7 Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

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Are you tired of relying on your weekly allowance or pocket money? Begging with your parents for some money so you can go out with your mates. In the online and offline world there are plenty of opportunities for you to start earning your own cash and make money as a teenager. Nothing feels better than when you are earning your own cash and not asking for it from your parents.

So you’re probably wondering now, ‘what is there that I can do as a teenager?’ Let’s dive into this beginner’s guide on various ways you can make money offline and make money online.

7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teenager


Babysitting can be more than just a way to earn pocket money from your neighbours, but an easy way to make money as a teenager. Online platforms like Care.com connect you with families in need of responsible sitters. Create a profile showcasing your skills, availability, and any relevant experience you may have. Get ready to turn your knack for handling kids into a tidy sum.

Washing Car

Who said washing cars is a chore? Turn it into a profitable venture! Utilize social media platforms to advertise your services. Offer packages, throw in a waxing service, and watch the neighbourhood cars line up. With a bucket, sponge, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, you’ll be cleaning up in no time.


Got an eye for creativity and a knack for turning old items into something new? Upcycling might be your golden ticket. Explore online marketplaces like Etsy or eBay to showcase and sell your unique creations. From furniture to fashion, your upcycled treasures can find a new home and fill your piggy bank.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, put those green thumbs to work! Start a small gardening business by offering your services to neighbours or even selling your home-grown produce online to make money as a teenager. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace can be your virtual farmer’s market, connecting you with customers eager for fresh, locally grown goodies.

Pet Sitting

Love animals? Combine your passion with a money-making opportunity by offering pet-sitting services. Create profiles on websites like Rover or Wag, where pet owners search for reliable sitters. Whether it’s daily walks, feeding, or just some quality cuddle time, you can turn your love for pets into a profitable side hustle.


If you have a considerable following on Instagram, you can collaborate with brands for sponsored posts. Showcase products or services authentically to your audience, and in return, brands may pay you or send free products your way. Make sure to stay true to your style and interests for a genuine connection with your followers.


If you’re a natural in front of the camera, consider starting a YouTube channel to make money as a teenager. From vlogs to tutorials, find your niche and start creating content. Monetize your channel through ads and sponsorships. Utilize social media to promote your videos and engage with your audience. With dedication and creativity, your online presence could turn into a lucrative venture.

YouTube Shorts is another avenue for short, catchy videos. With the Shorts Fund, you can earn money as your content gains views. Create content that captures attention in under 60 seconds, and you might find yourself on the path to becoming a YouTube Shorts sensation.


Making money online as a teenager is more achievable than ever. Whether you’re babysitting, washing cars, upcycling, gardening, pet sitting, or diving into the world of YouTube, the possibilities are endless with these different ways to make money as a teenager.

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