5 Strategic Ideas To Do Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest is a secret powerful weapon for businesses when looking for an effective marketing strategy. 

Explode your business using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy.

One of the biggest myths about Pinterest is that it’s just for 

  • Home decor
  • Foodies
  • Travel
  • Parenting. 

This is simply not true.

Pinterest Users Are Also Looking For Content In Your Niche Too

Here are some of the best and most popular Pinterest niche and topic ideas: 

  1. Holidays
  2. Animals
  3. Architecture
  4. Art
  5. Design 
  6. DIY And Crafts
  7. Education
  8. Event Planning
  9. Finance
  10. Beauty
  11. Food And Drink 
  12. Gardening
  13. Home Decor
  14. Men’s Fashion
  16. Travel
  17. Weddings
  18. Women’s Fashion
  19. Parenting
  20. Blogging
  21. Children’s Fashion
  22. Health and Fitness
  23. Self-care
  24. Books
  25. Photography
  26. Social Media
  27. Marketing
  28. Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.)
  29. Relationships
  30. Personal Development
  31. Gift Ideas
  32. Sewing
  33. Flowers
  34. Yoga
  35. Poetry
  36. Music

Businesses using Pinterest in their marketing strategy are attracting potential clients. Potential clients searching for a quick solution to their problems. 

Meaning that businesses are getting more traffic to their website.

Take a look at your business, then at the Pinterest search bar and see if your niche is there.

Is Pinterest Good For Marketing?

Pinterest is one of the more versatile, affordable, and impactful marketing tools for businesses.

Businesses that are looking to convert more leads, drive traffic to their websites, and increase brand awareness

Users of Pinterest have the highest purchase intent of any other social media users.

Using Pinterest in your marketing strategy will increase your SEO efforts as not only can you be found on the search results but the images search results. 

To get this traction from Pinterest, you need to optimize your account first.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

5 Strategic Ideas To Do Pinterest Marketing

Optimize Your Pinterest Account

This is an error I see time and time again on Pinterest.

People and brands creating Pinterest accounts, posting pins, and doing videos but not optimizing their account for views.

With this going on, I had to put optimizing your account as the first strategic idea.

Want to increase the visibility of content on any search engine, you have to optimize it – including Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine first and you have to treat it as such. 

Optimizing your Pinterest account is important for businesses to get found and not be lost amongst all the other content. 

Take these steps to optimize your Pinterest account.

  1. Have a business account
  2. Fill out the details in your account settings
  3. Connect or claim your social media profiles and website
  4. Fill out the description/bio for your account (it’s how people will know what you’re about)
  5. Optimize all of your content for your audience (and Google)

Once optimizing your Pinterest account, you’ll attract more people. Attract people to your pins that’ll click through to your website.

Without optimizing your Pinterest profile first, you’ll struggle to get noticed and build your audience.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards are a collection of pins on the same topic. For example, if you create pins on graphic design for eBooks then you can create a board and call in eBook graphic design.

Then when people are searching for your topic they’ll find your board easier.

How To Use Pinterest Boards

Boards start when you post your first Pinterest pin. 

Posting a pin, you have to choose which board to pin it to. When you click to choose which board you have the option to create a board.

Click create a board and give it a title that would best fit it and the content you plan to add to it.

You should already have this in mind as to what the topic will be.

Just make sure that your title has got the relevant keyword and you’re good to go.

After you’ve created a board and added 10 pins to it, then you want to go back to the board and optimize it.

Optimize Pinterest Boards For Search

To optimize your board, choose the board from your profile and click the pencil hovering over it.

Now you’re able to edit the board and optimize it further. Edit the title of the board if you’re unhappy with it.

More importantly, you can now add a description for your Pinterest board.

Write a description for your Pinterest board that’s not keyword stuffing. A description that sounds like it’s written by a human and very natural.

You’ve got 500 characters to use in your descriptions.

Write a great description that tells Pinterest how it’s relevant to the searches for your topic.

How To Organize Pinterest Boards

Organize your Pinterest boards and don’t be at risk of losing your pins.

Avoid this risk at all costs by organizing your Pinterest board into sections. Sections are a great way to keep all of the similar Pins in one place, on one Board.

There are several reasons why it is worth taking the time to learn how to organize Pinterest boards into sections:

  • Pinners can quickly find the pins
  • Followers can easily browse through pins with ease
  • More Pinterest shares on your content

To add sections to your Pinterest board, go to your boards and click on it.

From there, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click add section.

Now you can add a section and the name for that section. Make sure that as always your name has a keyword but still readable for humans.

After you’ve created a section you can move pins into that section. This instantly makes your board easier for people to go through and find the content they want.

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest pins are graphics that brands create to promote their products or solve a problem that’s frequently searched on Pinterest in their search bar.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Pinterest pins.

Should I Post On Pinterest Everyday?

Pinterest recommends that you create at least one new pin per week. 

Although, to see maximum results, the best strategy is that you should aim to publish new pins on Pinterest daily. 

Overall, you should aim to consistently publish new pins everyday.

How Many Pins Are Allowed On Pinterest Per Day?

When it comes to pinning on Pinterest, you don’t want to go from anything for a long time to loads of new pins every day. 

