5 Creative Ways To Make Money

creative ways to make money online
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Do you want some creative ways to make money online in the UK, but can’t find anything? Check out this small selection of crafty ways to make money. There is no social media, affiliate, email marketing involved in this list.

So keep reading this blog to find out how to make money online when you’re more of a creative person, not an influencer or freelancer.

5 Creative Ways To Make Money

Sell Your Photos

Do you love snapping away on your phone or camera? Then this side hustle could be right up your street.

If you’ve got an eye for what makes a good picture and have equipment that creates high quality images, you can then use those images to make some money. Sites such as Shutterstock are looking for contributors to sell their images to them.

Contributors can earn $0.25 per image that is downloaded on the site. But that’s not all they pay bonuses for the high-performing images, referrals, and contests.

Shutterstock is not the place you can sell your photos to make money. There are lots of apps and other websites that are wanting your pictures, which you’ll get paid for.

Print On Demand

Print on demand is a popular side hustle amongst content creators, but it can also be a full time career. Designers are building brands around this business model.

How this business model works is, you sign up to a print on demand site and link that to your eCommerce site such as Etsy, Amazon, or your own website. From there, you add your designs to the site and place them on the different apparel that’s available.

Every time a customer places an order, the print on demand site creates the finished product with your design and ship it to the customer. This though can make the business model less profitable. For example, the customer pays £10 for a T-Shirt, you are then charged £8 for the T-Shirt and printing costs by the company.

Always look at how much profit you’ll be making when pricing your apparel to make sure you make a profit.


Making money from knitting can be a rewarding endeavour. Combining creativity with entrepreneurship. Turn your knitting passion into a profitable venture and craft one-of-a-kind knitted items. Items such as scarves, hats, blankets, and clothing.

Your distinct style can attract customers seeking special and personalized items. Customers on sites such as Etsy can attract customers to your business, so you don’t need to build a following online.


Talking about Etsy, if you don’t know what Etsy is or how it works, here’s your quick summary. Etsy is a marketplace for people to sell their physical and digital products. Sellers on Etsy attract customers by building a brand and using the Etsy SEO to help them rank their shop and products.

To list a product on Etsy, there is a small listing charge of 16p which covers you for four months or until the product sells. Then when you do sell your item there is another fee of 20p + standard payment processing.

However, they do help you to sell on Etsy by providing tools and support so when you do sell, those fees are not a concern.

Feet Pics

Feet pics are a way of making money online, but may not be for everyone. In recent years is starting to become popular.

This method of making money is nothing to be sniffed at. People who are doing it are charging anywhere between $5 to over $100 just to take pictures of their trotters. Apps such as FeetFinder, OnlyFans, and FunWithFeet are just a few places where you could be selling photos of your feet.

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There are many creative ways to make money, this is just a small collection. Bookmark this blog as we add more little known ways to make money in the UK and beyond. If you’re not interested in social media, affiliate, or email marketing then this is for you.

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