Saving Money On Your Next Vehicle Purchase

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Buying a new car can be an expensive endeavour, an expensive mistake, too, if you don’t know what you are doing. While you expect luxury models to come with a hefty price tag befitting the level of detail and quality, not to mention the technology they come with, even mid-range cars are generally more expensive than people realise, thanks to the abundance of features newer models come with as standard.

But it doesn’t matter your budget; getting a good deal on a car is always something you should strive for, and certain factors can influence how much you pay for your new vehicle. If you want the best price for your new set of wheels, check out these tips for making your funds stretch further.

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First and foremost, when it comes to buying a new car, you should always ask what you could get for your current vehicle if you trade it in. Many forecourts sell vw part exchange cars and other models for those looking for a good deal, and your current mode of transport could be one of those such deals, not to mention an opportunity for you to save on the screen price of the car you are looking at buying.

Age of Car

Cars depreciate in value instantly, and they can lose up to 50% of their value in the first three years, so if you want to get the most out of your money, check out cars that are three years old or over, as not only will you be getting a better price altogether, but you can expect it not lose too much when you come to resell it (depending on its condition of course). But bigger bargains are to be had on slightly older models.

Go Private

Car sales are often a contentious topic, with some unscrupulous sellers artificially increasing prices, especially using car showrooms. It can be worth going private and looking at sites like Gumtree, Autotrader, and even the AA to find private resellers who will likely be selling at lower prices as they don’t need to be making the same kind of profit as used car companies. Make sure you know what you are talking about, or you have someone who does if you choose this option, as if anything is wrong, you have fewer protections and guarantees than buying from a registered company.


While the allure of modern tech, connectivity, and even self-driving options (Thanks, Elon) are highly desirable, do you really need all the bells and whistles? These gadgets and options can often bump up the cost of a vehicle, and if you think you need them or will use them, you don’t need to buy a car with them. Choose one with fewer or without features to find better deals on used or new cars. Stick to what is vital for you, and avoid being sucked into the hype only to be stuck with a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs simply because the salesperson told you it’s the best thing.


Buying a car isn’t easy, with so many different choices on the market these days. Nor is it cheap. It doesn’t matter your budget; you should always look for the best deal possible on your next ride to help you avoid overspending and wasting your money.

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