7 Hacks To Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers Fast

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Do you have less than 1000 people following you on Instagram?

Don’t feel too bad about it. as a lot of people are in the same boat as you but you can fix this fast.

Should you buy Instagram followers?

Put simply, no you should never buy Instagram followers.

Buying followers leads to you quickly get a load of followers added to your account.

That may sound great, but when you scratch below the surface you’ll soon see that they’re just bots and never engage with your content.

What this does is send signals to Instagram that your followers are fake.

Your account doesn’t get promoted as someone to follow, and may even suspend your account.

Therefore, however tempting it may sound to buy followers, but it’s simply just a vanity metric.

It won’t actually do anything for your business and may even end up harming it.

Instead of buying followers, use the hacks and you’ll soon be getting 1000 Instagram followers.

7 Hacks To Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers Fast

Globally 34.7% of Instagram users have less than 1000 followers so you’re not alone.

Getting Instagram followers can be a real struggle at times.

This is why people fall into the trap of either giving up at the first hurdle or just buying followers.

Use these 7 hacks to get Instagram followers and grow your visibility.

Optimize Instagram Bio

Instagram bios are at the top of your profile along with your picture.

Optimize your Instagram bio to attract your target market and turn followers into leads.

get instagram followers by optimizing your Instagram bio

Optimize your Instagram bio by creating one that stands out.

Stand out to your target market showing them that you’re the person who can help solve their problem.

There are many different tips out there from ‘gurus’.

Gurus who claim they know how to write one that converts into leads and sales.

If you’re writing your Instagram bio make sure that you include:

  • Tagline
  • Who you help
  • How you help
  • A compelling reason to click on your link

Whatever the ‘gurus’ teach you when you’ve optimized your Instagram bio, the only thing you have to worry about next is what content you’re going to post.

Create content your ideal client wants

Before you start posting on Instagram your selfies, you need to consider ‘what does your ideal clients want to see?’.

When you create Instagram posts, you should always consider this.

Do they need motivation, quick hacks to achieved a goal, or bust some myths in your niche?

What does your target market need and put this front and centre of your content.

To start considering what content to post, do your client avatar first.

When you complete your client avatar, you know exactly

  • Problems they’re having right now
  • Their desires
  • Roadblocks they’re experiencing from getting to their destination

Identify what keywords to target by using a keyword research tool that entrepreneurs like you are using.

After you’ve used the keyword research tool, you’ll be able to create a content calendar for the next month.

Content filled with amazing ideas that get right down to the root of your target market’s problems and desires.

Content that attracts them to you (organically) and becomes leads.


Instagram stories are a collection of posts or a video that stays visible to followers on their home feed for 24 hours.

Instagram stories example to get followers fast

This feature is a useful tool to occasionally push your old post.

If you’ve got a post that was popular, reuse it with an Instagram story.

When you’re having an off day and stuck for ideas, reuse your existing content.

Your followers either have never seen it before or don’t remember it so you’re not being boring using old content.

Don’t miss out on attracting your target market when you’re not producing fresh content that day.

Your Instagram content is your assets so reuse it whenever you need to.

Plan out your social media content and decide what content to create with the content planner for entrepreneurs like you.


Instagram Reels were introduced and everyone just loves it.

Reels are short videos filled with music that are fun and entertaining to your target market.

People like you are creating Reels using the Tik Tok app and then uploading it to Instagram.

Reels can be demonstrating a product, quick hacks, or just something really funny.

By doing these funny and entertaining videos, you leave your ideal client with a smile on their face.

Using Reels in your content strategy. you’re staying on top of their minds when needing your help.

Read here the 7 steps to create Instagram Reels like a pro

Content calendar

Now that you’re filled with lots of ideas for what to post on Instagram, you need to create a content calendar.

Having a content calendar, you keep track of what you’re going to post and when.

Also with a content calendar you make sure that you get down to the root of your ideal client’s problems.

If you don’t tap into your ideal client’s problems and desires, you’re not going to be creating content that converts into leads.

Also, when you use a content calendar, you can plan and schedule content.

Afterwards, you can just focus on having conversations with your target market.

Having conversations is what will turn a post into a follower, post, lead, and sale.

Not having conversations with people who have loved and commented on your posts, they’re not going to become your true fans.

People buy from people, so keep your Instagram app switched on when your content will goes live and have conversations with your target market.

Make them love you and they’ll become your raving fans.

social media content planner

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts onto Instagram makes life so much easier.

Just find a couple of hours to create Instagram posts and schedule on a scheduling app for the next 20 days.

Then concentrate on talking to your potential clients instead of creating new content each and every day.

You’ve probably heard of the gurus talking about automating your business.

Well, this is a small part of your business that you can easily automate without it costing a fortune in time or money.

Using a scheduling app for Instagram and post content that will attract new followers.

Commenting strategy

Have you ever heard of the true fans strategy?

Well this strategy is to get your first 1000 followers or true fans on Instagram.

True fans are the followers who are going to buy from you, so as you can imagine they’re essential.

To use this strategy, you need to get back to your client avatar.

How do they describe themselves on Instagram?

If you’re not too sure, find your ideal client on Instagram and look at their profile to see what label they give themselves.

Next, create 3 lists of 15 hashtags they use that describe themselves.

With these lists of 15 hashtags, you’re going to comment on 10 of these posts.

Make sure that it’s a meaningful comment and not something like ‘love this’.

With your comment, you’ve got an aim to stand out and create a conversation.

By having 3 lists of 15 hashtags, you can rotate the hashtags you’ll comment on. Doing this stops Instagram marking you as a spammer.

After you’ve done this method you’ll have commented on 150 different posts a day.


This may sound a lot, but when you break it down to these 15 hashtags it’s not a lot really.

We spend about 20 minutes a day making 10 comments on 5 different hashtags. This happens as it’s so easy to just scroll through the specific posts you want to see and make a quick but meaningful comment on 10 different posts.

After an hour and we’ve targeted the 15 different hashtags, we’ve done 150 comments.

This results in gaining around 10 – 12 new followers a day. More importantly, these aren’t just any old follower. They are the true fans that are going to buy from us when they have a need for our service.

In A Nutshell,

After you’ve used these 7 hacks to get Instagram followers you’ll stop struggling to get Instagram followers for your online business. Instead, you’ll have true fans and content they love being posted. Develop a killer content strategy for your Instagram profile and get your true fans.

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