5 Hacks to build a motivation mindset

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Building a motivation mindset is the difference between failure and success as a freelancer. If you don’t sort out your mindset then you’re not on that route for success. But instead, you’re on the route for failure and being stuck at the bottom. But those freelancers who are riding high on that wave of success sort out their mindset. Here are the 5 hacks that’ll be covered to help you build a motivation mindset.

  1. Morning Routine
  2. Would you hire you?
  3. Improve your work ethic
  4. Daily personal development
  5. Your final question

Waking up early morning to the chore of getting the kids ready for school and feeding the cat that looks like he wants to get my claws into me. My motivation mindset is not there at all. It’s only just starting to pick up after my coffee is ready, the kids have gone, and the cat is back purring on his bed. But then when I get to my laptop, I’m hit with this feeling. The feeling that I’m just not motivated at all even though I love freelancing and everything about the freelancing business model.

This was the continuous cycle I was stuck in until I learned how everything I’m surrounded by affects my motivation. But then after I implemented a few small tweaks to my daily routine whilst working, I learned how to start my days filled with energy and motivation to smash each and every day.

Morning Routine

There are many different things you could do in the morning to boost your motivation mindset. Typically you’ll hear things like saying affirmations, listening to a podcast, or playing music. But if this isn’t for you or you’ve tried but it just doesn’t feel right then try this instead.

Ask yourself after you’ve hd that morning coffee and got the kids ready for school, ask yourself one important question.

What three things do I need to do today to achieve my goals? Or do I want to go back to the day job?

Now you might be someone who’s tried to give freelancing a go and think it’s just not for me, I prefer the office job. That’s OK, everyone is different, but if you want to be a successful freelancer, then focus. Focus on what 3 things you need to do that day to achieve your goals.

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