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Are you feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living? Don’t worry. There are many ways to make money online. Today, I have got for you the best money making apps you can put on your mobile device and earn some cash.

Every day, I am using apps on my smartphone to make money. With extra costs just keep on piling up, these apps can be a real lifesaver. So let’s dive in straight away into each one of these apps and find which ones you should be using to make money.

10 Best Money Making Apps


Appen is a popular app and freelancing website. Filled with microtasks advertised. The microtasks advertised range from surveys to ongoing projects. These projects could be lasting for weeks or even months.

Jobs advertised on Appen normally include social media evaluation, transcription jobs, and data collection.

Pay for these tasks range from $9 to $30 an hour. This depends upon the skills required and the complexity of the job.


Is your wardrobe cluttered with clothes you are just not going to wear anymore? There is nothing wrong with the clothes, you have just fallen out of love with them. Then download the Vinted app and start selling your unwanted clothes to people who would love them.

In these times of finding ways to recycle to help save the planet, you are helping do your bit. Just create an account, take some pictures of your items, set a price, and you’re ready to start selling.


How do you fancy getting paid to walk around and get fit? Well, that is what Sweatcoin is all about.

The Sweatcoin apps works by tracking on your phone how many steps you take daily. These steps are then converted into Sweatcoins, You can redeem these Sweatcoins for physical products.

But unfortunately it does take a long time to build up your Sweatcoins, You earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps. Therefore, I don’t recommend this app to make much money from, but it is something you can have on in the background and earn a few pennies.

However, if you want to get healthier, this app can help you get fitter with their daily goals.


How would you like to get paid to shop? ProductTube is a premium mystery shopping app where you complete video surveys about your shopping experiences. 

I have been using ProductTube for a while now, They regularly send me mystery shopping assignments to complete. What they usually entail is going to the shop I already planned to buy from and doing a video surveys about my experience.

Payments range from $5 to $25 typically per video assignment. However, there have been a few where the pay has been higher than that.

Branded Surveys

If video surveys aren’t your thing, how about getting paid to answer a few text based questions? Branded Surveys is another survey app where you can do that and make a few quid.

I’ve been using Branded Surveys for quite a while now, and I am super impressed by it. They are always giving me surveys to be doing. Plus, as a bonus, most of them I am a match for and can do quickly on my phone. 

With Branded Surveys, you can earn £3.95 for 500 points. These 500 points are easily collected. After you get at least 500 points, you can redeem your points for PayPal payments or gift cards.

Media Rewards

Do you fancy getting paid for doing what you normally would do anyway? I am talking about watching videos and streaming on YouTube. That is how Media Rewards works.

Just install the app onto your phone, and it’ll start working in the background by keeping track of what adverts you’re consuming. Don’t worry about your information, they are completely GDPR compliant and don’t share any of your data.

Instead, Media Rewards will reward you entries into monthly prize draws. These prizes range between $1000 and $10. So why not give Media Rewards a try? Just install the app and you could win a prize.


OnePulse is a quick and easy survey app for making money on the go. You just get surveys that has three or 4 questions, and you get paid.

The payments amount do range, as the more you use the app, the more you will earn. The start payout is 12 cents per survey you do. Then, as you progress through the levels, you will earn more money per survey you do. 

Payments are made when you have earned at least $20. But this doesn’t take long to do. Just make sure you turn on notifications and answer every survey you get. Literally, these surveys take no more than a minute of your time to do.

So this is a really quick and fun survey app to do for money.


Complete short tasks in your area with this mystery shopping app. 

With Premise, you can get tasks where you will be asked to:

  • Complete tasks
  • Take surveys
  • Take pictures

Pay for these tasks do range from £3 – £7 from what I have been given myself. Unlike ProductTube, I am not asked to go to shops I was planning to buy from that day. Instead, I am being asked to go to shops. Take photos of specific products and shelves.


Make money with this best for freelancing. Freelancing is one of my favourite ways to make money from home. You can make lots of money from doing freelance work.

To get going with Upwork, create a profile selling your services. Make sure that your profile really does show off your skills and experience. Tell any potential clients that you’re the freelancer that they need to hire.

Make sure that you include a portfolio of your work and create some packages that you can offer your clients. Then drive traffic to your profile using social media. Plus, you can pitch on jobs from the job board. But when you are starting out, this can be harder to do as you’re competing with other freelancers.

Another freelancing app I love to use is Fiverr. You can put your freelancing profile on both. You’ll get more opportunities this way to get clients.


These best money making apps are a great way to make money from your phone. Just go to the Google Play store or the App Store and download these apps. You will start finding new ways to make money and get new sources of income.

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