5 Best Freelance Job Boards

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Are the current freelance job boards you are using not giving you the jobs that you’re looking for?

Check out these 5 freelance job boards that provide excellent results.

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#1 ProBlogger

freelance job boards for writers

ProBlogger is a great freelance job board for writers. But it is more than a freelance job board. It is also a

  • Community
  • Facebook Community
  • Resource center for freelance writers

This freelance job board has been put together by Darren Rowse.

Not only does Darren Rowse have his freelance job board for writers, but he also gives advice for aspiring writers.

Check out his YouTube channel here

#2 Remote.com

freelance job boards

This freelance job board is for every type of freelancer out there. Designers, writers, computer engineers. You name it, there is a job on this job board for you.

What companies are on Remote.com?

On Remote.com you won’t just find the smaller brand names but also the larger ones.

Brand names found on Remote.com include

  • TED Talks
  • HotJar
  • Toggl
  • UpStack
  • Marie Forleo
  • DuckDuckGo

Amongst many other brand names. Sign up now and start applying to work with these brand names for better quality work.

Is Remote.com legit?

Remote.com is definitely legit and you will not find a load of job advertisements for what inevitably are just scams.

I have been there on many job boards and have seen plenty of scams. I would never promote any job board to you that I believe will waste your time and potentially money if they are going to bombard you with scams.

How much does Remote.com cost?

Bonus point is that it is completely free for freelancers to use and do not have to pay any fees at all.

So how it remote.com making their money if not from freelancers?

Remote.com charges companies who use it to hire people a premium fee. This just goes to show that they will only have companies on the platform that are of a high quality and only interested in hiring specific people.

Due to this premium fee for companies you can be safely assured that you will not find a scam on this site.

Flaws To Remote.com

Only flaw I found to Remote.com is that you type in a keyword search as ‘blog writer’ into the search, but you cannot filter it into specific categories. So you can end up with Engineer jobs in the search results such as Backend engineer.

Therefore, I suggest with Remote.com you make a list of brands you would love to work for that are on the site. Check out what openings they have then go from there.

#3 Remotive

Remotive is another freelance job board for all freelancers. Also it is a freelance job board that is trusted by companies such as Zapier, Github, Help Scout, and so many more high profile companies.

#4 Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs is a great freelance job board for writers. I uses feeds from multiple sources of freelance writing job boards.

Although this job board is mainly focused on US job boards, there are sometimes jobs that would allow applicants from outside the US. You just have to tell them why you would still be a great fit for the company.

#5 Monster

Monster is a job board that is primarily aimed at people working onsite at the company. But don’t let this put you off!

Firstly use the keywords remote or freelance in the job search and you will find plenty of results for you to choose from.

Secondly if you find a job that is a perfect match, but they ask for you to work onsite. Position yourself in your application so that having someone working remotely would be a great benefit for them.

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