7 Instagram accounts to follow for entrepreneurs

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With these 7 Instagram accounts to follow, you’ll be inspired and get advice from different perspectives on how to start an online business and generate sales.

Follow each of these 7 Instagram accounts and you’ll get a well-rounded view of how to start your business, grow your followers, and get sales.

To stay inspired with doing your online business, it’s easier when you’ve got people to aspire to be like. The same is true for your Instagram account.

By following people you aspire to be like, then you achieve more. As you start to see there strategy and how they’re showing up for their audience.

If you’re a woman doing an online business, then here are 7 Instagram accounts to follow.

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Alyssa Nobriga

Alyssa Nobriga is an Instagram influencer who has a focus on helping new and experienced coaches increase their confidence, impact, and income.

Looking at her Instagram feed, it’s full of positivity of how you can achieve success in your coaching practice. You can follow her using the Instagram handle @alyssanobriga.

So what makes Alyssa someone you can trust?

Alyssa was originally a family therapist and then transformed into a life coach. After achieving success and creating multiple 7 figure businesses, she started helping other coaches to achieve the same level of income.

Visit her Instagram profile and you can find a deluge of resources to help you make mindset shifts to grow your coaching practice.

Michelle Dale

Michelle Dale is a digital nomad who is a mum and travels around the globe freelancing.

If you dream of creating a business that allows you to do travelling at the same time, then Michelle will show you the way.

I’ve been following her since I started my career as a freelancer. Michelle has shown me the endless opportunities that freelancing brings.

Read the review here of the ultimate course for freelancers who want to start freelancing.

You can follow Michelle on Instagram using the handle @virtual_miss_friday.

Michelle in not much of an Instagram influencer and doesn’t boast of thousands of followers. But when you follow Michelle, you’ll get an insight into her life as a digital nomad and how she can help you with your own journey.

Check out the ultimate course for freelancers that I took at the start of my freelancing career.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield was the corporate girl who went from working for Tony Robins to creating her own million dollar empire. An empire teaching entrepreneurs how too create their own online business.

I first came across Amy Porterfield when she was promoting her course ‘Webinars That Convert’. From there, I learned more about her with her podcast ‘Online Marketing made Easy’. Then started to follow Amy Porterfield on Instagram.

Follow Amy Porterfield on Instagram if you want to learn more from her and how to build an email list. You can follow Amy Porterfield using the Instagram handle @amyporterfield.

Want to learn how freelancers are building their email list fast? Check out the ultimate guide here to build your email list.

Carrie Green

Carrie Green is the soft spoken entrepreneur from the UK who’s on a mission to help female entrepreneurs. Helping female entrepreneurs to create wildly successful businesses.

Following Carrie on Instagram and you’ll be filled with inspirational tips and chances to sign up to her free training. Plus not only that you will get access to her resources and learn from her with her book, paid membership, and podcast.

Carrie is a real gem. Even though I’ve only ever bought her book ‘She Means Business’. What she has taught me with her free masterclasses and week long trainings has been absolutely priceless.

Follow Carrie on Instagram using the Instagram handle @iamcarriegreen. Whether you choose to buy her products or not, you’ll receive a lot of value.

Natalie Elizabeth Ellis

Natalie elizabeth ellis is the cofounder of boss babe. Follow Natalie on Instagram to learn her tactics to use Instagram to grow an online business.

Her online business is called ‘the societe’ and it aims to help ambitious women connect, build, and grow. The societe is a monthly membership that aims to help women grow professionally and personally.

But I follow her on Instagram as she grew her Instagram account @bossbabe.inc to 3.3m followers. I really love watching people who inspire me and really do know how to grow their Instagram account.

Additionally, I watch her YouTube channel as it is filled with lots of help with Instagram marketing. So if you’re someone who needs help with their Instagram marketing, Natalie is one to follow. You can follow Natalie on Instagram with the Instagram handle @iamnatalie.

Vanessa Lau

Originally I found Vanessa on YouTube. Much like Natalie, Vanessa is all about growing your Instagram account. But what makes Vanessa different is that she focuses on helping coaches to grow.

In contrast to Natalie who is helping all female entrepreneurs who identify as a boss babe (or wants to).

When you follow Vanessa on Instagram you’ll get to learn how to turn your Instagram posts into leads. But you’ll also learn how to learn from your failures and turn it into a positive.

Vanessa’s Instagram feed is bright and positive. But what I really love about it is that it really does stand out from the crowd and not look others.

But her feed also matches her personality on YouTube. Her energy on YouTube is so full of energy and positivity plus she tells you the cold hard truth about being an entrepreneur.

Helen Pritchard

Helen Pritchard is a no nonsense go-to person to learn about getting clients from LinkedIn. Getting clients without sending a single DM. So no cold pitching just attract clients straight to you rather than chasing them.

When you follow Helen on Instagram you’ll get her bright colorful posts. Her posts are full of useful thought-provoking tips on how you can use client attraction strategies on social media.

The tactics she shares does tend to be relevant to the other social media platforms. So if you’re not keen on LinkedIn but love other platforms, then her wisdom is still useful.

You can follow Helen by using the Instagram handle @helenpritchardonline.

In A Nutshell,

With these 7 Instagram accounts to follow, you’ll be inspired and get advice from different perspectives on how to start an online business and generate sales. Follow each of these 7 Instagram accounts and you’ll get a well-rounded view of how to start your business, grow your community, and get sales.

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