5 Best Project Management Tools For Small Teams In 2023

trello alternatives for project management
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Looking for alternatives to Trello?

Trello is a great platform for freelancers to use and boosts their productivity. But Trello is not the only project management software on the block.

Check out these 5 alternatives to Trello. Which one will you choose?

5 Best Project Management Tools For Small Teams


Todoist is a productivity tool that aims to organize your life and work. Managing life and work from all of your devices including

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • PC

Use this project management tool for smaller projects and small businesses. Whether it’s a business project or a life event such as a wedding, holiday, or moving home. This is a great project management tool to have that’s low cost.

Todoist Pricing

For a complete picture of their pricing, here’s Todoist’s pricing plan.

todoist pricing plan is it a good alternative to trello

For the free plan, you can get

  • 5 projects
  • 5MB file uploads
  • 5 collaborators per project

Though for the pro plan, you get

  • 300 projects
  • 25 collaborators
  • 100MB file uploads

These plans are in stark contrast to Trello who offers 10 boards, unlimited storage, and unlimited members just in their free plan.

A Review Of ToDoIst

On the face of it, Trello does appear to offer more for your money (even if it’s a free plan).

If you prefer a more visual project management tool then you would work better with Trello.

Todoist is somewhat more basic.

Creating a list of tasks to do in a more basic manner.

Using Todoist is like writing in a notepad, very plain but keeps you organized.

Though like Trello there is boards. Boards where you can create a board of cards for planning, doing, and done.

As you complete each stage of a task, you can move the task to the next stage.

Again, Todoist is very plain in their boards.

Likewise with the other option of writing your to-do list in a notepad.

Therefore, Todoist is a good alternative to Trello if you’re not as visual. Just like things more plain and simple.


Slack is an online platform set up so that you communicate with your team.

slack alternative

I first heard of Slack when on a Twitter chat with another freelancer and got told it was Trello on steroids.

Well with a remark like that, I had to try it out and see why.

Coincidentally, a client at the time wanting to start using Slack with me.

Using Slack it worked firstly as a instant messaging service. But then why is it Trello on steroids? I needed to dig a little further.

After some detective work, I learned that Slack integrates with Trello.

When you integrate the 2 platforms together, you can work on the same project, message each other on the platform, and share files.

So is slack an alternative to Trello? No.

Slack works alongside Trello.

Boosting your productivity using the two platforms when Trello and Slack are integrated with each other.

Sign Up To Slack


Notion is a workspace for yourself and your team.

With Notion you can create projects for you and your team to work on. Similarly the same as Trello which is why it’s a great alternative.

Notion though is different to Trello as projects are sorted into business departments. Business departments including

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Support
  • Education
  • Design

Though there are many more departments to choose from.

In the departments you have got options to add meeting notes, media, and content calendar.

Although there is no direct communication with your team members as you can do with Slack.

Grab the API keys and you can integrate Slack with Notion so you can have that communication with your team.

Notion Pricing

Notion does have a free plan if your only needing it for yourself.

However, if you want to add your support team then the Notion pricing plans are

Prices shown are for annual billing. When billed month-to-month, the Personal Pro Plan is $5 per month, the Team Plan is $10 per member per month, and the Enterprise Plan is $25 per member per month.


Notions pricing is similar to Trello if you’re planning to use the project management software for your team.

Main difference between the two platforms is that Trello is more visual.

Whereas, Notion is just more plain but you can create projects for specific business departments.

Therefore, if you have different projects going on that’s relevant to different business departments, it works for you.

As a freelancer with a small team, is this really applicable? I’m not so sure.

But if you’ve managed to scale your freelance business to an agency, then it is more applicable and Notion is the choice for you.


Monday is another project management system that’s an alternative to Trello.

Similarly to Notion, it focuses on business departments.

On its homepage it boasts of the large brands that use the platform.

In fact, it boasts of 125K companies using Monday. These companies include

  • BBC
  • Universal
  • Adobe
  • L’Oreal
  • NBC

So is this platform even relevant to freelancers?

Well, on the surface it doesn’t look like it. But what happens when you dig below the surface level?

Monday.com Pricing

On the plans and pricing for Monday, it does appear to have a similar pricing plan to Trello. But is it relevant to freelancers?

monday pricing plans project management software alternative to Trello

Setting up Monday and choosing the specific reason why you’d use the platform, it’s pretty straight forward.

Getting Started With Monday.com

Monday give you a whole host of templates to use.

Even making recommendations for templates.

Recommendations based on what you’ve told them about why you’re using the platform.

Starting using the platform, they give you a tutorial to help you get going.

After going through the tutorial, you can add a whole host of integrations.

These integrations will help you to really synchronize what you have on Monday with your team and other platforms.

Although the amount of team members you can add are up to 2 team members you can add on the Individual plan.

As you can see in the image above. A seat is a team member, so you can see that to add a team member goes up.

The price you’re left with all depends on the amount of team members you want to have.

Cons To Monday.com

This is a lot of uncertainty about the final cost.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like uncertainty.

I want a clear if I add up to 10 team members, I will get charged a specific price.

So this is not a platform I would choose due to the uncertainty over the price. But if that issue wasn’t there, yes I would use it for my freelance business as it does have many features relevant to a freelancer.


Coordinate work across multiple teams and projects with Asana.

This leading project management tool brings together your plans, projects, tasks, and communications in one shared space.

Enabling everyone to stay up to date with nothing sliping through the cracks.

asana project management tool

With Asana, it’s easy to see how work is progressing and who is doing what by when – all without email and status meetings.

Asana Pricing

asana project management tool pricing plan

Asana has got 3 pricing plans

  1. Basic Free Forever
  2. Premium £9.49
  3. Business £20.99

If you’re just starting out or doing everything all on your own, the basic plan is ideal for you.

However, if you’re starting to grow and build a team, then the premium plan might be one for you.

Working With Asana

One of the features you’ve got to appreciate about Asana are the email reminders.

Using Asana you get email reminders periodically, reminding you of the due tasks.

If you fail to get things done in time, you’ll continue getting emails notifying you of the ‘overdue tasks’.

Asana comes with various templates for use, and this eases up your work where you’re stuck, trying to get things done right.


Now you’ve seen the 5 alternatives to Trello, will you try out any of these alternatives?

Each of the project management tools have there own unique selling point. But before you sign up to one, you need to consider which one will really match what it is you need.

Don’t forget to check out these resources to boost your freelancing business from zero to six figures.

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