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5 quick hacks to increase Facebook engagement and boost your brand

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Put your brand on Facebook, increase your engagement and sales.

When 66% of the UK population actively using Facebook, that’s a huge amount of potential to build your brand with the platform.

Facebook users are being fed a ton of content in their news feed. Fed content that’s fresh and new and Facebook’s algorithm gives you.

That algorithm that knows everything you like and are interested in. Ensure that you increase your reach by feeding the algorithm.

Feed the algorithm so Facebook knows to put your content in front of the right people.

Here are 7 hacks to increase your engagement on Facebook.

Boost your content


Everyone is competing for the same five seconds of attention on the news feed.

Think about how you use Facebook yourself.

Do you go through every post that’s on your newsfeed? Or are you guilty of scrolling by posts until something catches your attention?

Chances are it’s scrolling until something catches your attention.

Facebook knows this and so prioritizes posts with high engagement or are ads.

Ads are what new business pages are using ads to increase their reach. After all, all new business pages face the same struggle.

When you’ve got a new business page, you don’t have the high engagement you need.

This puts you into the catch-22 situation. You need high engagement to generate sales but you need to get your page seen for engagement. But you’re going to struggle to get your Facebook page seen if it has zero engagement.

To get out of this problem, use the boost post feature. Boosting your post doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just invest about £5 to a super targeted audience and watch as that engagement starts to grow.

When your audience engages with a boosted post, Facebook will show them more content you post.

Ride that wave of high engagement and continue to deliver content that they love so you always stay top of mind.

Engagement worthy content

Your content is sparking conversations and going viral, all the time.


Well, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity to increase your Facebook engagement by not.

Create content that’s worthy of high engagement and going viral. Go viral and then you’ll receive engagement that goes off the charts.

So what is content that’s worthy of engagement?

Content that’s entertaining and focuses on the audience is what’s worthy of engagement.

Posting informative content that’s related to your business is not entertaining.

Your audience when scrolling on Facebook wants to be laughing out loud entertained.

Facebook prioritizes posts that spark conversations and are entertaining. Post content that’s related to your audience’s goals and interests

Even if it’s not a post asking for a sale, you’ve still got to remember this. You’re only posting on Facebook to bring in brand awareness.

Brand awareness goes a long way in producing sales and increase’s your audience size later on.

You can post to monetize your page when you’ve got consistent engagement.

Interact with your followers

Ever known people to just post onto Facebook and then just disappear? Disappear into the abyss and never respond to any comments.

Don’t fall into this trap. Responding to comments will help you to increase your reach on Facebook.

Respond to comments left on your post, and this will trigger the Facebook algorithm. Trigger the algorithm into showing your content more.

Interacting with your audience will build trust with you. Building trust and getting to like you they end up buying from you.

When interacting with followers in your posts, just make sure you don’t fish for engagement.

Fish for engagement by asking for likes, shares, and comments. It may be tempting to do, but it’s not something you want to be doing as Facebook actually frowns on it.

Instead, create content that’s worthy of engagement without asking for the engagement.

Be consistent in your posting schedule

Being consistent with your posting schedule, even if that’s just once a day, will increase your engagement. Increase your engagement because your audience knows what to expect from you and when you’re going to show up.

If you’re someone to post every morning at 11 am, then stick to that and your audience will get to know when you’re likely to post something new.

When they don’t know, they’ll either have to keep checking your page or just forget about you.

Having them forget about you is the last thing you want, so create a schedule and stick to it.

Also, be consistent with the type of content that you post. When you’re newer to Facebook pages, you can test the waters and see what types of posts get more engagement.

But when you see what post types are working for you, do more of it.

Keep people on Facebook to increase your reach

Facebook wants people to spend as much time as possible on the platform. So they’re not going to be prioritizing posts where people have to go to another site.

This includes video. If you do video content, you’ll get higher engagement if there is no link to click to YouTube.

Think about it, why would they prioritize a post that sends someone to their biggest competitor?

If you’ve got an article, instead of having a link to the article, split it up. Split up the article into different social posts in various formats including stories, memes, and reels.

In these posts, make sure that there is a hook so that people will still want to click through to your blog and read the full article.

In A Nutshell,

With 66% of the UK population on Facebook, there’s huge potential for you to grow your brand. But with all those people it’s harder to stand out from the crowd. Stand out by creating engaging content consistently. Engaging content that’ll increase your Facebook engagement and convert into sales.

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