Make money on Instagram in 2023

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Freelancers make money on Instagram in 2023. Get started by deciding which money making strategy you want to take, choose your niche, and then grow your audience on Instagram. Here are 4 ideas to wet your appetite

  1. Selling low content books
  2. Offering coaching
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Sponsored posts

Selling low content books

You don’t need to become the next best selling author to make money with books. Other books that aren’t so wordy make money too. Books such as

  • Journals
  • Coloring Books
  • Childrens Books

These all make plenty of money. What’s even better, you just have to create it once and just put it out there. Put it out there on Pinterest you have this product will drive sales. Still driving sales 24/7 as people all over the world will see your product.

Start selling your low content books on Pinterest by typing into the search bar the keyword. Then press space to see what comes up.

make money on Instagram selling low content books

After you’ve created a Pinterest board full of beautiful pins promoting your low content book, you can then repurpose the pins for Instagram. Instagram and Pinterest work beautifully together as the keywords that come up on Pinterest will also be used on Instagram when seeking for those specific posts and products.

For example, if someone is seeking a coloring book for kids who love Disney will use that phrase ‘coloring books for kids Disney’. Just make sure that the caption in your Instagram post is optimized for that specific keyword. Plus, mentioning throughout the post naturally that the coloring book is Disney themed.

Offering coaching

Instagram is filled with coaches because people are making money on Instagram by offering coaching services. With Instagram lives and reels, this has made it so much easier for them to get noticed and clients.

If you can add a coaching service on top of your freelance services, then this is a great opportunity for you.

You’re already known for a specific area of expertise, but not everyone wants someone to do the work for them. They just want to be shown how and they’ll pay for it.

Create a coaching product by using a platform such as Teachable that’s evergreen. Then offer a free masterclass to solve a small problem that naturally links to the paid course. You can create masterclasses and automate your email marketing in promoting your coaching program with an affordable tool.

Make money with Instagram selling coaching by making people aware of the problem the masterclass solves. So create reels and lives that increases awareness of the problem and why they should fix the problem straight away.

Really show why they should trust you and always have a call to action in your Instagram posts to sign up for your masterclass. As from the masterclass you can sell your coaching program. This is how coaches are making money on Instagram.

social media content planner

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing uses the principle ‘word of mouth’ marketing. You know, its how businesses used to make sales before the Internet and the boom of social media. But this principle still works.

Word of mouth marketing works for affiliate marketing as you’re telling people about a product or service you use. These people trust you and want to use the product. Then they buy the product using your link.

People are making money on Instagram using affiliate marketing by choosing a range of products to be an affiliate for that’s in a specific niche. From there they are creating posts that generate awareness about the problem it solves.

As Instagram only allows users to use one link in their bio, people are using link trees. On a link tree you can add multiple links. Links to each of your affiliate products or to your email list.

To get started with affiliate marketing, choose a niche that you’re passionate about and use products in. If your a cat lover but become an affiliate marketer for dog toys, it just doesn’t make sense. To help you decide if you’ve chosen a niche that has demand. Use a keyword tool to help you see if there is the demand.

If there’s a high level of searches per month for your keyword ie ‘cat toys’ then you just need to start finding products to be an affiliate of. Whenever you go seeking for products to be an affiliate of, be ethical and only choose products you would use yourself. If not sure, think would I sell this product to my mother.

If the answer is yes, go ahead. If its a big fat no, move on and find another product.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are how Instagram influencers are making money online. When you hit influencer status, you’ll get brand deals easier and can start commanding how much you charge per post. But don’t think that you need millions of followers to be able to land sponsored post deals.

Micro influencers are becoming more in demand. They’re in demand as their audience is more niche specific rather than generalized. Plus they are more engaged with you as your talking to your audience more.

A micro-influencer generally has 3000 – 10,000 followers which is not that hard to get after you’ve hit your first 1000 followers. But to get 1000 followers, you need a strategy. With a strategy specific for Instagram, you can create content that gets you, followers.

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In A Nutshell,

Make money on Instagram in 2022. Get started by deciding which money-making strategy you want to take, choose your niche, and then grow your audience on Instagram.

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