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9 Instagram story ideas for businesses

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Struggling with what Instagram stories to post? Check out these 9 Instagram story ideas that’ll help you to grow your business on Instagram.

While we all find it super easy to share stories on our personal accounts, coming up with ideas for our businesses and brands can be a lot more tricky.

After all, you can’t really just share snaps of

  • Brunch you ate that day
  • Selfies with your friends
  • Photos of your day out and about.

But to grow on Instagram don’t you just need to focus 100% on doing Reels?

It’s not all about the Reels.

You need to use all of the Instagram features in your content strategy and this does include the Instagram story.

Don’t believe me? Check out these latest Instagram story stats and then make up your mind.

  • 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing their story
  • 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily
  • 17% of people prefer to watch Instagram stories

As you can see there is still strong evidence that people do still love to watch the stories. Jump onto the Instagram stories and get your business growing.

Get your business growing with this list of 9 Instagram story ideas that every brand can use.



Takeover Instagram story ideas are a great way to use collaborations and leverage them to grow your audience.

It’s a win-win situation. So when pitching takeover ideas to other creators don’t think of it as just you or them winning, you’re both going to win.

Instagram story takeovers typically involve a person temporarily “taking over” your account.

Find another Instagrammer whose in your niche but not a direct competitor. to get an expert in your niche to do a takeover for the day.

Instagram story takeovers can be a powerful way to raise brand awareness in an authentic and engaging way.

This is such a great way to collaborate with another creator who you admire, who’s really knowledgeable in the same area that you are.

Sneak peek of your products in action

Create a buzz around your products!

Build excitement among your followers, and it’s super simple to create.

Instagram story ideas to have a sneak peek of your products

Eye-catching images and videos matter.

Create images or videos of your products being made or used.

People stick around for a few seconds longer and maybe even swipe up on your link when they are drawn to an eye-catching image or video.

We have short attention spans and click through Instagram stories in a matter of seconds.

Although, when we see a picture or video of a new product, we pay attention for longer (especially when it’s cake).


Share a customer testimonial and get confidence in your business.

Testimonials are using User Generated Content.

Let me explain.

People love to share their experiences with products and services on Instagram – good or bad.

Whenever a customer mentions your brand on Instagram and creates a post showing how much they love you, reach out to them.

Reach out to the customer and ask if you can use their post in your own feed as part of a story.

If they give you permission, then great you’ve got User Generated Content.

What this does for you is build further trust with your followers who have not yet bought from you.

Behind the scenes

People love to get a little bit of insight. Insight into how your business runs.

This works especially well if you’re a handmade business or a small business with just a few people running the show.

A behind-the-scenes Instagram story makes your audience feel like they can get to know the people running the business.

Let your audience get to know you whilst helping your brand to appear more personable.

Next time you’re creating new products or shipping your products, take a video or some photos.

With these videos or photos post them on your Instagram story.

Add some fun text or stickers to make it more engaging for the viewer.


I love challenges! Challenges are a great way to get your Instagram stories audience involved.

You can even create your own hashtag for the challenge.

Whenever your audience posts about the challenge in their Instagram stories or feed they can connect with you through the hashtag!! The challenges can range from 1 week to 30 days!

The choice is yours!

Have a poll

Polls are super fun for you and your audience.

Your followers just tap on one of the options and see the results instantly.

The first and simplest way to use polls is just to ask a yes or no question.

Showcase your products, and ask a question like, would you like to live in this bedroom?

Users will just get to respond yes or no.

Another great way to use polls is to get input on your products. Show two photos of two different products and then ask your audience which one they liked better.

This is also a great way to do some market research.

Or you could also just use polls to get to know your audience better.

Ask them simple questions like coffee or tea, cats or dogs, night owl or early bird?

Again, it’s a little bit of market research for you as well as something fun for your audience.

Daily routines

There’s just something about watching how someone else spends their day that is just motivating. 

Watching someone wake up and journal, I then immediately want to pull out my journal and do the same! 

People are interested in you and want to know what the reality of your day looks like.

Do you really wake up at 5 am and go straight to the gym first?

How much time in your day is spent networking or selling?

These questions are answered by doing a daily routine Instagram story.

Use the stickers and have a quiz

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Quizzes are really fun and easy to do and create.

Add them just by tapping on the sticker on Instagram.

This is another fun interactive feature that a lot of users enjoy because it’s a little bit of a challenge for them.

What you can do is ask questions about your products. That way you’re promoting your product’s features a little bit whilst helping your audience remember your products better.

Promote an upcoming podcast or blog

Have fresh new content coming soon?

Just like with a physical product and teasing that with seeing it being made or used, you can create teasers for your new content.

Pick out some teaser content and create an eye-catching graphic for it.

Another idea is selecting a quote or the end result of a ‘tip’ that is featured in your blog. This will entice your Story viewers to click through to learn more.

In A Nutshell,

Start implementing these Instagram story ideas into your content strategy for Instagram so you grow your account and build a following who love you and your brand.

If right now you’ve got nothing to sell on Instagram check out how you can start by using affiliate marketing.

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