4 Outsourcing Tips For Freelancers

outsourcing tips for freelancers
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People often go to freelancers when they need to outsource tasks to independent professionals. However, freelancers also resort to outsourcing when handling different projects. It’s even more important for them as it allows them to expand their capabilities, build a larger portfolio, and take on a broader range of projects. Believe it or not, it’s more common for freelancers to outsource tasks that aren’t part of what they offer their clients but still core to completing projects. Also, outsourcing can ease your workload when it gets too heavy. Here are some outsourcing tips worth knowing if you’re a freelancer

4 Outsourcing Tips For Freelancers

Know what to outsource

Not all tasks are suitable for outsourcing, especially ones that fall within your skill set. It’s only advisable to delegate or outsource repetitive tasks that slow your work progress or are too time-consuming. This way, you can free up enough time to complete the more important projects. You can also outsource tasks outside your skillset but are still important for your work. You might also want to avoid outsourcing work if it will cost you more than your expected revenue.

Pick a reliable outsourcing partner

After deciding on what you need to delegate, take the time to pick a reliable outsourcing partner. The last thing you want to do is find a different company (or another freelancer) each time you want to delegate a task, especially if it’s the same type of work. Finding a trusted company or person to partner with to handle those specific tasks is better. For example, suppose your freelance project requires creating video content, but you lack the necessary skills. In that case, you can partner with production companies like Fable Studios to create your desired content. This way, you can also minimise costs as it’s easier to negotiate a favourable deal. But you must work with a proven track record in the required field, and positive client feedback. Take the time to assess their skills and communication abilities to ensure a seamless partnership.

Start building a repertoire of reliable contacts

You might need more than one person or company to delegate tasks to, depending on the type of freelance work you’re into. If that’s your case, start building a repertoire of reliable contacts. Once you find your first outsourcing partner, save their contact and let them know of possible collaborations in the future. Of course, you need to be satisfied with their work quality first. But the more contacts you gather, the easier it is to find a partner to work with, even at short notice. 

Don’t risk your biggest clients to test a new outsourcing relationship

It’s advisable to start with smaller projects when partnering with somebody new. You don’t want to test a new outsourcing relationship with work from your biggest clients, as you’re unsure how your new partnership will turn out. You’ll risk losing a big client if your partnership fails, and you don’t want that. 

So, start with the smaller projects and give yourself enough time to refine your working relationships first. Otherwise, outsourcing to a trusted company with a proven track record is safer than an individual or another freelancer.

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