profile by choosing the best questions that you should be answering. So what questions you should be answering?

Simply put, choose questions in your area of expertise.

Next, choose your keywords.

Keywords that your potential clients will be typing into Google or Quora when wanting to know an answer to a question.

Create a list of these question keywords in a spreadsheet.

Next, find the best questions on Quora relevant to that keyword.

To choose the best questions, look at how many followers that question has.

If a question only has a couple of followers, you’re not going to get much traction.

But if you write an answer to a question that has hundreds or thousands of followers, you’ll get plenty of views.

Now that you’ve chosen the best questions to answer for your business, it’s time to create answers.

Create answers that boost traffic to your website, grows your email list, and drive sales.

Creating answers

Real people are going onto Quora to ask questions.

In return, they want an answer that provides them with the solution they’re looking for.

What they’re not looking for are quick sentences and a link.

Your answers need to be well thought out and truly get into what the person is seeking.

How do I write a good Quora answer?

To write a good Quora answer you have to look at it as if you’re writing an article or a microblog.

Your answers don’t need to be thousands of words.

What they do need is to be authentic, tells a story, and provide a solution.

When you give an answer that gives this then you can drop 1 – 3 relevant links.

Relevant is key!

Don’t go dropping links to anything that’s not relevant.

Link to blogs and other content you’ve created that are relevant to the answer.

For example, if this was answering a question on Quora, you could provide relevant links to blogs on copywriting skills.

To get bonus points from Quora, drop a link that’s to an expert resource.

For example, if your answering a question on SEO, adding a link to a Neil Patel blog where he provides a statistic on the topic will help.

Help you not be marked as a spammer and have your answer removed.

Check out this blog post on copywriting skills so that you write better Quora answers using the power of copy.

Answer Your Own Questions

Yes you can add your own questions and answer them yourself.

Go to the top right corner and you will find a red box called ‘Add Question’.

Add a question on Quora

Add a question that is relevant to your expertise and is a common question that you’re being asked right now.

Give a long thoughtful answer like a micro-blog.

After you’ve clicked the button “add question”, you’re presented with this pop-up.

Add a question on Quora

On this pop-up, you can add your question to Quora.

If you look next to your name you have options.

Options to send the question to the public, your followers, or the Spaces you’re part of.

You don’t just have the option to add a question on here.

Also, you have the opportunity to share your link.

At the very top where it says ‘Add Question’, if you click on it, you get the option to ‘Share Link’.

As with the adding question, you can send it to your followers, or to a Space that you’re part of.

Whenever you share a link to your followers or to a Space that you’re part of you can expect a boost in traffic to your website.

Although to get this boost of website traffic, you do need to be an active participant and get noticed.

Get upvotes and build your following

Well-thought-out answers get upvotes.

Upvotes on Quora work like ‘likes’ on social media.

Although, these upvotes mean that your answer goes to the top of all of the answers given (and have fewer upvotes than you).

Ultimately, upvotes on Quora can lead to followers and more interest in you and your online business.

Growing your following is essential for success in a Quora marketing strategy.

Gain followers by sharing your stories and answering questions that matter to your ideal client.

When you do this you build on your know, like, and trust.

In A Nutshell,

Quora is a powerful tool to have in your armoury to raise your visibility online. Use the popular question and answer site by answering the best questions in your niche. Find the best question keywords to target for your Quora marketing using these keyword research tools. and see how it can help you with your Quora marketing strategy.

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