5 Ideas To Write Your Instagram Bio (examples included)

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Coming up with your first Instagram bio can be hard when you don’t have any ideas running in your head.

As all Instagram influencers know, the first line of your bio is the most important and get an idea of what you’re all about. It’s what people see when they visit your profile for the very first time.

Your bio will grab their attention and entice them to read more about you. In this article, we’ll share with you some creative ideas for writing a great Instagram bio so that you can attract new followers.

5 Ideas To Write Your Instagram Bio (examples included)

Research Your Target Audience On Instagram

Research the followers you want and already have to see who they are.

Your Instagram bio is one of the first impressions that potential followers will have of you. Remember what your Mum always says, first impressions count!

This isn’t just true of nailing a job interview, but it’s also true for social media.

Create the right first impression on Instagram whenever someone stumbles upon your profile or Reel.

With over 1 billion Instagram monthly active users worldwide, you need to make your Instagram bio stand out. Show that you understand your follower’s pain points and dreams.

If you’re already on Instagram but are in desperate need of jazzing up your bio, then start by researching your existing followers.

Make sure your bio is engaging, interesting, and does a good job at showing people who you are and what you’re about. 

Where Do I Start Researching My Followers On Instagram?

A good place to start is by doing some research on who your ideal followers are and what attracts them to follow profiles.

Get on your Instagram profile and head to insights.

You need to have a business Instagram account to access your insights. If you don’t already have a business account, switch to one today. 

Don’t worry it’s completely free, but it’s cool to have as you get so many features.

How Do You Check Demographics Of Followers On Instagram?

it’s important that you learn how to find your target audience on Instagram and discover the best tactics to reach them.

These 3 free tools in Instagram will help you to do exactly this.

Meta Business Suite Insights

Inside your features, you can find out more about your audience including

  • Age
  • Location
  • Most active times
  • Posts that get the most views

Instagram App Insights

Inside the Instagram app, go to ‘Insights’.

Start with the Total Followers tab. Review the 

  • age, 
  • gender, and 
  • location 

This gives you a breakdown of your followers demographics.

But what about the reach you’re getting?

The Instagram Insights followers tab will also give you information on cities and countries that you’re reaching.

Beware you might be surprised at where you’re reaching.

How about that all important engagement?

Lastly, you can also learn about the demographic who is engaging with your posts.

Engagement from men or women.

This can help you in your marketing to see who is resonating with your content.

Instagram Content Analytics

Demographics and interests can tell you a lot about your current and potential audience on Instagram. But seeing what they respond to and how they react can give you even more nuanced insights.

While you’re in the Instagram app, scroll down to view content analytics on the Accounts Engaged tab. 

First, take a look at the total number of interactions for each type of content. 

Are users leaving a lot of comments on your content or are they more likely to save or share?

Next, identify the posts, stories, reels, and lives that generated the most engagement.

What kind of content or topics do users respond to most often? 

With this data, you may be able to hypothesize about demand for certain products or interest in specific regions.

Instagram Hashtags To Find Followers

However, if you’re creating a new Instagram profile and don’t have any followers you can do other research. Research popular hashtags and what posts are popular.

Also, you can go into Facebook groups with your target market and see what pain points they have.

Once you’ve figured out this information, use it to craft a bio that will get your desired audience intrigued by your profile enough to follow it.

Remember that whatever you put on your bio, it’s not set in stone, you can change it. Change it as you gain followers and start to understand them better.

Or if you’re creating a personal brand, your bio will evolve as your life and circumstances change like starting a family.

Know your keywords

Keyword research is not just for blogging or YouTube. This technique also works for Instagram too!

You’ll need to use keywords not just for your bio but for your posts too. Posts including regular, Stories, and Reels.

Adding keywords to your bio helps your target market to understand exactly who you are and what topics you post about.

Take a look at this Instagram profile that’s all about travel.

Rachel has her keywords and related keywords in her bio and story highlights.

You can also add your keyword in your name. So Rachel-Jean Firchau could add travelling around America for instance.

Keywords are important so people are crystal about what content you create.

Research hashtags for popular keywords that people search for then decide what content you should be creating for that hashtag.

social media content planner

What’s in it for them?

Sorry but I’ve got to tell you, followers new or old only care about one thing and one thing only.

They care about what’s in it for them and you need to keep this top of mind when crafting your bio.

So stay away from just listing your interests and hobbies, that’s not telling followers why they should follow you.

You’ve not got room to write a long essay as to why you’re great and people should follow you. But if you craft it right and use your keywords correctly you can sum up your bio in just a few words.

As the Instagram bio example above shows, he just sums himself up in a few words and a quick call to action.

Getting back to you and your Instagram bio ideas, what can your followers expect from your content? What’s in it for them?

Using your keyword research, jot down some ideas. When you’ve got ideas you’ll know how to use emojis in the bio.

Use emoji bullet points

Emojis are fun! You can use emojis in your bio to add that bit of fun to brighten it up.

Using emojis instead of bullet points in a list for your bio and captions makes your writing stand out. Stand out and grab the reader’s attention.

With so many emojis available to you on your devices, you’re spoilt for choice. Spoilt for choice when choosing the ones that are a fit for your profile.

Using emojis makes sure that your bio isn’t one big long paragraph. After all, who likes to read just a big paragraph. We like things to be easy to read and get information fast.

Have a call-to-action

Your call to action needs to make sense, if it doesn’t make sense you won’t get conversions.

Everything you write in your bio needs to be giving the desire to click that link in your bio.

It’s important to note that you only have one link in your Instagram profile. Use that one link wisely.

Prepare your call to action before you start writing. People don’t do this and it’s the most important step when you’re a business of any size.

A call to action should be one sentence that summarizes what you want someone to do next.

It could be something simple, like “Shop my latest items” or “Watch my free training”. I’m sure that you get the idea. If you’re stuck though take inspiration from others who are in your niche.

In A Nutshell,

These Instagram bio ideas will help you to craft the perfect one that converts into followers and clicks on your link. Make sure that you use all of these 5 tips and keep using keyword research in your posts so that you reach more ideal followers. To help you posting your Instagram posts for maximum impact, use this free scheduling app on your mobile device.

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