This just makes you look like a spammer, even if you had good intentions.

You should start nice and slow by creating a Pinterest board. When you create a new blog, article, or product and start by adding 10 pins a day.

Over time as you create new content relevant to the board add those pins. After some time of consistently adding new pins to Pinterest, you should be aiming for 25 pins a day maximum.

Always make sure that your pins are of high value to the Pinterest community and relevant to the keyword you’re aiming for. 

If you don’t have these 2 factors then you’re not going to get the success you desire from Pinterest marketing.

How Do I Create A Pin For Pinterest That Looks Amazing?

Eye-catching pins are essential to capture the attention of your target audience on Pinterest.

Create an eye-catching pin with Canva for free easily.

To use Canva to create a pin, you need to choose the template Pinterest Pin (1080px x 1920px). This is the optimal size for a pin.

From there you can choose a blank template or one of their pre-made templates.

Whether you choose a blank or pre-made template, change the text and image to fit what you’re pinning about.

For inspiration, check out what pins are at the top for your keyword. This will tell you the words, colors, and graphics you should be using in your Pin.

What Is The Best Time To Pin On Pinterest?

The best time to pin on Pinterest is different for each individual. To find the best time for you start by posting pins and then the next day find out your best times.

Your best times can be found by going to your Analytics.

Inside your analytics, filter the results by date range and last 24 hours.

Filtering by the last 24 hours, you can see what’s going on hour by hour. This is telling you when you’re getting views and engagements.

Use this information to decide the best times to schedule and post your content.

How Do You Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral?

To go viral you need to understand how Pinterest works (the algorithm) and use that knowledge to go viral.

  1. Create fresh pins every day that link back to your website
  2. Link your Pinterest to Tailwind and submit your pin to communities
  3. Take part in the Tailwind communities so more people in the community will repin your pin

When you use Tailwind as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy then you instantly grow your reach and get your Pinterest pins seen by more people who would be interested in your content.

Keep reading to learn about Tailwind and how you can increase your reach with the scheduling app. Another way of going viral on Pinterest is to use idea pins.

Idea pins

Video marketing is exploding all over social media and now Pinterest is using video marketing on their platforms.

Search Engine Journal 

If you love being in front of the camera talking about solutions to your potential client’s problems but don’t have a YouTube account?

Idea pins can be a great alternative to use video marketing in promoting your business.

Idea pins are set on autoplay, where the video is played without any sound, like when you’re scrolling through your Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn newsfeeds.

This has proven to increase view impressions and do better business.

You can create idea pins with Canva. 

How Do You Upload A Video On Pinterest?

Creating a idea pin is done the same way you would normally create a traditional pin using a graphic. 

Firstly, click ‘create idea’ as you normally would for a standard pin. Then instead of uploading a graphic, click upload but upload your video.

Optimize the idea for the keywords you want the video to be found for in the video text, pin description, and title. Click publish and you’re ready to go!

What Makes A Good Idea Pin?

Plan your content like a real story, with a beginning, middle and end. 

Tell a story with your idea pin and make it fun and engaging.

How Long Do Idea Pins Stay?

Unlike Instagram Stories, Idea Pins do not expire after 24 hours. 

Once created, they are available to be discovered forevermore. 

There’s also an option to export your Idea Pins, so they can be easily shared beyond Pinterest.

Are Idea Pins Searchable?

Idea pins are evergreen and searchable.

Users can also save Idea pins to their boards in the same way they could save standard pins.

Do Idea Pins Reach More People?

Yes you do get more reach with idea pins. I can get hundreds or views for an idea pin, but if I made a standard pin I would get little views.

Downside is that there is no direct link with idea pins, it’s just great for awareness and getting more followers.

Best Pinterest Scheduler

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while and the results have been lackluster, then you’re in luck. 

A new scheduling app for Pinterest has been developed and it’s called Tailwind.

What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling app for Pinterest that schedules your pins to when it would get the best impressions based on your audience and niche. 

Use Tailwind effectively to increase your reach and get millions of impressions on your content.

Using Pinterest, I would always get impressions especially when engaging with other people’s pins who are indirect competitors. 

Though, to be honest it wasn’t a very impressive figure when looking at my analytics and seeing the impressions I got.

How You Can Increase Your Reach With Tailwind

With all the hard work you put into Pinterest, you want some returns on investing your time on the platform.

After signing up to Tailwind and upgrading the account to plus, I was scheduling around 10 pins a day (yes that might sound a lot, I know). But the return was unbelievable.

  • Increased traffic to my website
  • Inquiries into my freelance services
  • Affiliate sales
  • Email subscribers as you know 

So it’s well worth investing some time creating pins.

Although, if you just start with the free forever plan you can’t schedule as many pins.

Though the results and the community you get involved in will help to boost your impressions.

With Tailwind scheduling the pins and showing the pins to the tribes I’m part of, my impressions were going through the roof. 

Tailwind uses data based on your audience’s activities to when the best time to schedule the post.

In A Nutshell,

Pinterest marketing can explode your business when it’s part of your marketing strategy and you use it consistently. When you use the 5 strategies in this guide then you can increase your website traffic. Don’t forget to check out these other marketing ideas for your business.

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