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9 Best laptops for productivity (for every budget)

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Which laptop is best for productivity whilst you’re working from home?

Sir James Dyson has warned the home working revolution is damaging productivity and killing collaboration according to an article.

But I believe that when you have the right mindset and tools you can be just as productive if not more than the person working in the office.

For me, I work best when working remotely and not in the office. When in the office I get distracted more easily by what’s going on around me and want to know what the office gossip is.

Others I know struggle to switch off when working from home. Switch off from the more normal home life to working from home professionally.

Which situation are you best suited to? Working from home or in the office?

When working anywhere on a laptop, you need it to have all of the essentials for office-based tasks.

Here are the top 9 best laptops we’ve found that meet all your productivity needs.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Acer Swift 3


Acer Swift 3 simply has to be the best laptop for those on a budget.

best laptop for productivity

If you’re starting your business and not got a big budget, investing in this laptop is the perfect option for you.

This cool laptop isn’t the most modern-looking one. But this laptop is powerful.

Its sleek, slim aluminium case isn’t flashy. The top cover and the lid are made of aluminium, only the bottom cover is made of plastic.

For its low cost, you’ll find it tough to find another laptop that’s just as powerful.

The only downside to this laptop we found was that the display isn’t the best. But with the key features listed below, it’s just one small downside which can be forgiven when it’s a budget-friendly laptop.

Key features

Screen Size14 Inches
Battery Life16 Hours

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

A lightweight laptop for people that are on the go and need to take their laptop out and about with them.

This is a great budget laptop for students that can’t or don’t want to shell out for the pricier brands.

My favourite features are the touchscreen, fingerprint access and the large screen view. This is truly one of the best laptops on the market to increase my productivity.

Poor heat management. The fan on my laptop ran all the time and was quite loud. Even when it was not processing much. Also runs hot on the back. Works perfectly otherwise. 

Key features

Screen Size12.4 Inches
Battery Life13 Hours

Lenovo Chromebook

Flexible, slim everyday laptop with a 180-degree hinged chassis and full keyboard.

Lenovo Chromebook is super compact, simple to use, and lightweight. In fact, it’s so thin I slip it into my bag when going to work outside of my home office!

This laptop is for general use, not for gamers, and not intended for students to do their University work.

Major flaws found in the Lenovo Chromebook is that it can be unresponsive and slow when chatting away on social media.

Key features

Screen Size14 Inches
Battery Life10 Hours
OSChrome OS

Dell Inspiron 3000

A great budget-friendly laptop for any small business owner or student.

The main benefit to this is that it’s great value for the price and it’s a good size screen making it comfortable to use.

Generally, I was pleased by its performance and usability.

Only downside to the Dell Inspiron 3000 is when using this laptop, it tends to overheat quickly and keeps on updating itself.

Key features

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Battery Life8.78 Hours

HP Envy

Bring your creations to life with this laptop.

Graphic designers, content creators, and gamers with a bit of extra money to invest in a laptop should get this one.

This is a very light laptop with excellent WiFi connectivity and superb graphics which were great when creating videos and social media graphics.

Only downside I found to this laptop is that the screen size could be bigger. At 13.3 inches, I struggled with the size.

Key features

Screen Size13.3 Inches
Battery Life12 Hours

Apple MacBook Air

Unless your living under a rock you’ve probably heard all about the Apple MacBook. This laptop comes with a big price tag of £890, but as it’s more powerful than any Windows laptop, it’s worth it.

This laptop is for everybody, from students to gamers to content creators.

If your an Apple fan and have all their other devices, this laptop will synchronize with them all.

The speed of this Macbook in day to day tasks is unreal. You’ll love the instant wake too, the display is on and ready before you’ve even opened the lid fully.

No compatibility issues at all even when running the latest version of Office etc.

Actively looking for a downside and nit picking at everything just to find a flaw, and your can’t find anything wrong with it.

Key features

Screen Size13.3 Inches
Battery Life18 Hours

LG Gram

A light weight laptop with a large screen size that meets all productivity needs.

With the bigger price tag of £1249, this laptop is suited for the professional.

A professional who is on the go and can’t be attached to a charging point several times during the day.

The main benefit of this laptop has to be the screen size and the long battery life.

You only need to charge up this laptop once a day and your good to go.

Unfortunately whilst charging the LG Gram laptop it can start to overheat.

If you choose to get this laptop, then use a heat proof mat whilst charging to not leave burn stains in your desk or wherever you charge it.

Key features

Screen Size14 Inches
Battery Life24.5 Hours

Dell XPS

If you’rfe not a fan of Apple products, the Dell XPS is the clear alternative.

Dell XPS best laptops for productivity

If you love Dell laptops and want something more powerful than its Inspiron range, this laptop is for you.

Beware of its higher price tag at £1599. But if you’ve got the money, it’s a good investment to make.

What makes this laptop standout is the speed and intelligence of its 11th Gen Intel Core processor making your experience fast, smooth, and easy.

Also you can convert this laptop into a tablet with its 360-degree hinge which allows you to lay it flat on your lap to sketch, take notes or to watch videos.

Although it’s the alternative to the MacBook, it’s still not as powerful. Having said that, it’s still more powerful than the standard laptop.

Key features

Screen Size13.4 Inches
Battery Life14 Hours

Microsoft Surface Pro

Use this device as either a laptop of a tablet, the choice is yours!

best laptops for productivity Microsoft Surface Pro

If you’re more of a tablet lover, then this laptop is for you.

Just connect the keyboard and you can type like on a laptop.

Using the stylish tablet, it’s easier to create graphics and is more responsive than others when using the touchscreen.

As a traditional laptop lover, I found it hard to adjust straight away to using the tablet. But when using the keyboard attachment, it was just like using a regular laptop.

Key features

Screen Size13 Inches
Battery Life16 Hours
Weight891 Grams

In A Nutshell,

If your just looking for a laptop so you can do basic tasks for your online business or need to do more skilled tasks, these laptops will help you out. Whether your budget is £500 or £1500, you can find one for your needs. Each of these 9 laptops are the best at increasing your productivity.

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