Money Blocks | 5 Money Blocks That Are Keeping You Broke

5 money blocks
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Money blocks are real. At one point or another, most of us have experienced money blocks. Especially me, that’s why I am talking about the lessons I have learned from my own experiences.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognise what money block you’re experiencing that’s keeping you broke. Most people just assume that to stop yourself from being broke, you need to change your financial habits. In fact, there’s a lot more to it.

Stop yourself from being broke by addressing

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Talking to yourself negatively
  • Address negative emotions you’ve got to other people
  • Not forgiving yourself for past mistakes you’ve made with money
  • Burying your head in the sand and not dealing with the issues at hand

All of these are the money blocks your possible having right now.

Recognize your money blocks and achieve the financial freedom you’re craving. Make your money work for you.

wealth manifestation to beat money blocks

What Is Are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are like invisible walls that can hinder our journey towards financial success. These are the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that we hold about money, often shaped by our upbringing, past experiences, and societal influences. They act as barriers, lurking in our subconscious, and quietly sabotaging our efforts to achieve financial freedom.

Imagine a garden that has been neglected for years. Weeds have grown unchecked, choking the vibrant flowers and preventing them from flourishing. Money blocks are the weeds in our mental landscape. Overshadowing the potential growth of our financial well-being.

When we hold a fixed mindset about money, our possibilities are limited. Thoughts like

  • “I’ll never be rich,”
  • “Money is hard to come by,”
  • “I don’t deserve wealth”

This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. These beliefs become the lens through which we view our financial prospects, making it challenging to break free from the cycle of scarcity.

Embracing a growth mindset is like tending to that neglected garden. It involves acknowledging the presence of these money blocks and working to uproot them. As we challenge and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, we start to clear the path for financial success. The seeds of positive affirmations and a can-do attitude are sown, gradually blooming into a lush landscape of opportunity.

Financial freedom is the ultimate goal—a life unburdened by debt and constraints, where you have the resources to create the lifestyle you desire. Imagine waking up each day with the confidence that your financial decisions are no longer dictated by fear or scarcity. Instead, you’re driven by a life of abundance.

As you overcome money blocks and embrace a growth mindset, you begin to make smarter financial choices. You find ways to reduce debt and manage your finances wisely. With each step forward, you move closer to affording that dream vacation, investing in your education, or starting your own business.

As you blossom, your financial landscape evolves. Evolving as money blocks give way to a mindset of growth and abundance. It’s a journey that requires patience, self-reflection, and a willingness to confront your inner barriers.

How Do You Clear Money Blocks?

To clear the money blocks, it’s essential to unearth the underlying source of any challenge. Issues we have can hinder our pursuit of financial prosperity. Understanding the root cause is paramount. These money blocks act as a deterrent, sapping our enthusiasm for generating increased income. Their impact even extends to our psychological well-being, distorting our perspective and casting a shadow of negativity over our outlook.

Inevitably, we all confront periods of financial strain. The influence of potential money blocks can be crippling and stifling our drive to progress. These barriers warp our rational thinking, leading us down paths riddled with baseless conjecture and illogical reasoning.

Keep reading this blog post, and you’ll recognise the 5 common money blocks. Plus, you’ll learn the tactics you need to overcome them.

5 Money Blocks That Are Keeping You Broke

Limiting Beliefs That’re Holding You Back From Achieving Your Potential

Allowing yourself to be entangled in limiting beliefs offers no advantage whatsoever. These constricting thoughts act as invisible chains, binding you to negative mental routines that obstruct your journey towards growth and success.

When your mind becomes overrun by limiting beliefs, you’ll struggle for positive thoughts and constructive actions. These beliefs sow seeds of doubt and scepticism, inhibiting your ability to take bold steps forward.

As you entertain notions like “I can’t,” “I’m not good enough,” or “It’s too difficult,” you build negativity around your aspirations. This becomes a breeding ground for anxiety, self-doubt, and missed opportunities.

Furthermore, these beliefs have a ripple effect, influencing not only your thoughts but also your emotions and experiences. A mind mired in negativity attracts circumstances that align with those beliefs. It’s as if the universe responds to your dominant thoughts by echoing them in your reality. Thus, the more you fixate on limitations, the more you attract situations that reinforce those limitations.

