5 Best Apps To Make Money In Your Free Time For Extra Cash

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Freelancers are adding a money pot by making money with apps. If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side of your freelancing job, these apps are going to be ideal for you.

Ideal when you’re a new freelancer and have gaps in between getting clients. These gaps equate to not making any money.

Not making any money, leading to stress and anxiety.

Remove the stress and anxiety by downloading these apps onto your mobile device. Then make money with these apps when you don’t have any freelance work.

Are these apps that help you make money even legit?

All of the apps listed in this blog are completely legit and ones I use myself when I want some extra cash. Although you must set yourself realistic expectations.

Realistic expectations that you’re going to earn a huge amount from them. But what you will earn will be enough to afford yourself to pay for your weekly shop, pay off a bill, or buy yourself a small luxury.

You’re probably thinking,

‘yeah right, all of these apps are just scams. I’m not going to do that’

None of these apps are scams or get-rich-quick schemes. You’ll actually need to put in some effort to make money with them.

Put in the time to use these apps properly and you’ll be able to start topping up your income. So put a bit of time aside and start making money with apps.

5 Best Apps To Make Money In Your Free Time For Extra Cash

Become a mystery shopper with Roamler

Roamler is a mystery shopper app researching local businesses and local services.

Your job is to go out, complete a questionnaire and task. Afterwards, you’ll get rewarded in cash.

What exactly is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is when a person goes into a shop, restaurant, or activity venue. They then make a specific purchase and ask the staff for help.

After you’ve received your purchase and help, you’ll be filling out a form analyzing the service you’ve received.

roamler mystery shopping app

OK, how does it work on Roamler?

On Roamler, the tasks that you’re asked to do are relatively simple and straightforward.

In the past, some of these marketing research companies have required quite a number of steps.

Steps in order to get small amounts of cash. But with Roamler, the tasks are relatively simple.

Check out the benefits of using Roamler

The biggest benefit to using Roamler is that you complete tasks in your local area.

For example, you can find tasks to do in the area you’re in during a lunch break such as going to a shop and making a purchase.

Imagine you could be earning that extra money during your break. With Roamler, you’ll be notified as soon as there’s a task in your local area.

But don’t worry about the competition. Roamler has limited the number of users per local area that can have access to the jobs and the app.

Many of the tasks will change on a regular basis. If you log on and find there’s nothing that really ticks a box for you you could then log on next week and find something that’s a bit more suitable.

A really useful way of actually making some decent money on the app is looking for ways to batch jobs in the local area.

Most of the jobs will pay between about £1-£3 depending on the number of tasks you’ve got to complete, but it does allow you the option of grouping tasks together.

Check out these 3 genuine mystery shopping apps you can make money from

Fill in surveys with Luna

Luna is your traditional filling out a survey and getting points which then you can turn into gift cards and other ways to redeem those points.

Taking part in a one-question survey you may get something like 15 or 10 points. If you want something that’s a bit more complicated and take you 15 20 minutes to complete, you can earn up to 2,000 points.

Points you get are completely based on how much time you dedicate and the quality of your answers.

Start earning £10 an hour with Luna

On Luna you can earn about £10 an hour depending on the length of time you spend on each survey. Each survey should give you between £1-£3 on average.

You do need to accumulate £35 before you can cash out.

However, they’ve thought about this problem and they’ve actually given multiple ways that you can make points. You can make points not only through using surveys but through contests, polls, and surveys.

Get points taking part in contests. When they have an option where you can either start a contest or you can take part in one, both give you points in return. the other thing you can do is you can take part in polls or surveys within their community. Even commenting on some of the community tabs will give you points in return

Another way you can make points is to refer friends and play some of their games. Yes, get paid to play games within the app. So there are multiple ways that you can add up to your points total without necessarily having to complete surveys.

Check out these surveys you can make money the same day.

Earn money browsing the Internet with Swagbucks

Swagbucks pays you for doing the things you would normally be doing on the Internet.

Now whether that would be using Google to do a search. Watching a video or just shopping for your groceries, takeaway, and other stuff. All these ways are monetized that give you Swagbucks now.

The quickest way to earn Swagbucks is to do surveys. However, if you don’t fancy completing surveys, install the Swagbucks chrome extension and use it to do your shopping, buy stuff, and watch videos.

It really is a great tool for getting paid doing stuff you’d normally be doing.

Read here the 3 fun ways you can earn money with Swagbucks.

After you’ve earned enough Swagbucks you can redeem them and turn them into gift vouchers for a store, PayPal, Amazon, or Mastercard. With Mastercard, they put the £’s onto a virtual card and you can use the card to shop online as you normally would.

Sell your stuff with Music Magpie

Music magpie is an app that helps you to sell some of your stuff. Suff you’ve probably got in your house that you’re not using anyway.

Using this app, make sure you’re only selling stuff that you don’t think you need in the future. With this great app, you can get the best prices out there for your stuff. Stuff you can sell using Music magpie are

  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Books
  • Games consoles and games
  • iPads/iPhones/MacBooks
  • Lego
  • Smart watches
  • Blu-Rays

To use Music magpie, go around your house and scan the barcodes on the items to sell. It tells you right there and then how much they will buy it from you for. If you accept what they offer you they send you out a box to put the items in.

This method to make money online might be something that you do every three to six months. Topping that savings pot by getting immediate money for the things that you’re not using anyway.

Make money listening to music with the Mode Earn app

Seriously? Can you really make money just by listening to music?

Although it may sound like a scam and you’ve got red flags flashing all over, it’s not a scam.

Play the music in the background with Mode Earn whilst you’re working or doing other things and you’ll be earning some money.

But beware, this is not a life-changing amount of money. Playing music and using the other features and you can make an extra $100 a month.

The other features include

  • Games
  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Videos
  • Charging your phone

This app isn’t going to make you a ton of money but it will give you a bit of extra cash for shopping, food, fun with family, or whatever else you’d like an extra $100 for.

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In A Nutshell,

These 5 apps are really a great mix and suit different people to how much extra time they have to make extra money online. Making money with apps. you’re not just relying on your freelancing job. You’ve got other ways that you can bring money into your life

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