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You are a successful businesswoman and you seem to be in time for everything, but the constant feeling that you are missing something important in life does not leave you. Or maybe you are just starting to develop your business and constantly ask yourself the question “How to make your schedule so that you can do everything?”

At any stage of expanding our business in pursuit of successful success, we risk losing and missing the most important thing – ourselves and our lives.

How to make your work schedule easy and comfortable? Is this possible?

My proven 7-step formula will give you a different perspective on your work schedule. And create a working day that will move you towards your goals fast, effortlessly, and in ultimate alignment with yourself.

Step #1 Define What You Want


– What is my ideal lifestyle in 1 year?

The clearer the answers, the clearer the goals, actions, and results. Less overwhelm, burnout, wasted time, and energy.

That clear vision as to I know where I’m going and why creates self-confidence and desired results. 

– What can I do today that is aligned with my future lifestyle?  

I often tell my clients

If in the future you have free weekends, free them now, don’t start working at weekends. And you start living your dream lifestyle now. Why wait for 1 year?

Step #2 Tune In For The Day

Time to exclude rat race and bring joy, happiness: set the right energy tone and aim for the results you want. Start your day with your personal morning rituals: yoga, meditation, planning, healthy breakfast. It should be only your energy-time. Bring clear focus and inner peace into your every minute of the day. This saves your time and boosts your productivity throughout the whole day.

Step #3 Choose Your Main Goal For The Day

During the day, we tend to step off the path to our dream-business and lose focus on our main goal. Your main 3 steps to keep focus and energy: 

  • What’s my big goal for 5 years; 
  • Chunk it for 1-year goal, 3 months, months, week; 
  • What are my main 3 actions today to perform my big goal effortlessly and fast?

Let your big goal or dream guide you in every action like a lighthouse for a cruise liner.

Step #4 Fill Yourself With Lightness

Prepare and open your space for abundance. Time for yourself is a ‘must-have’ every day and no excuses! 

Something that will please you and fulfill you with love, joy, and care. What will I do for myself today? – ask yourself every time when organizing your schedule.

Put yourself first in your life and plan your work schedule according to your personal interests.

Step #5 Activate Your Money Energy

Embed and activate the “prosperity” button on your working day. Connect with your heart and attract an unlimited number of “spiritual” clients. Start your day with the vision as if you have already doubled your income. How do you feel yourself? What one thing in your wish list you invest in to spoil yourself?

Hold this state for your every minute of the day. 

Or include short 5 minutes visualization in your morning ritual. Try to embody and keep this higher energy throughout the day.

Step #6 Act With The Right Energy

It is through actions that we connect with our big goal, we begin to live the life of our dreams here and now. Strengthen the energy created in the morning with the right action.

Always check:

Where does this action lead me to?

How do I feel myself now?

The checkpoint is your inner state: you feel joy – you are living your main goal; if you feel stress you might step off your path.

Step #7 Water Your Productivity & Energy

This helps to attract more opportunities to shorten your path to your dream life, making it effortless. Before sleep is grateful yourself for every action you took today and didn’t get off the path. Be grateful your every client, family, husband, every person who supported you today.

Final Thoughts,

Take care and let your business be prosperous bringing your joy, satisfaction, and make your wildest dreams come true. And remember only practice makes perfection! Start implementation with one step and then another one. You will see the best results.

Written by Olga Zolotova

Business In Balance Coach

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Supporting ambitious, passionate about their life and business female entrepreneurs and business owners. Who want to develop their business effortlessly with positive vibes.

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