Possibly The Best Online Course For New Freelancers

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Starting out as a freelancer, you create a profile on a few freelance platforms and the work will just start to come in. Right?


Whether you just want to earn a few extra quid whilst at University or start building a real career as a freelancer. You need to learn how to do it correctly.

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How you will be attracting the right customers is key to whether or not you make it in the freelancing industry.

Read here the 3 killer strategies to attracting customers

When you start to pitch for jobs and communicating with business owners looking for freelancers. Reality hit. You have absolutely no idea of what you are doing!

Discovery of the best online course for freelancers

One day as I was looking though the news feed on LinkedIn, I was messaged by someone called Michelle Dale.

Researching Michelle Dale and signing up to her email list, I was shown a webinar called Discover a 3-Step Plan for Setting Up Your Freelance VA Business, from Scratch – For FREE!.

This webinar introduces you to the freelancer startup program which is an online course for aspiring, new or struggling freelancers.

Why trust Michelle Dale?

There are many reasons why Michelle Dale is a trusted source of information.

Michelle Dale is an ambitious woman who has experience as an

  • Entrepreneur
  • Online Operations Consultant & Manager
  • Project Coordinator

Michelle Dale quit her job to start her own business at the age of 23 in 2005 whilst being able to travel and raise her children. Since then she was created a 6 figure online business.

What’s included in the online course?

You’re probably inundated with lots of people telling you about their online course. They all turn up on that Facebook news feed.

So I am going to tell you exactly what you will get in the online course and how it will help you to build your freelance business.

Module 1 Positioning

Module 1 is all about branding and split into 5 different units that include a short video. Each of the units are

  1. Personal Branding
  2. Positioning Yourself
  3. Brand Entity
  4. USP
  5. Elevator Pitch

After completing the positioning unit, you will be able to create a profile/summary/bio that positions you as the expert to go to.

online course

Furthermore, you will have templates to write your USP and elevator pitch. Helping you to sell to clients without feeling salesy.

Module 2 Impressions

Module 2 is all about writing, more specifically how to do copywriting.

Not only writing, the final part of module 2 is about pricing and the basic pricing models for an online service business.

online course

Like Module 1, Module 2 is split into 5 units that include a short video. Each of the 5 units are

  1. Productive Copywriting
  2. Authentic Voice
  3. Persuasive Copywriting
  4. Personal Bio
  5. Pricing Your Services

After completion of the impressions module, you will be able to turn the language you used previously to copy that converts visitors into buyers.

Module 3 Tools

Module 3 is all about the tools you need to run a freelance business. These are just suggestions of the tools you need. You need to take a real look at your freelance business and think about the tools that you will need.

online course

Here are the different tools that are in module 3 of this online course.

  1. All in one solution (G Suite)
  2. Managing email (Using the cloud)
  3. Time tracking
  4. Storing files (Using the cloud)
  5. Email addresses (Collecting subscribers to your newsletter)

There are many tools that as a freelancer you can get to run your freelance business. Although Michelle speaks a lot about Google tools, there are other tools that you can use that are free and paid.

As a freelancer you want to use tools that will increase your productivity. Check out the top productivity tools for freelancers here.

Module 4 Collaboration

As a freelancer, you have to be able to communicate with the people you are working with. But not only this!

When you are in a position to grow your freelance business, you need to be able to communicate with your team. If you are at the very beginning of your freelance business, this may seem like a long way off.

When you sign up with the freelance startup program, you are closer than you think to being in this position.

So whats included in module 4? Here are the 5 different units it is split into

  1. Appointment System
  2. Service Agreement
  3. Invoices & Payments
  4. Task Management
  5. Password Sharing

Module 5 Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any business and this is true of a freelance business.

The hardest part for many freelancers is generating new business. Most freelancers would rather focus on perfecting their craft than to go out and get new leads.

This is why module 5 will help you to get leads for your freelance business without the struggle. Just go in, pitch to the client and get the sale. It can be really that simple when you master it.

As with the 4 previous modules of this online course, there are 5 units. These 5 units are

  1. Platforms
  2. Outreach
  3. Social Media
  4. Onboarding Process
  5. Word Of Mouth

These 5 units in module 5 will leave you with a clear structure for you. Get leads for your freelance business without wasting any of your precious time.

If you are serious about building a freelance business then this is for you. No matter what your specialty is, if you are looking to build a business where you will be serving people online then get enrolled with the best online course for freelancers. Click the image below to learn more and here from Michelle herself.

freelance startup

After I completed this online course, it completely transformed me freelance business from something I do when I have spare time to a full time income. If you are truly serious about being able to scrap the day job and be at home more with your family, then enroll with this online course.

It will change your life forever without any regrets.

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