3 Ideas To Make A Passive Income Online Coaching

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Why you want to make a passive income online through coaching. Starting an online coaching business is very affordable to start and easy to make a passive income online.

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make a passive income online

After a couple of years of freelancing, I was starting to get approached by potential clients. Clients wanting me to coach them instead of providing the done for you service.

After some thinking like ‘could I really do coaching’, I researched doing online coaching and discovered that if it was something I enjoyed I can make a passive income with online coaching.

Needless to say, I got back to the potential client and created a trial run of doing online coaching.

Next Steps

This really did start to get the word out that I was doing online coaching and built up my confidence at the same time whilst making a passive income online.

Truly enjoying the experience of coaching clients instead, I developed a way of making it a service that I can offer to all potential clients that would want that instead of a done for you service.

How You Can Start Coaching

If you are a service-based business and think that you could offer coaching alongside your business.

Here are 3 examples of how you can get started. Each of these ways is affordable to do and sometimes costs nothing except your time and effort.

Start Selling Coaching Sessions

There are various different passive income ideas in which you can sell coaching sessions. Here are just a few examples that cost little to no money.

Example #1 Email Coaching

A couple of years ago I came across a social media expert called Luan Wise in which I had purchased a social media planner from. Whilst I only intended on buying the planner and maybe follow Luan Wise further, I was emailed extra help with social media.

So how can you adapt this to do email coaching?

Offer a low-cost product such as a book that will solve your client’s problem. Then on the thank you page offer a low-cost coaching program where you will deliver videos and other sources such as worksheets via email.

Now how could you make this work out for you and earn a passive income from email coaching?

Step #1 consider what your potential clients biggest problem is.

For example, when someone problem is they want to make money online. What their really big problem is struggling to get their ideal customers. Or they are struggling to understand what it is they should be doing in order to earn money.

Step #2 solve their really big problem by creating a mini coaching product that can be sent via email.

Step #3 solve the initial problem that they are seeking answers to on Google. Solve the problem with a quick cheat sheet or mini eBook.

You want to solve the initial problem in a way that leaves them feeling that they should stick with you. Stick with you and what you have to offer as your products are just that amazing.

If you are now thinking that you should give this a try then you need to choose an email marketing software that fits your requirements.

Struggling to build your email list? Watch this webinar by Barry Feldman to build your email list with lead magnets.

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