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one funnel away challenge

One funnel away challenge | Is it worth it?

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Looking at your business and wondering how you can transform it from making peanuts to six figures per year. With the one funnel away challenge, you’ll learn how the world’s elite entrepreneurs are creating sales funnels and making their million-dollar businesses. So check out the challenge and learn how the challenge will transform your business.

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Scale your blogging business with a sales funnel

You’re an entrepreneur, blogger, or coach and you’ve got this desire to create a business that’ll not only scale but also be life-changing and secure your children’s future.

The problem is though that even though you’ve established a business, you’re just not generating the revenue you want and need.

Everyone else has got it so together and being approached for partnerships, you’re left thinking how they did it and what their secret is.

Well, let me tell you, their main secret is having a sales funnel. A sales funnel that gets leads from blogs or ads and then converts them into high-ticket sales.

Ergh, a sales funnel? That is just too overwhelming and complicated to do.

That’s where the one funnel away challenge comes in. When you take up the challenge you’ll get all the support you need from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, bloggers, and coaches.

By the time you’ve finished the 30-day challenge, you’ll have all the marketing knowledge you need to create a sales funnel that scales your business and gives you the lifestyle you desire.

What is the challenge?


Looking at the face of the challenge you may be thinking that it’s just another get-rich-quick scheme, but that’s far from the truth. You need 100% commitment to the challenge and work very hard at completing each of the 30 tasks they give you over the 30 days.

One funnel away challenge is basically a 30-day challenge to help you build a business from scratch. Or if you already have a business, it will help boost your revenue whilst teaching you a ton of stuff about marketing.

How much does it cost?

The one funnel away challenge only costs $100 which is amazing value for what you’re getting from inside the challenge.

But the real cost is the fact that you need to develop a business and market the business. Marketing your business can get quite expensive especially when you pay a

  • Monthly fee for your sales funnel
  • Hire freelancers to do your social media
  • Write blog posts

Plus, don’t forget you could be paying in advertising costs such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads so that your sales funnel makes money.

Because don’t forget the purpose of this challenge is that you make money. They’re giving you the tools that you need to be able to do create a business or to significantly scale your business.

So the cost of the challenge is reasonable, you just need to think about other costs. I mean you may just decide that the other costs aren’t even applicable to you.

It is completely possible if you’ve got an already existing business such as a blog to scale it without putting in more money. With the one funnel challenge, you’ll get the tools and knowledge to make this entirely possible.

Inside the one funnel away challenge

Once you signup for the challenge, you get step-by-step videos on how you can build your business. This is simply one of the best courses you can buy on building a business.

There are literally courses out there that cost $997 but only give a fraction of what the one funnel away challenge gives you.

So when you signup for the challenge you not only get the videos but you also get

  • Workbook
  • Two comma club book (how to create a million dollar sales funnel)
  • Book of inspiring stories from Millionnaires what they would do if they lost everything and started again
  • MP3 player with lots of other information so you can still take in that marketing information when you’re out and about
  • Secret Facebook group
  • Daily mission to complete
  • Live training sessions with elite coaches and consultants (Ask them anything and pick their brains)

Who is the one funnel away challenge for?

One funnel away challenge is perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and coaches who need help with their marketing and want to scale their business.

You’ve created a business and have a vision of how it should be looking. But instead, you’ve got a website and products to sell, but you’ve not got the revenue you know that your business should be earning.

This is how the challenge shall help you. You’ll get specific missions to do every day and can learn from the coaches and bloggers that you aspire to be like.

In A Nutshell,

One funnel away challenge is perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and coaches who are looking at their business and just not getting the results that they are after. After all, not all business owners are marketing experts. That’s why you need the challenge. Because when you finish the challenge in 30-days you’ll have a clear marketing strategy that’ll scale your business.

Join the One funnel away challenge right here and transform your blogging business in the next 30 days

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