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4 Strategies To Get Clients On LinkedIn

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Promote your freelance business on LinkedIn and you will get clients. So, the theory goes. But if you’re serious about getting clients, then you need a strategy.

Here are the 4 strategies to get clients from LinkedIn.

  1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Sales
  2. Build Your Network
  3. Create LinkedIn Pulse Articles
  4. Have Joint Venture Partnerships To Scale

Have you ever been told that you’ll be flooded with leads and sales just by adding social media platforms? Just like when you launched your website.

Not happening yet?

promote your freelance business on LinkedIn

This is the same thing that all new freelancers get told. Just set up your LinkedIn profile and a freelance website, then you’ll get clients automatically.

Do you resonate with this?

Feeling that you might just give up on the whole LinkedIn strategy?

Don’t give up yet! You may have just got your strategy wrong. As you can, you really can get leads and sales from LinkedIn.

With over 40 million decision-makers on the platform. You want to be on the social media platform. Just get your strategy sorted out so that you can get clients for your freelance business.

Is LinkedIn Good For Freelancers?

Yes, businesses are on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Though, if you want to truly grab a clients’ attention, be on LinkedIn.

If you want to scale your freelance business, be on LinkedIn, and gain joint venture partnerships.

Freelancers use the B2Bsocial media platform to turn connections into business opportunities. But, if you’re not convinced yet, here are 3 fascinating statistics you need to be paying attention to.

3 Fascinating LinkedIn Statistics

  1. LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users
  2. Engagement has increased 50% year over year
  3. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are decision-makers

Look at these statistics again.

promote your freelance business on LinkedIn

If you’re wanting to get clients for your freelance business, then get using the social media platform. LinkedIn is a platform that is growing and where you can get sales.

Before you dive ahead and get started. You need to understand the mistakes that people are making. When you know what mistakes are being made, you can avoid the mistakes.

Catastrophic Mistakes You Want To Avoid

promote your freelance business

Not being active

Not being active results in anyone who is wanting to speak with you, doesn’t know when you are going to return any messages.

More importantly, when you are not active you are missing out on opportunities to promote your freelance business.

Not personalizing connection requests

Not personalizing connection requests reduces acceptance rates. When you add on the note with the connection request how you know them and why you want to connect.

Spamming peoples inboxes

Spamming people’s inboxes straight after they accept your connection request or at any time is going to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Not having a posting strategy

Don’t post just random thoughts and ideas of what you think will be of interest to your network. Instead, create a strategy of what post you can create and how you can make it engaging.

Overpromoting yourself

Yes of course you’re using the social media platform to promote your freelance business. But share content that is valuable. Valuable and will help people solve an issue that they’re having.

4 Strategies To Get Clients On LinkedIn


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales by creating a summary that is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing to potential customers.

To make your LinkedIn profile more aesthetically pleasing by having the right photo and cover image.

LinkedIn Profile – Profile Photo

Your photo needs to be you looking at the camera smiling.

Always remember, it’s a social media platform to network with other business professionals so have your photo resembling that. So don’t use that photo of you having a night out with friends!

LinkedIn Profile – Banner Image

Your header image should be representative of what you do and who you serve. You don’t want to add too much text in the header image apart from a headline.

Here are 2 examples of great headers who are getting this right. Use these examples to inspire you when creating your own header.

promote you freelance business on LinkedIn

As you can see, these 2 LinkedIn headers are really simple. They have not overcomplicated it but at the same time, it’s still eye-catching to the audience.

promote you freelance business on LinkedIn

Look closer at the examples and you can see what headline they have chosen to go under their name.

They’ve established their skill and what they do. Use these 2 examples to inspire your own LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile – Banner Size

Optimal banner size for personal profiles is 1584 by 396 pixels.

But if you’re not a freelance graphic designer, this doesn’t really help you out.

Help is here in creating your banner!

Using the tool Canva, you can create beautiful eye-catching banners with their templates. Plus, they also allow you to customize the design to match your own branding.

LinkedIn Profile – Summary Section

Your summary section is telling people

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • What results you give your clients

In your language within your summary section, you want to be compelling and build rapport.

If you’re stuck with how you would do this, consider how you would tell a friend about what you do. Think about what you would say and then put this down in your summary.

Always end your summary with your big call to action. Call to action being how people can talk to you or get your free magnet that will put them in your pipeline.

Build Your Network

First and foremost, LinkedIn is a social media platform and as part of that socializing on the platform should be what you do. By remembering to socializing first on the platform, you can generate leads easier for your freelance business.

By socializing on the platform with your network and continue to expand the network, you build that know, like, and trust factor.

Know, like, and trust factor is essential for your freelance business to generate quality leads. By using the know, like, and trust factor you’re building relationships with potential clients who’ll go to you when they have a problem you can help with.

Create LinkedIn Pulse Articles

LinkedIn pulse is how businesses build authority and trust by publishing articles on the social media platform.

To build trust and authority, having a content marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

Also, using Pulse to create content, you’ll be rewarded by LinkedIn. As with other social media platforms, they want to keep users on the platform, not link off to a blog or YouTube video.

So create an article on Pulse, share it with your network, and LinkedIn gets more eyeballs on your article.

To get leads from your article add a call to action, such as email you or message you for more information to work with you.

Have Joint Venture Partnerships To Scale

A joint venture is when 2 businesses come together and promote each others services to their own client base in return for a fee.

For joint ventures to work for freelancers, it’s about looking at your clients and what other services they’d benefit from that you don’t offer.

For example, let’s say your a freelance copywriter, you’ve got a client your writing a book for. You know that client could be in need of a freelance graphic designer. Graphic designer for the books front cover and marketing.

If you had a joint venture with a freelance graphic designer who specializes in designing book covers. Then you could refer that client to them and in return, they refer clients to you or give you a referral reward.

In A Nutshell,

You can promote your freelance business on LinkedIn for free and you can do it successfully. Successfully with a strategy that will help you off the cash flow rollercoaster and get leads consistently.

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