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Marketing a freelance business can be overwhelming. But when it comes to choosing which marketing ideas you should be using, it all comes down to you. Choosing which marketing ideas that you’re going to enjoy doing, not feel overwhelmed by. Check out these 7 marketing ideas for freelancers so they get clients flocking to their business.

  1. Local SEO
  2. Blogging for business
  3. Pinterest for business
  4. Guest on a podcast
  5. LinkedIn jobs
  6. Guest on a training
  7. Host Twitter Chats

Ultimately, if you want to get clients for your freelance business, you need to go out there and start marketing yourself. Because if you don’t market yourself, nobody will know you even exist. Not attracting any clients if they don’t know about you.

Marketing a freelance business is always changing. Changing to new platforms coming out. Changing patterns in consumer behavior and how they prefer to find a freelancer. These 7 marketing ideas takes this into consideration and if it’s an idea you could be using in your freelance business.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Local SEO


Using local SEO is an old marketing strategy You may be thinking, hang on local SEO is for the bricks and mortar business. Well yes you’re right, it’s traditionally seen this way. But when you open your mindset and start thinking outside the box, you can start using local SEO.

To start using local SEO in your marketing strategy, get listed on Google My Business. and all of the other directories out there. Especially directories that are niche specific and made specifically for freelancers. Getting listed gets yourself seen and naturally produces backlinks.

Create a listing that you’re a service provider in a specific area that’s your local town. List everywhere that you can think of. But be careful, never make duplicate listings or listings that don’t match each other. This can seriously hurt your local SEO marketing strategy.

To avoid this catastrophic mistake, we use this free trusted tool to help us create listings. But also it

  • Distributes business information
  • Suppress duplicates
  • Track local rankings
  • Organize Google My Business and Facebook listings

But what we really love about this tool is that you can manage your reviews. Managing your reviews is essential so that you stay on top of responding to reviews and make sure that your reputation isn’t damaged. Check out the tool right here, it’s completely free for you to use.

Blogging for business

Think that blogging is just about getting money from Google AdSense or pennies from Amazon. No, blogging is so much more than that. As an online service provider, blogging is a fantastic way in which you can carve yourself out as the expert in your niche and land clients.

If you love to write or have freelancers you can confidently outsource the writing work to, then start blogging for business.

Are you loving these marketing ideas, but struggling where to start with blogging? I hear you. When I first came across blogging I had no idea what it was or how it could work for me. After lots of research for many months, I came across Yaro.

Yaro impressed me and wanted to learn from him as he seemed more genuine and authentic. Really giving ways to start a blog and monetize. Monetize using my freelancing business and generating a passive income. After learning from Yaro using his book and video training, I finally started writing a blog. After a couple of months publishing 3 blogs a week, the traffic just started flooding. Even more when I linked to it on a Quora answer.

Start blogging for business today by downloading this eBook by Yaro. Inside the book you’ll learn

  • Blogs to create
  • Content plan to turn readers into buyers
  • Create traffic assets
  • Build an online course to earn a passive income from
marketing ideas blogging for business

After you’ve downloaded the eBook, you’ll receive a complimentary 4 part video series from Yaro himself. You’ll really want to learn from Yaro as he makes $55,000 a month from his blog. So he really does know what he’s talking about when it comes to blogging for business.

You’ll receive a lot of value from Yaro, so go ahead and click right here to get the eBook and start blogging for business.

Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a place that consumers go to when seeking information about products they’re interested in. 78% of consumers say it’s useful to see content from brands on Pinterest.

Although you’re probably thinking that Pinterest is just for people who sell home decor, beauty products, and stuff for kids. This is a really big misconception that you shouldn’t be listening to. Because if you go to Pinterest, and type into the search bar your niche you’ll see that there are keywords appearing in the autofill. Try it out and create a list of Pins to create right now for your business.

After you’ve identified the opportunity that Pinterest for business has set up a business account, relevant Pinterest boards, and add 10 pins minimum per board. Pinterest rewards businesses that add fresh pins, so make an effort to add at least 1 fresh pin a day.

We love this tool that helps us increase our reach on Pinterest and schedule pins to Pinterest. Check out the 7 steps for freelancers to use Tailwind for Pinterest. Plus you can also get a 30-day free trial of the tool that so many freelancers are using right now.

Guest on a podcast

Being a guest on a podcast will expand your reach. With being on someone else’s podcast you’re talking to a whole new audience that’s being introduced to you (possibly for the first time) and they want to hear your story. After you’ve been on a podcast, you’ll receive traffic to your website or lead magnet.

To be a guest on a podcast, you need to pitch a story or idea that the hosts listeners audience would want to hear. So look at the hosts podcast and consider what story their audience would want to hear that would inspire, motivate, or entertain them.

Find podcasts (that has your ideal client) you could become a guest on by first networking with the host and get their attention. When you have their attention, pitch your idea and how it would fit with them. Always put the podcast host first and give them what’s in it for them.

LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn jobs is a valuable job board for freelancers. When you use LinkedIn jobs, you can filter down jobs in your niche that are an ideal fit, but you can find them worldwide. You don’t just have to stick to jobs in your area as your 100% working from home.

Go to the search bar and type in your niche then hit the ‘in Jobs’ as this will show you the brands who are seeking right now. Then look at the job posting, work out how you can position yourself as the perfect choice and apply for the opportunity.

Just make sure that before you apply, your profile is optimized. Optimize your profile to show exactly what you do, who for and why they should hire you over all the other freelancers out there. Add your portfolio, list brands you’ve worked for, and add the keywords that make finding you easier to do.

For more help with LinkedIn, check out this blog post on how to get clients with LinkedIn. Be sure that you check out the L.E.A.D system masterclass linked in the blog.

Guest on a training

There are 2 types of training you can use in this marketing idea. There is a free training and the paid training. Free training compromises of the masterclasses and 5-day workshops. I’m sure you’ve seen them many times before and probably got loads of value from them. Then there is the paid training which is either a subscription model or signature course from the coach.

What both the free and paid training have in common is that the coach is not the jack of all trades, and wants an additional expert voice to help their students. When coaches use that extra expert voice in their trainings the value of the content goes up.

If you become that extra voice in a training, then you reach a whole new audience. This is why networking and having conversations with people who are not competitors but have the same clients is so important. If you learn that a coach you network with is planning on creating a free or paid coaching plan, then pitch your idea to them as to how you can help their clients more.

Whenever you pitch anyone an idea, you need to really focus on what’s in it for them. They aren’t interested in you, especially when creating a coaching program. So focus on how you can help the audience achieve the goal of a specific part of the course.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way for freelancers to get leads for their business. If you’ve not taken part in a Twitter chat and have no idea what I’m talking about then keep reading.

Twitter chats are created by an account and they host a chat around a specific topic for usually 30 – 60 mins once a week. This is usually rather popular as it gives Twitter users a chance to actually network with like-minded people rather than just hearing promotions.

We’ve gained plenty of leads from using Twitter chats, so we do recommend you list Twitter chats you could participate in and make a list of them. Just make sure that your Twitter bio is optimized for telling people interested in you what it is you do and the benefit of the service.

Whenever you participate in a Twitter chat, don’t just make a comment and go. Really participate and get to know the other people in the chat, by commenting on and liking their answers to questions. Get involved in any conversations going on and you’ll get seen in Twitter chats.

In A Nutshell,

All of these marketing ideas have one goal to get known, liked, and trusted. Because whenever you achieve this then sales will naturally flow in without you endlessly cold pitching clients and get nothing in return. Choose a couple of the marketing ideas and go all in on them. Only a couple as you don’t want to spread yourself too thin and end up with burnout.

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