4 Steps To Write Instagram Captions That Get Conversions

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Writing Instagram captions give context to the image or video in your post. Even better they’re a great way to start grabbing people’s attention!

You don’t need to write anything that’s controversial to get people’s attention, just be engaging.

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Engaging your audience is a primary objective when it comes to posting on social media.

If you’re not getting the attention of your target market, you’re not going to get new followers. So start re-evaluating your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram captions are there to engage further with your target market and need to be written well to get conversions.

If you’re looking for quick tips on how to write captions for your Instagram feed, this blog post has you covered.

4 Steps To Write Instagram Captions That Get Conversions

Start your Instagram caption with a hook

The first line of your Instagram caption has to be the most important part.

A hook is anything that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it until they finish reading the rest of the caption.

When creating a hook you need to think about what you want the reader to do. Do you want them to engage with the post or keep reading the rest of the caption?

Requests for engagement are typically like, comment, bookmark, or tag a friend.

Hooks don’t have to be a request for engagement though, it can also be a

  • Question
  • Controversial statement
  • Funny statement

It can be anything you like as long as it triggers people to take an action or to read the rest of the caption.

Take a scroll through your Instagram feed and read their first line of their caption, do they have a hook?

Your ultimate goal of the hook is to get people to read your caption and or take an action you’ve asked for.

The most important thing is to not be boring when you’re trying to convince someone to read your caption!

Make it easy to read with short paragraphs

One of the most important features of any Instagram caption is readability.

Readability simply means making your text easy to read. Easy especially for those skim readers who don’t like reading long pieces of text.

Nobody likes to read long pieces of text like your back at school reading a textbook.

Any content creator knows that it can be hard to have good content and make it readable at the same time. That’s why you should use short paragraphs.

Short paragraphs may seem like a challenge, but they will help your followers better understand what you’re trying to say.

You can even use traditional paragraph structure that you learned in school. Traditional paragraph structure with a thesis, three body points, and a concluding sentence if needed.

If you’re struggling to make your paragraphs shorter then you can just create your content and then go back through it.

Go back and break down the text into bite-size paragraphs.

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Use the AIDA formula

Never heard of AIDA?

AIDA is a copywriting formula and something that you want to be learning if you want to create the best Instagram captions.

The copywriting formula AIDA can be used in Instagram captions to help them get more likes and engagement on the post.

This copywriting formula stands for

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Your attention is the hook we’ve already talked about earlier on in this post. Interest is where you reel people in and lead them to your engaging story that creates the desire.

All of this is leading to the final step of taking action. But this final step can be sprinkled in throughout your Instagram caption.

Add in your story so followers relate to it

Your story is what is going to make you stand out from your competitors and what people buy into.

Weave your story into the captions so that people relate to you on an emotional level.

When people connect on an emotional level they start to want to learn more about you and build trust in you.

Getting people’s trust is essential as you need the know, like, and trust factor to get sales.

It may take a lot of work to do which is why there’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Take a look at the people and brands you follow. How long did it really take them to become a success? I bet it wasn’t overnight! What do you think?

In A Nutshell,

Writing Instagram captions don’t need to be hard. Just make sure that they’re engaging and easy for people to read. You can learn more about copywriting skills and the AIDA formula by checking out these podcasts.

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