4 Hacks to stop a leaky sales funnel | Before it kills your business

stop your sales funnel leaking
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A leaky sales funnel is killing your business. Learn the 4 hacks you need to stop those leaks and create a sales funnel that converts into revenue. After all, getting a new lead into your sales funnel is hard to do. Don’t let all of that hard work go to waste with a leaky sales funnel.

Entrepreneurs with a solid sales funnel in place can take a look at the number of leads at each level of the funnel. Enabling them to accurately predict what their sales are going to be.

With a few tweaks and some attention paid to your landing pages and follow-up sequences, chances are you can fix those leaks. Fixing the leaks and increase your profits in no time.

What are sales funnel leaks?

If you’ve got a funnel in place and your numbers aren’t looking great, chances are you have a leak somewhere. Your funnel has a hole (or two or three) where potential clients are falling through.

Take a look at your own analytics and see if you’ve got a leaky funnel.

Once you spot the leaks, they’re pretty easy to fix. Here are 4 hacks to plug the leaks in your sales funnel that’s killing your freelance business.

Attract the right customers


Losing prospects at the very beginning of your sales funnel? Ask yourself if you’re attracting the right kind of leads. Are these potential clients right for your freelance services?

Take a look at your buyer persona. Is it clear who you’re trying to attract? Are your social media profiles clear in what you do and who for? Or are you just giving mixed messages?

Ask a friend to look at your website and social media. Do they know from first glance what it is you’re offering?

When your potential clients come across you online and are clear or exactly what it is you do then they are more open to becoming your client.

After you’ve attracted the right leads you need to create a map. A map of how they will go from a freezing cold lead to a red hot buyer.

Customer journeys vary depending on the nature of your freelance business and the complexity of your services. Therefore, you need to plan out each stage of the sales funnel.

Read here the sales funnel stages explained

Eliminate conversation killers

You’re having a discussion with a group of friends or colleagues and then someone says something that completely kills the conversation.

Yep, you know that one.

Well, you can be doing that in your sales funnel. To create a better nurturing sequence that speaks to their hearts and warms them up.

From your buyer persona and customer journey, determine what people need at each step. So potential clients progress further up the pipeline and you close the deal with them.

Use external factors such as national holidays, the pandemic of 2020, recession, or other external factors that impact your potential client and their buying decisions.


Look at your sales process with the mind of a business analyst. What’s the current business process flow?

What’s going well and where is there room for improvement?

Is there a clear goal every step of the way?

How is the hand-off of leads going from marketing to sales?

Focus on the user experience of your potential client at every step. Wherever possible, improve your interactions with prospects.

Whenever analyzing your results, don’t go into analysis paralysis. Analyze results at specific times like every

  • Week
  • Fortnight
  • Month
  • Quarter

Having a routine when you analyze your results stops you from going into analysis paralysis. In this situation, you end up looking daily, hourly, or even more. This is never a healthy situation and takes a toll on your mental health.

Using the tool Get Response you can analyze your results.

  • Better understand your subscribers
  • Analyze their clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes so you learn what works
  • Find out what emails led to sales and website visitors

Understand your potential clients better with a powerful marketing tool that helps you to make informed decisions.


Experiment with your sales funnels by doing split tests. Split-test commonly referred to as A/B tests. They are when marketers create 2 landing pages for the same purpose ie leave an email address in exchange for an eBook.

Purpose of doing a split test is to see which landing page resonates with potential clients more. So the offer is the same, but the message and layout of the landing page are different.

Easily create split tests with the one funnel away challenge and their library of templates with every campaign. You can split-test every campaign and maximize your results.

In A Nutshell,

Fix a leaky sales funnel is essential to make sure that potential clients make it the whole way through the funnel. Building a sales funnel with the one funnel away challenge, you can split test your landing pages, analyze your leads’ behavior, and be able to find out what resonates with your audience.

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