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make money online with Google
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Did you know that you can make money online with Google? Yeah, I know that sounds unbelievable. I first heard that idea in 2009 when I was a student and thought it was just another scam. So I looked into this idea some more, and it’s how I heard about ‘blogging’.

I thought blogging was just companies just doing product launches. Never did I ever think that blogging could be providing information about a topic or news articles.

But this blog is not just about how to make money blogging. No, I am giving you 5 ways in which you can make money online with Google.

5 Ways To Make Money Online With Google


Make money with your content without being an award-winning journalist or celebrity.

Create videos or blogs and make money as advertisers place ads on your content. This is an easy way to get started making money online with Google. It’s truly perfect even if you’re a beginner at writing and video editing.

AdSense is how you can make money with your content. To get started, look at what topics are trending in your area of interest or expertise. Then create content you know people are searching for using keyword research tactics. Create content such as videos and blogs, post the content to YouTube, your own self-hosted website, or blogging site.

For bloggers, the average earnings are $0.20 – $2.50 per 1000 views. Whereas for YouTubers, $5 for every 1000 views.

Opinion Rewards

Do you like to earn money with surveys? Opinion rewards is a survey app that comes straight from Google themselves.

Make money with PayPal vouchers or Google Play vouchers by using this app. Complete surveys that take less than a minute to do, and you’re onto a winner, or are you? After trying it for myself, even though I love to do surveys myself, I struggle to make much myself with it. I ended up earning on average $0.10 per survey. This is probably one of the worst survey apps I have used.

If you want to make money with surveys, check out these 7 surveys which pay me at least $500 a month.

Sell Books On Google Play

Are you looking for an extra marketplace other than Amazon’s KDP to sell your books? Google Play is a place where you can sell your books.

After some research, it appears to be a similar setup to the Kindle direct publishing. You create an account, add the book(s), and get paid a share of the profit. But I would add this as an additional place to sell your books and not be your main focus.

Search Engine Evaluator

Did you know that you could make money online with Google by becoming a search engine evaluator? According to Glassdoor search engine evaluators are earning £33,285 a year

Search engine evaluators give feedback on search engine results and the user’s experience. This is actually humans helping Google to understand if their search results are giving users what they’re searching for. I thought that it was just a bunch of bots deciding what appears in the search results. What did you think?

A popular place to find search engine evaluator jobs is on Appen. They are regularly looking for freelancers to do the job from home.

Useful Resources

Become A Virtual Assistant

Google Remote Careers

You don’t want to be part of the content cycle or do microtasks. I hear you loud and clear! But you still want to make money with Google, right? There is still another way.

Introducing Google remote careers. Yes that’s right. Remote careers, so you don’t need to be working from their offices to work for Google. In 2022, Google announced its adoption of a hybrid work model and 100% remote opportunities in the past. In addition, the employer has supported work flexibility with part-time, freelance, and temporary jobs.

To find a remote position with Google, check out their careers page.


Now you know the different ways you can make money online with Google. Which way will you choose? Like and share this post for more ways to make money online.

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