The Power of Face-to-Face – Why Online Entrepreneurs Must Connect in Person

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This may seem like an odd thing to say, but even as an online entrepreneur, you can benefit from meeting some clients face-to-face. Indeed, in the digital age where virtual communication dominates and can still help you establish a successful digital venture, taking the time to connect in person can set you apart from the competition. More importantly. It can help you build stronger, more meaningful relationships with your clients. 

Still not convinced? Let’s explore some of the crucial scenarios where you need to meet clients face-to-face as an online entrepreneur.

The Power of Face-to-Face – Why Online Entrepreneurs Must Connect in Person

People want to see your face

There is something undeniably human in having to see someone face-to-face before being able to establish a trust relationship. There is no denying that digital communication tools such as emails can be practical to approach new clients and pitch an idea to them. Yet, no matter how much you personalise your email approach, some potential clients may still miss the personal touch that comes with face-to-face interactions. 

They may not necessarily need to sit with you in the same room, but they need a live conversation to be able to trust your business. This is something you could do with a video call, as it is a great way to bridge the gap and allow clients to see your face, hear your voice, and gauge your sincerity. When you make an effort to connect visually, you convey transparency and authenticity, which can make clients more comfortable and confident in your services. 

You need to meet people on site

Unfortunately, certain interactions simply can’t happen online. This could be trying to reach out to people working on different projects. Sometimes, being able to spend a day on site can ensure you can indeed catch up with everyone you need to see more easily than by juggling conflicting schedules to plan a call. 

Meeting on site can not only show your commitment but also give you access to information and insights you wouldn’t get otherwise. Besides, it’s a chance to impress by dressing professionally and showing up in a professional vehicle. If you are still looking to replace your old car, take a look at these audi finance deals for leasing. It’s all about looking the part here, and yes, it does matter!

Building your professional network

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about serving existing clients. It’s all about expanding your client base. Face-to-face interactions, such as attending business events or conferences, are invaluable for building your professional network. 

One thing you need is a good pitch introduction so people you meet immediately remember you. Pitching yourself at a networking event is an art, and it is the art of making an impact in the shortest amount of time. You don’t need much. A simple one-liner that reveals a little about yourself and about expertise is all people need to know if they want to carry on the conversation or not. As you may expect, your gestures and posture will serve to enhance your pitch line. So, you do need to meet people to build those connections!


In conclusion, while online entrepreneurs may primarily operate in the digital sphere, these are compelling reasons to meet clients face-to-face. While these do not exclude working digitally for your business, remember that creating a well-rounded approach to client relations can set you on the path to long-term success!

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