How To Stop Having Limiting Beliefs

Breaking free from these mental bonds requires conscious effort and a willingness to challenge the status quo. As you replace self-doubt with self-belief and scepticism with curiosity, you create an environment where your potential can thrive.

Shift your perspective from dwelling on limitations to harnessing your potential through the cultivation of an abundance mindset. Whenever you sense those restrictive thoughts encroaching, swiftly flip the script. With consistent effort, this practice will gradually become second nature.

For instance, when you catch yourself thinking, “I could never afford that car,” reframe it as, “I have the means to make that purchase. I’m fully capable of devising a strategy, implementing it diligently, and within a specified timeframe, I’ll be cruising in that very car.”

Moreover, strive to bookend your days with positivity as a goal. Combat those intrusive negative thoughts by establishing a routine that sets the tone for your mindset. Techniques such as meditation, Yoga, or journaling can serve as powerful tools. Discover the method that resonates most with you, one that enables you to enter the optimal mental space for growth and transformation.

When you inhabit this constructive headspace, you’ll discover an innate motivation propelling you towards the financial triumph you yearn for. It’s the shift from “I can’t” to “I can and will,” and from uncertainty to a sense of purpose.

By dismantling the barriers of doubt and channelling your energy towards actionable steps, you’ll find yourself inching closer to your desired financial success with each determined stride.

Remember, the mind is a powerful tool that can either work for you or against you. By acknowledging and releasing limiting beliefs, you release the shackles that have been holding you back. With each belief you shed, you create more space for growth, resilience, and a mindset that propels you toward your goals. Just as a ship sails unburdened by anchors, you’ll find yourself sailing toward a horizon of boundless possibilities.

Talking To Yourself Negatively

Engaging in negative self-talk out loud can unwittingly breathe life into your money blocks, forging a self-fulfilling prophecy that binds you to a stagnant state. This prophecy, laden with inaction and longing for unattainable desires, acts as a relentless impediment to your aspirations of financial success.

The act of vocalizing negative thoughts serves to validate and solidify them. This then fuels the very negativity you seek to overcome. Notably, this audible self-sabotage can also generate stress, further exacerbating the challenges you face.

How To Overcome Negative Self Talk

Words you choose to vocalize hold immense influence over your reality. A negative statement, when spoken aloud, becomes more than just words; it evolves into a declaration that molds your perception of the world around you.

Consequently, exercising vigilance over your spoken language is pivotal. When you catch yourself enunciating a negative sentiment, promptly pivot and reframe it into a positive declaration. It is in this conscious adjustment of language that you reclaim authority over the influence of negative expressions.

Bear in mind the intricate relationship between words and thoughts. What you verbalize holds the potential to materialize, much like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of perpetuating a cycle of negativity, seize the power to shape your reality by creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of positivity.

Envision milestones like conquering a specific debt within a defined timeframe. By choosing to cast off the dark cloud of negativity and fostering a sunlit landscape of positivity, you lay the groundwork for a transformational shift in your mindset. Through this shift, you can unlock new avenues of potential, inching ever closer to the financial success you envision.

Address Negative Emotions You’ve Got To Other People

Envy and resentment often find a home within people’s hearts, particularly towards those they perceive as outshining them. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that this perception is a mere facade. Those individuals you admire, showcasing their seemingly perfect lives on social media, may in fact be grappling with their own hidden battles behind closed doors. After all, beneath the veneer of success, we all bear our own share of trials and tribulations.

However, acknowledging this shared humanity doesn’t always extinguish the flicker of resentment that can ignite when witnessing others’ apparent achievements. This anger, a manifestation of negativity, exerts its influence and can even evolve into an unwitting generator of money blocks. This transference of negative emotion infiltrates your work, inadvertently undermining your own progress.

How To Overcome Negative Emotions

Have you found yourself trapped in this cycle? The path to rectification lies in a redirection of your time and energy. Rather than fixating on what others possess, channel your focus inward. Cultivate an understanding of your own strengths and potential, propelling yourself to take the necessary actions towards your financial aspirations.

Gratitude, a cornerstone of the journey to financial success, offers an antidote to this cycle of comparison. Embracing gratitude leads to a profound recognition of the blessings that already enrich your life. It breeds contentment and appreciation, illuminating the path you’ve walked thus far. It’s vital to acknowledge that someone, somewhere, wishes for the very circumstances you presently enjoy.

