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what can I sell online to make money
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Are you thinking, what can I sell online to make money? With prices rising at an alarming rate, we could all do with some extra money. So you start scrolling YouTube or searching Google to make money. You see people boasting of making a fortune. A fortune making money online, you start to think what can I sell online to make money.

To help you, I have listed 5 things you can do to start making money online.

5 Things To Sell Online To Make Money

Handmade Gifts

Are you creative or a crafty person? If you answered yes, then this way to make money online maybe perfect for you.

In fact, if you love to make handmade jewellery, this is forecast to grow by $330 billion by 2026. So now is a great time to start your own handmade jewellery gifts on Etsy.

To get started selling on Etsy:

  • Start a brand around your niche
  • Develop a range of products
  • List each product
  • Use keywords in your listings to get found
  • Deliver a high quality product/service to the customers

This is just a snapshot of what it takes to be a handmade Etsy seller. If you’d like to know more, like and share this post.


The UK market size of the eBook publishing industry for 2022 was £408m and growing in 2023-24. So if you think it is too late to start getting into this industry, then you’re wrong. It’s not too late at all.

A popular place to sell eBooks is of course Amazon’s kindle direct publishing (KDP). On KDP you can become a self published author and sell your own fiction or non fiction eBooks. Or you could venture into the area of low content eBooks like notepads and diaries.

To sell on KDP, make sure that your listings are optimized with keywords for Amazon’s search bar. For getting paid, you’ll be paid a percentage of the royalties. The royalties you’ll be paid is given when creating the listing and depends on a wide range of factors. Factors including hardback/paperback/digital and the price you’re selling your eBook for.


Have you ever thought about teaching people what you know and making money from coaching? In 2022, the coaching industry grew almost $1 billion, rising to a valuation of $9.3 billion.

When at University, I was taught that you can make money from the knowledge you have. You don’t just need a physical product to make money. That is how I started freelancing, but whilst I was freelancing I had requests for coaching.

This confused me at first, I am not a coach, what could I have to offer. But asking what the client wanted to be coached on, I developed a coaching package to give the results they wanted. This also taught me another lesson to always say yes to new opportunities as you never know where they’ll lead.

To start your own coaching, think about what you know that people want to know, package it up and sell it. You can use the site Clarity.fm. On this site, you create a profile, drive traffic, and then get paid per minute you’re on a call with a client.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is a very profitable venture to start making money online. With affiliate marketing, you don’t even need any money to get started. In fact, all you need to get started is a product to promote and a platform to talk about the product or service you’re an affiliate of.

To choose a product to be an affiliate of, think about the products you use and love, then research the company to see if they do affiliate marketing. Alternatively, you could use affiliate marketing networks. Then to promote the affiliate link, you can do this with:

From there, you need to develop a content strategy. Your content strategy should be made for the platform specifically, so you attract the right people to your affiliate link.

Freelance Writing

Do you want to be earning $1000 a month from freelance writing? Well, it is possible. Possible even if you’re just a beginner writer.

If you’ve got an idea for a story that a publisher would be interested in, then pitch your story. When it comes to writing your story, write it the best you can with anecdotes and data to tell the story. Then jump onto a freelancing platform and hire an editor to go over your story.

This is what will help your story to be sold to publishers and you becoming a published writer.

Listen, there are many offline and online publications that are always wanting more and more stories. They literally can’t get enough of them. Especially if they are having a slow news day.

Check out these guest blogging opportunities to help you get started.


Next time you’re needing money and asking yourself ‘what I can sell online to make money?’ refer to this list. Also bookmark Freelancer Lifestyle as we regularly update with the latest ways to make money, remote jobs, and marketing tips.

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