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3 ways to build a powerful personal brand from scratch in 2022

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Stand out from the competition by building a powerful personal brand and get clients easily.

Once apon a time it was easier to get freelance clients. There wasn’t as much competition.

In the last 10 years there’s been a phenominal growth in the freelancing industry. Hiring managers expect a 168% increase in the amount of work done by freelancers.

But don’t let this put you off from being a phenomenal freelancer. Create a strong powerful brand and you’ll instantly stand out from the crowd.

Stand out and position yourself as an expert which equates to earningmore per task. Earn more per task than a typical agency would pay or a freelancing marketplace.

This is what creating a personal brand can do for you.

So what is branding? Isn’t branding just choosing some colours, font, and a logo? No, it’s a bit more complex than this.

Seth Godin was quoted as explaining branding as

Branding is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another

Seth Godin

Building a brand isn’t easy especially if you’re starting from scratch and have no idea how to get across your core story and why people should buy into it.

Whilst you can jump around and guess at the most effective strategy, the best brand builders are

  • Strategic
  • Have a niche
  • Consistent in their message

Ultimately, the best personal brands are unique, authentic, and trustworthy. They build a strong reputation about you that can help you personally and professionally.

Know what it is you’re bring to the table


In freelancing and running an online business, you need to understand what it is that you’re giving clients. When you know what you’re giving to clients then you start to understand the value you give.

Let’s say you’re a freelancer specializing in growing Instagram accounts for health and wellness coaches. As a freelancer, you help these coaches reach x amount of new followers and turn a % of them into sales for the coach.

This is the value that you give to you’re community.

Think about what value you’re giving. What is it that you’re bringing to the table?

Jot down some ideas that are realistic and can be summed up in a few words.

This is the starting point of building your personal brand.

Build engaging content

Building a personal brand, you can’t just put one together and expect people to come flocking to you.

To start even getting a good trickle of clients to your personal brand, you need to put yourself out there.

Put yourself out there with awesome engaging content that your clients will love.

This content could be anything from

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Books

But before you start creating any content, you need to consider these two things.

Firstly think of what type of content your ideal customer loves to consume regularly. Secondly, what platforms do your clients prefer to hangout the most.

Platforms such as social media, YouTube, or Pinterest.

Do they love to read books, listen to podcasts, or browse blog posts when searching for a quick solution to their problem? Because these are additional platforms for these forms of content.

It’s Spotify, Amazon, and Google showing your blogs and other content.

Thinking about your own ideal client, where and how do they love to consume content? Jot down these platforms and content types. These are the places you are wanting to be.

Always hone in on the specific places you want to be. As a freelancer, you’ve not got time to be everywhere. Create a list of 3-4 places you could create content for.

Using the example earlier of a freelancer specializing in Instagram, you would want to be on these platforms:

If you specify exactly where you need to be then you’re not going to drive yourself crazy trying to be everywhere. Instead you’ll be calm and only showing up where you need to be that’ll give you the best results.

Add some personality to your brand

Brands spark emotions inside us whenever we see it. These emotions can be positive or even negative. So when you’re creating your personal brand, think of what emotion you want to spark in your clients whenever they come across you.

Adding these emotions is what’ll make your personal brand stand out. Not only stand out but help you to niche down further in your freelancing business so you end up working with the people you really do want to work with.

To add personality in your brand you need to list power words for the emotion you want to convey in your copy.

Also think about what words your ideal client uses in their branding. When you use words and emotions that are similar to them, you resonate with them faster.

What words and feelings would you want your followers and ideal clients to say about your personal brand?

Let’s look at the example of a freelancer who specializes in Instagram. They’re on Instagram, wondering how to resonate with their ideal clients so they convert faster into paying clients.

Firstly that freelancer would be looking at their ideal clients and writing down who it is they follow, and what hashtags they use. Do they align themselves with tribe specific hashtags like #BossBabe or #FemaleEntrepreneur?

Start looking at your brand, the platform you’re going to be using, and decide what words you should be using that’ll resonate with your ideal client faster.

Words we use are not the only way we spark an emotional response. Colours are also used in branding to trigger a psychological response to brands.

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors. In branding, color psychology is focused on how colors impact consumers’ impressions of a brand and whether or not they persuade consumers to consider specific brands or make a purchase.


To help you see how brands are using colour psychology in their branding, here’s a great guide that you should check out.

building a brand colour psychology
The Logo Company

What colour should you be using in your personal brand?

In A Nutshell,

Every freelancer has a personal brand, including you. To build your personal brand understand what value you are giving and how you can resonate with your ideal clients. After you’ve got clarity on this, you can create an awesome personal brand that your clients and followers are going to be raving about.

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