Take a moment to ponder this: your current accomplishments might be someone else’s aspirations. For instance, as a skilled freelancer securing clients, you may find solace in knowing that your achievements are the envy of those trapped in unfulfilling jobs, yearning to embark on a path similar to yours.

This realization underscores the notion that we’re all at different stages of our respective journeys. Comparing yourself to those ahead of you diminishes the value of your own progress. Instead, embrace where you are at this juncture, recognizing that you’re perpetually ahead of someone else striving to reach your current level of achievement. Embrace gratitude for your present, and you’ll be poised to confidently stride toward the next step of your journey.

Not Forgiving Yourself For Past Mistakes Made With Money

Refusing to grant yourself forgiveness is akin to preparing a recipe for impending disaster. It’s a pathway that traps you within a cycle of incessantly revisiting past mistakes, rendering you unable to break free from their clutches. The key to advancing toward your financial triumph lies in granting yourself the mercy of self-forgiveness, particularly for those missteps that have pertained to your finances. These errors, though potentially disheartening, serve as valuable teachers if you allow them to guide you.

To advance, you must relinquish the heavy burden of self-blame and adopt a forward-facing perspective. Embrace the lessons embedded within your mistakes, and regard them as integral building blocks in your journey. Every individual, without exception, has traversed the terrain of financial blunders. It’s a shared human experience. The true test lies not in the missteps themselves, but rather in your ability to rise above and persevere.

How To Start Forgiving Your Money Mistakes

Resilience is the hallmark of success. It’s about acknowledging the point where you veered off course, devising a strategy to rectify the situation, and then wholeheartedly setting it into motion. It’s essential to recognize that errors can recur, but this isn’t a sign of defeat. Instead, it’s a chance to confront the challenge anew, employing the wisdom gleaned from past experiences to navigate the obstacle more effectively.

Ultimately, this process becomes a journey of self-discovery. By engaging in this iterative cycle of acknowledging, learning, and rectifying, you expose the hidden money blocks that may have hindered your financial progress. This journey of introspection and growth empowers you to forge ahead with greater insight, turning what might have been a stumbling block into a stepping stone toward financial success.

Burying Your Head In The Sand And Not Dealing With The Issues

Avoiding your financial reality by burying your head in the sand and neglecting to peruse your bank statements is a surefire path to entangling yourself in a chaotic financial web and depriving yourself of a life of abundance. Do you find yourself evading the realm of your finances? This evasive behavior falls within the spectrum of a money disorder. Recognizable traits of money avoidance encompass ignoring bank statements, procrastinating bill payments, and relegating unopened mail to a forgotten drawer – a conscious avoidance of anything related to your finances. This avoidance pattern originates from misconceptions about money and ultimately leads to counterproductive self-sabotage.

Dislodging this formidable obstacle requires a head-on confrontation. The key lies in establishing a proactive routine of regularly assessing your financial status. This deliberate practice is a formidable step, as it eradicates the inclination to dodge financial matters and empowers you to stay attuned to your monetary situation.

How To Take Back Control Of Your Finances

For comprehensive control, consider incorporating a dedicated financial journal into your arsenal. This journal becomes a repository for tracking transactions while also capturing your emotional responses to your financial interactions. By engaging in this practice, you proactively manage impending financial commitments such as bills, debt obligations, and travel expenses. More importantly, it paints a crystal-clear picture of the funds available for discretionary spending – whether it’s shopping for clothing, indulging in entertainment, or even embarking on a well-deserved vacation.

Embrace this commitment to active financial engagement, and you’ll discover that confronting your financial landscape head-on yields transformative power. It sweeps aside the veils of avoidance, replacing them with a newfound sense of empowerment and control over your financial destiny. This conscious shift paves the way to a life of abundance, ensuring you make every financial decision from a position of strength and awareness.


Escape the perpetual cycle of financial strain and cease living in a constant state of scarcity. Cultivate a resolute desire for change, coupled with the establishment of a robust financial management system. By consistently maintaining control, you can shatter the confines of money blocks that hold you back, propelling yourself towards the coveted realm of financial success you yearn for.

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